End Times Conference
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Diamond Star Research

#795  Conference Opening / Post Conference Q & A

Track #1 - Ken Van Hoof opened the conference with a concise overview of the Apocalypse and current events.             (18:43 minutes)

Track #2 - At the conclustion of dinner, the floor was opened for a question (some challenging) and answer period.           (38 minutes)

#796  "Sorting Out The Confusion"
                                             Howard Wathen            (73.30 minutes)

 Howard exposes the Zionist enemy that is the main force behind the End Times events now unfolding across the world today.  Howard has done research on Marian apparitions, especially Necedah for 16 years.  he has researched, quite thoroughly, the Zionist and Yiddish forces that are steering the New World Order towards a one world government and a one world religion.

#797  "Crisis In the Church"
                                              Robert Lock            (47.37 minutes)

Bob answers many of the current questions and situations concerning the Church today.  Bob, a long-time, devoted, traditional Catholic and family man, is active in Pro-Life work, prays at abortions clinics weekly, attends daily Mass and Rosary.  He is devoted to the Blessed Mother's Sacred Cause and has been a supporter of the Necedah Apparitions since 1987.  He has been a keen observer of the situation in the Church over a considerable period of time.

#798  "Preserving Your Health Outside The Medical Drug System"
                                             Mary Bulcher           
(55.20 minutes)

Mary covers health issues of these End Times and how to survive without pharmaceutical drugs.  Mary is a former registered nurse and Executive Director of the Seven Sorrows Of Our Sorrowful Mother's Infants Home.  She has also been principal at the Queen Of The Holy Rosary School, as well as teacher in the past years.  She is very knowledgeable of current health issues.

#799  "Surviving The Apocalypse Into The New Era"
                                             Ken Van Hoof           
(70:34 minutes)

     Ken Van Hoof Sr. presents various aspects of the Apocalypse revealing new research on current End Times Events.  Ken is the son of the Necedah mystic, Mary Ann Van Hoof and the founder and primary researcher at Diamond Star Constellation Research and Investigation (Diamond Star Research for short).  He is a past president of For My God and My Country and is currently a director of this Shrine organization.  He designed the For My God and My Country organization flag and is the editor of the Shrine Newsletter as well as author of several books on the Necedah Apparitions and the Apocalypse.

#800  "Our Holy Mother's Role In The End Times"
                                               Ann Dorobek          
 (22:08 minutes)

     Ann reveals the role Our Holy Mother will play in the End Times.  Ann is on the School Board and she organizes the scheduling of the Shrine Guides.  She is very active in Shrine work and acts as secretary for several Shrine meetings.  Ann is the mother of ten children and has been a daily Communicant most of her life.


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#796 Sorting Out The Confusion   $ 5.50  
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#799 Surviving The Apolalypse   $ 5.50  
#800 Our Holy Mother's Role In The End Times   $ 5.50  
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#708 Mini-Conference  8/15/2010 $ 7.50

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