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     The above heading is the opening sentence to an article from Share International Magazine, September, 1998, and reprinted i n Tara Center’s “The Emergence”, called “The World Today Is One”. The aforementioned article is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom, who supposedly is “channeling” it, via Benjamin Crème who, in turn, is the spokesman for the emer ging “Lord Maitreya“. Is this the emerging Antichrist? Time will tell! At any rate, the THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS 169 following excerpts from this article will show their thinking about the acceptance of such a man as the coming “Messiah“.
     “Maitreya stands ready to emerge. Recent e vents in the ‘gambling palaces’, East and West, encourage the expectation of an early approach to humanity. Not for long can the Western economies withstand the contagion which has brought the Eastern nations to their knees. The world, today, is one, and slowly and painfully the nations are awakening to this fact.
     “That said there is little doubt that the major Western powers will seek to ensure their own survival at all costs. Self - interest will (as always) be the order of the day, and gone will be even the semblance of altruism in dealing with the world crisis. However, so interconnected is the present world economy, so various and so widespread the investment in each other’s industry and financial structures, that soon these shaky structures will thems elves collapse, leaving the world ready for the new...”
     “Thus shall Maitreya become a central figure in the period immediately ahead. Thus will men find a leader of thought, a spokesman for the oppressed, and thus will men awaken to the new light which Mait reya’s teaching brings – the light of wisdom and truth.
     “Perhaps, at first, men will doubt the efficacy of Maitreya’s plans, but in time they will see that no other course will bring relief to the poverty and pain suffered by half the world. The downward spiraling stock markets will signal the end of an era of rampant greed and new realism will replace the present chaos. Men and women everywhere will rally to Maitreya’s side ; their aspiration awakened as never before, their hearts aglow with the opportun ity to serve a most worthy cause: nothing less than the recreation of this world.” (As quoted in “THE EMERGENCE”, Vol. XVI, No 7, Sept., 1998)
     More than any other figure, Maitreya seems to be the man being promoted to fill the coming position of the “Messiah“ of the New World Order, though there are others contending for the job. Therefore our focus will be on him.





      Identifying the “man of sin” has been a quest of many with varied speculations as who the Antichrist really is. Napoleon, Martin Luth er, Hitler, and several others have been called Antichrists. There have been a number of false christs as far back in this millennium including Simon Bar Koseva who came not many years after Christ. Another was Serene of Syria in the eighth century. There were several others who have come and gone. With the exception of Apollonius who was a powerful Antichrist at the time of Jesus Christ, most of the Antichrists did not wield the power or the satanic deception to gain that much control.
     Just who is the Antichrist? In identifying who he is we must first keep in mind that Satan (Lucifer) always is the “ape” of God. That is, he mimics God and His plan. Some of the many things prophesied about the True Christ have been mimicked by the false Christ. Let’s take a look at some of the prophecies about the Antichrist:
He shall be named Apollyon. (Apoc. 9:1 He shall be from Asia Minor. (Apoc. 2:13)
He shall have no desire for women. (Dan. 11:37)
He shall cause fire, or lightning, to come down from heaven an d he will perform satanic miracles. (Apoc. 13:13; Luke 10:18)
He shall be worshipped as God, in the Temple of God. (Thess. 2:4)
The number of his name shall be 666. (Apoc. 13:8)

     Thanks to the diligent, well documented research of Troy Lawrence, we know Saint John in his apocalyptic writings was referring to an Antichrist who lived at the time of Jesus Christ and also to the emerging Antichrist of our day. Just as Christians believe Christ came at the beginning of this millennium and will come again in Glory at its ending, so the Luciferians, the New Agers, and the “initiated”, believe the Hindu deity, Kalki (“the Destroyer” in Sanskrit) has come already and is due to come again.
     Now here is where it gets really interesting! The Kalki (destroyer) who ca me and is to come is Apollyon. According to Saint John’s Apocalypse when the fifth angel sounded, a star fell from heaven and was given the key to the bottomless pit. From this pit came locusts (the identity of which we will discuss in the next chapter) who had a king over them called Abaddon, in Hebrew, but, in Greek, Apollyon. (Apoc. 9:11) Both words mean “destroyer”. This destroyer is the contradiction opposing the Savior.
     Apollonius of Tyana who claimed to be the son of Zeus, was born in Tyana, in C appodocia, Asia Minor (now Turkey), in the very same year that Jesus Christ was born. His biographer, Flavius Philostratus, a Roman historian, tells us that Apollonius was born at the beginning of the Christian era, his birth was attended with miracles an d portents; he adopted the monastic rule, renouncing wine, rejected the married state, let his hair grow long (as Christ did); wore nothing but linen, and acquired such a reputation for sanctity that sick people flocked to him to be healed.
     Philostratus fu rther tells us that Apollonius led the struggle against Christianity with a pagan “spirituality” and the performing of “miracles”, even a “resurrection” from the dead, to rival the True Christ’s work in Palestine.
     Apollonius (Apollo - Python) was worshipped as a pagan serpent god and the name Apollo was tied to the worship of the sun god by that name. But Apollo was also known as Teitan, a name that contained the value of the mystic number 666. Apollonius was able to cause lightning to come down out of heav en and was worshipped as God.
     Lo and behold! Now as we Christians await the Second Coming of Christ and the Luciferians await the return of Apollonius, who arrives on the scene but Lord MAITREYA! Troy Lawrence asks, “If Satan possessed the man Apollonius two thousand years ago, then will he possess another in these last days? Is he now here?” Take note that much of what Apollonius did , MAITREYA is also doing: the long hair, his appearances accompanied by portents and miracles, the wearing of the linen robes, is worshipped as God, and, as we shall see, his name has the value of 666. Could it be that this Lord Maitreya is the coming “destroyer”? The Lord Maitreya is claiming to be “the Christ”. The name, Maitreya means “kindness”, “benevolence”, “compa ssionate”, “loving”, “friendly” or “merciful”. But all this is part of his deception. When the time comes to rule he will not be merciful to Christians. Furthermore, Maitreya is not his real name. So who is he?
     From Lawrence’s research at the Tara Center, we know that Maitreya was born in “the East” in February, 1962; that his last name is Ahmad, and called Maitreya but he does not go by that name. He is part of the Hindu - Sufi Moselem (or Muslim, but not Orthodox Muslim) community in London, England. Maitreya (Ahmad) belongs to the Ashmadiyya community.
     Lord Maitreya is, in reality, Rahmat Ahmad, great grandson of Ghulam Ahmad. His uncle is Tahir Ahmad who has been the fourth Khalifa of the Sufi Moselem Ahmadiyya movement which has come down through h istory.
     The Khalifs (also spelled Caliph) are the ruling Caliphs who oversaw the Ottoman (Turkey) Empire. (Christians of the Middle Ages considered the Turks to be the devil incarnate.) Lord Maitreya (Rahmat Ahmad) is from this line of Caliphs of THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS 174 this As ia Minor Turkish empire. The Caliphs were the prophets, priests and kings of Sufism. (Orthodox Muslims do not have Caliphs and adhere to the Quran only, based on the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.) The Caliphs rule this Sufi Muslim empire which is over a billion Muslims with Sufism gathering three million of them every year. The Lord Maitreya (Rahmat Ahmad) is the fifth of these Caliphs waiting to emerge on the world power scene.
     But what is the significance of the word caliph? It just so happen s that in Koine Greek, the language of the Apocalypse, the word caliph or khalif takes on a new meaning. Lawrence quotes Robert F. Riggs, an accomplished student of Islam, on commenting on the Mark of the Beast and attempts to assign the number 666 to var ious names: “Most of these attempted solutions (names of Popes, Luther, Napoleon, the Kaiser, and Hitler) are too contrived to be considered seriously, since they employ such strategies as incorrect spelling, abbreviations, and obscure notation. About th e best that can be hoped for is to derive a spelling of ‘The Caliph’ that is recognizable to a modern Greek who is literate in Koine. Both (the) Callef and Cal’lif meet this requirement. Both spellings also produce the value 666.” (As quoted in “NEW AGE MESSIAH IDENTIFIED” by Troy Lawrence, p 158) The Sufis, with their Caliphs, originate in the area of Syria. The Caliphs ruled the Ahmadis and spread Sufism through secret societies. This is Maitreya’s heritage.
     Now we get down to Maitreya’s real name, Rahmat and its meaning. Rahmat is the Arabic equivalent of Maitreya! It has the same meaning as the name Maitreya: benevolence, the merciful one, etc. But when the name Rahmat is separated into the two names that make it up, it becomes “Ra”, another nam e for Lucifer, and “Maat“, another name signifying the worship of Mother Earth (Gaia in the New Age term).
     Concerning the name Ra; Donald A. Mackenzie, author of “Egyptian Myth and Legend”, says the Egyptian god, Ra, is the Lord of the Air. Saint Paul tel ls us that Satan is “prince of the power of the air”. (Ephesians 2:2) Concerning the name “Maat“ – the New Age term is Gaia but she is known in history in Luciferian circles as “Isis“ or “Kali“. So the two names together signify a false Christ and a fals e mother. Ra (Lucifer) desires to dethrone the True Christ and to take His place just as “Maat” (false mother Mary of the New Age) seeks to displace the true Mary, Mother of the True God, from Her throne as Queen of Heaven and Earth. So we have Lucifer v ery cleverly and deceptively seeking to dethrone God, in the Divine Person of Jesus Christ as King of Heaven and Earth along with His Mother Mary.




      Maitreya has made several appearances around the world every year since June of 1988 when he appeared “out of nowhere” at a cleverly staged event with Mary Ikatsu in Kenya, Africa before a crowd of 6,000 plus the media (including CNN - TV). At many of his appearances (including Kenya) the event was accompanied by so - called miracles. At some, the water was charged or magnetized. Several of these events were staged before crowds of Catholics as well as others of different faiths.
     The planned deception is to gradually deceive the people over a period of time in a subtle yet effective way. Through the planned release of information plus supposed revelations from “the Ascended Masters“ in addition to what Maitreya says at these staged events, he will gain more and more influence and power over the minds and hearts of the people. At fir st he is not taken seriously but as his planned deception unfolds, he will convince his unsuspecting subjects that he is a “man of peace”. The coming planned chaos; the contrived “war on terrorism”, the financial instability, and the escalating wars and c onflicts around the world which threaten to widen into a third world war, all of these things are part of the overall plan to strip us of our Constitutional rights and freedoms and force the true religion underground and bring about a New World Order.
   The planned chaos will cause a much greater demand for peace in a chaotic world. There will be a demand by the citizens themselves for order to be restored. (We are already in the beginning stages with people being willing to give up their rights and freedom s in order to “feel safe” from terrorism. Of course, the mass media is promoting this molding public THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS 176 opinion.) A New World Order will be ushered in with the old order being completely swept away. This “man of peace” when seated on his throne in Rome (pe r prophecy of La Salette) will then have the power to control the modern world of Babylon through the Beast system now being prepared for the “man of sin”. (The Antichrist could be directly seated on the Chair of Peter or he could assume that position thr ough his direct representative as his “vicar”, his “black” pope.) Thus you will have the Lord Maitreya (Rahmat Ahmad) as the returning manifestation of the Antichrist appearing as an “Angel of Light” (the deception) but will be unmasked as the “Prince of Darkness” (the reality).
     In the meantime major areas or aspects of society are being transformed and syncretized via New Age indoctrination, New Evangelized Ecumenism, and a “new spirituality” to bring about a global village, a World Brotherhood society wi th a world government and a world religion. Like poison, this New Age philosophy is permeating and infecting all religions (with Catholicism being the main target within which the greatest effort is expended by Satan), all educational institutions, all bu siness, all political bodies, all communities and into the very heart of the home and family life. No area or aspect of our lives will be spared. This will be and in many ways is now being carried out by Luciferian forces and their “dumbed - down” dupes in such a clever way that the majority of people have no idea they are accepting the Antichrist’s teachings and philosophies as their own.
     The world today has been subverted, perverted, and transformed from within by a treacherous cancer. It is a satanic, sy ncretistic socialism infecting the body of society and the Mystical Body of Christ. The populace of today is largely ignorant of this; blissfully unaware of what is happening to them. Those that wake up to something being wrong either do not see the tota l picture or refuse to believe it is as bad as it really is. Many, especially the elect, are in such a state of confusion (or have compromised) that they are ineffective in combating or alerting others to this danger.
     Relative to the above, Pope John Paul II, before he became Pope, warned the faithful at a Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1976 with these words, “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think the w ide circle of American society, or the wide circle of the Christian community, realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti - church, between the Gospel and the anti - Gospel, between Christ and the Antichrist. ”
     Thus it is we stand at the threshold of the time when the returning Antichrist will appear as an “Angel of Light” to deceive the masses and even the elect with his “order out of chaos” plan to control the world as the “Prince of Darkness” but only for a short time. Even now his time is continually shortened due to prayers and sacrifices of the faithful and, of course, the intercession of Our Heavenly Mother, our Mediatrix between God and Man, who will eventually crush his proud head. Maitreya was to app ear in 1982, but the world was not ready. He was to appear in 1998. In many ways he has , but his acceptance by the world will not be totally assured until his “order out of chaos” plan has been carried out to the fullest extent. Thus it is more likely t hat his full fledged and formal appearance will not happen until the world stage is ready. Unfolding events and prophecy seem to indicate a time frame not far off, very possibly the 2010 - 2013 time frame. (Remember, one needs to watch the signs and porten ts of his coming, not the calendar years.) In the meantime, only steadfastness in the truth of God with proper discernment will preserve us from the Antichrist’s “Grand Deception”.

     “We beseech you, by the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gat hered together unto Him,
     “not to be hastily shaken from your right mind, nor terrified, whether by spirit, or by utterance, or by letter attributed to us, as though the day of the Lord were near at hand.
     “Let no one deceive you in any way, for the day of the Lord will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition.
     “who opposes and is exalted above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sits in the temple of God and gives himself out as if he were God.
     “Do you not remember that when I was still with you, I used to tell you these things?
     “And now you know what restrains him, that he may be revealed in his proper time.
     “For the mystery of iniquity is already at work; provided only that he who is at present restraining it, does still restrain, until he is gotten out of the way.
     “And then the wicked one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of His mouth and will destroy with the brightness of His coming.
     “And His coming in according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
     “And with all wicked deception to those who are perishing. For they have not received the laws of truth that they might be saved.
     “Therefore God sends them a misleading influ ence that they may believe falsehood,
     “that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have preferred wickedness.”




      "The Supreme Grand Master of Satan and the Grand Masters under him have kept secret meetings at various cities across the world and underground in the Hub. There are two major hubs or points (plus other minor ones) of world control. The one is in Wilmette, Illinois and the other is located in Syria. These 'hubs' are Bahai Temples of the Bahai World Faith, having underground chambers going into the depths of the Earth."
        - Marian Apparitions an d Apocalyptic Research

     As noted above and in volume one of this work, the Baha ‘ i Faith is to be the One World Religion. Behind all the interfaith activity; behind all the Masonic programs to bring about a world syncretist re ligion of religions, stand th e Baha ‘ is. The Baha ‘ i religion attracts many with its claim that it is tolerant of all religions, committed to social justice, and rejects racism. Yet what Helen Westover, a former Baha ‘ i of 2 years, found was, as she put it,  truly chilling.
     Through di ligent and independent research, Helen Westover traced the history of the Bahai Religion. This world religion was originated by Sayyid Ali Muhammad, or the  Bab who was born in Iran in 1819 to a middle class family. He was a descendant of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. He had a gentle demeanor and was given to introspection. Through his study of religious literature,  he decided he was the Expected One, the Hidden Imam whom the Muslims were expecting.
     On May 23, 1844, he declared ‘ himself to be the Bab ‘ - the Gate, ‘ or the Point, ‘ a new Manifestation of the Deity. This date is considered a holy day by the Baha ‘ is, and is celebrated as the be ginning of their religion. The Bab then set up a theocratic society, thus following the Islamic system.
     The Bab wrote many tablets or letters and books. His teachings on the family, etc, was heavily influenced by his reading of the New Testament. (His teachings on women (being forbidden to wear the Veil, being allowed to freely associate with men, etc. aro used the ire of the Muslims). He taught  progressive revelation and claimed to be the successor of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad. His reign was to last 1511 years and  precluded the appearance of any further  manifestations, ‘ for at least th at time period. His first converts were 18 individuals deemed the Letters of the Living ‘ among which was the notable and influential Mirza - Hysayn - Ali, who called himself Baha (Glory). The Bab chose for his successor and vice Regent Mirza Yaha Sub - i - Az al, the half - brother of Baha. Sub - i - Azal was not to be another Manifestation, but was given authority to oversee the growth of the Babi Faith.
     Declared a heretic by the Shiites, the Bab was imprisoned and executed by firing squad in 1850. Years later, h e was buried in, of all places, Mt. Carmel in Haifa, Israel.  (CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS, Vol. 10, Issue No. 3, March, 2010. ― Baha ‘ i to You by Helen Westover, pp 3 & 4)
     The Baha or the Bahalluah as he was later known, took over after the Bab and declared the intransigent Babis (the followers of the Bab, and who were of the Babi Faith, forerunner to the Baha ‘ i Faith) to be heretics who did not accept him as the one who is Him Whom God Will Make Manifest. The Baha renamed himself, Bahalluah - (Glory of God) decided to disregard the annoying prophesy that the Bab ‘ s reign would last for 1511 years, and in 1863, declared himself to be the Promised One, the Second Coming of Christ, the Spirit of Truth. ‘ (John 14:16)  (Ibid, p 4).
     The Bahalluah essentially took o ver the Bab‘s original Babis religion and with his forceful personality gained converts to his Cause. The Bahalluah sent letters to all rulers in the world, declaring him self as THE world leader. For those who did not accept him as such, he promised punishment. The next Baha ‘ i leader to arrive on the scene was Abbas Effendi.
     Abbas Effendi, who is called Abdul Baha, was named by Bahalluah as his Successor. One can safely say that without Abdul Baha, Baha ‘ i would have remained an isolated Islamic heresy He sent disciples to the West to win converts, and in 1893, sent his disciples to the World Parliament of Religions. This was the first ever ecumenical gathering of many of the world ‘ s Eastern and Western religions. Religious lumi naries included leaders of the Hindu, Sikh (an ancient monotheistic religion out of Persia, whose prophet was Zoroaster, sometimes called Zarathustra), Buddhism, Christian Science, various forms of spiritism, and Indigenous and earth - centered religions. If this reminds you of t he Assisi gatherings, you have the right idea, the only difference being that the Catholic Church condemned the Parliament. As a result of this exposure, Abdul Baha gleefully added Krishna and Buddha to the list of manifestations, ‘ something Bahalluah wo uld not have done.
     Repackaged for the Western audience, the Faith ‘ made inroads especially in England and the USA. The ̳ Principles ‘ mentioned last month, the absolute equality of man and woman, etc. were crafted by Abdul Baha, and never entered the mind of Bahalluah.
     Abdul Baha was never to claim to be a Manifestation, yet he be - haved like one.
     He had an incredible charisma, and mesmerized people into worshipping him as a god, or at least, the divine successor to Bahalluah. An American, Horace Holley, described his feelings on meeting him: He displayed a beauty of stature, an inevitable harmony of attitude I had never encountered before in men ... My whole body went into shock. My heart leaped ... from pure helplessness I wanted to cry ... While my own personality was flowing away ... a new being, not my own, assum ed his place ... I realized that I had thus drawn as near as man now may to pure spirit and pure being. ‘ (CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS, March, 2010.  Baha ‘ i to You by Helen Westover, p 4).
     As Helen Westover puts it, ― I believe that is as accurate an ac count of demonic possession as I ‘ ve seen. He had this effect on many people, with women swooning, people literally falling at his feet. He was knighted by the British Government. (Ibid).
     There was always to be an official interpreter of the Bahai faith, a Guardian, following Bahalluah and Abdul Baha (Abbas Effendi). Abdul Baha chose his grandson, Shoghi Effendi to be his successor and he in turn was to name his successor in his will. However, Shoghi never got around to it. Shoghi turned out to be a pathetic, incompetent leader. This situation (leaving the faithful without a successor) caused con siderable consternation amongst the faithful. Damage control was need ed. Helen Westover explains:
     After a protracted power struggle, ultimately, it was decided that The Universal House of Justice (HOJ), the Baha ‘ i governing body which the founders said should someday be established. However, the HOJ was itself to have a guardian. Having an unbroken chain of succes sion was a sine qua non to the Baha ‘ i movement and one of its strong est selling points, demonstrating its superiority to other religions. Bahai ‘ s are not allowed to question this interpretation, and must accept the Universal House of Ju stice as an infallible body, and its de cisions must be obeyed in every detail.  (Ibid). The Baha ‘ i statement about the Universal House of Justice - that even though there is no guardian,  the Covenant of Bahalluah is unbroken, it‘s all encompassing power inviolate... is a falsehood. We can see that among the inner circle of leaders, anything is condoned including lying to achieve their power and dominance over all. There is no honesty whatsoever - so whatever must be done to accomplish their goal, wil l be done.
     Just what is their goal? Helen Westover explains. The Univer sal House of Justice is now the sole arbiter in matters of faith. It is not, eventually, to be limited to Baha ‘ is, it is destined to govern the whole world. The ultimate goal is f or the Faith to take over with a One World theocratic government. Thus the entire globe will be sub ject to the Administrative Order ‘ created by Bahalluah. It is to be a ̳ democratic ‘ institution, though only Baha ‘ is can be elected.  (CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS, March, 2010. Baha ‘ i to You ‖ by Helen Westover, P 23).
     The Baha ‘ i religion is one of 130 non - governmental organizations (NGO) that are within the United Nations. All these organizations work towards world government and the destruction of national so vereign ty. They also work for a universal converging of all religions into one. These programs to takeover and control the world under U.N and United Religions auspices are generally unknown to the public because the media does not cover these issues. Thus there is no accountability.
     The Baha ‘ i is greatly esteemed by the United Nations and there has been a close working relationship between the two since the found ing of the U.N. in 1945. The Baha ‘ i was officially recognized by the U.N. ‘ s Department of Public Information and has worked closely with the World Health Organization, UNICEF and many other concerns.
     The Baha ‘ i and the U.N. goals are the same. In the Baha ‘ i community belief statement, we learn:  The current world confusion and calamitous co ndition in human affairs is a natural phase in an organic process leading ultimately and irresistibly to the unification of the human race in a single social order whose boundaries are those of the planet.
     Of course, what is not said in this statement is that they them selves, have worked to bring about this  current world confusion and calamitous condition in human affairs so as to bring about the desired unification of the human race in a single social order whose bound aries are those of the Planet. As said in this statement, this  calamitous condition in human affairs may be  natural but it is due to man‘s fallen nature and is being aggravated by these very forces working for world control to bring about world government and world religion.
     Furthermore, this so - called tolerant ‘ religion which espouses the ̳ validity of all religions, ‘ is consigning all religions but its own to oblivion, referring to them as the ̳ stuff of history. ‘
     Helen Westover enlightens us on what the Baha ‘ i intentions are conc erning the U.N. and world religion: 
     Curiously, the UN doesn ‘ t grasp the ultimate goal of its Baha ‘ i partners, which is to transform the UN itself. The UN, bad as it is, would never agree to establish a theocracy governed by the Most Holy Book, ‘ the Aqdas. They propose a religious forum, to be insti tutionalized into the UN, but with certain qualifications for member ship: ...only those religious leaders who make it clear to their followers that prejudice (and) bigotry ... have no place in the life of a religious person should be invited to participate in the work of this body. ‘ Clearly, any religious leader ‘ whose bigotry ‘ follows the words of Jesus Christ that . . .no man comes to the Father except through Me ‘ need not apply. So as uber - Baha ‘ i ( Susan ‘ s husband) told me one time, they ‘ re waiting for the world to fall apart; then they take over. ‘(Ibid, p 23).
     The Bahai ‘ s number over 5 million people and it is the fastest growing new religion in the world. It targets young people especially on c ollege campuses and through interfaith functions (such as World Youth Day, etc.). It is very influential and totalitarian. It is this Baha ‘ i Religion that is working via Freemasonic societies infiltrating all religions (but especially Christian religions, particularly the Catholic religion) to bring about a world religion through interfaith programs. All the world ‘ s religions are to be converged into a new world religion. The Baha ‘ i Religion, as Henry Swan pointed out in his: My Work With Necedah is to be THAT World Religion. Thus a world (false) theocratic government will be established, but not until a world religion is brought about so as to make this world government possible. This will be when (and that is coming VERY SOON) the True Catholic Christian Faith will be totally outlawed and suppressed. The End Times Christian will have to bring the True Remnant Church underground. Public places of worship (churches, chapels, etc.) will not be permitted except those approved by the Anti - Christ state. The under ground Remnant Church will have to be in private homes or disguised in some way as it has been in Communist countries.


 Forming An Anti - Christ Global Religion


     The purpose for all the interfaith meetings, synods, prayer gatherings, and dialogue between the Masonic - controlled Vatican hierarchy and the various heretical sects noted above as well as with traditional Catholic groups, etc.. is to set up a world church, All religions are invited in to be a part of it.
     All the above heretical and/or subversive act ions taking place within Tthe last half a century or since Vatican II was a major part of the Carbonari ‘ s Alta Vendita plan; a Masonic plan to take over the Church from within. This plan was couched in ambiguous terms so as to have a loose interpretation or a double meaning. It was the Masonic anti - priests (Cardinals, bishops, etc...) who developed this ambiguous language so the conspiracy to take over the Church from within could be carried out without too much notice of it in the decades following the Council.
     These Masonic forces which we have been warned of through Necedah ‘ s revelation (most notably June 16, July 16, August 15, and December 2, 1977) are the same Masonic forces that have destroyed Catholic Monarchies throughout Europe. The eldest daughter of the Church, France, was destroyed by the Masonic French revolution of 1789. The Masonic modernists in the Church have called the Vatican II Council the 1789 of the Church. Cardinal Suenens stated. Vatican II was the 1789 in the Church. 
     This revolution within the Church is now affecting the traditional church as well. It has become apparent through recent and ongoing events that a merger may take place between the Society of St. Pius X and Rome (the mainstream Church). This has caused considerable const ernation among SSPX clergy.
     It appears that Protestantized and modernist Rome is managing to deactivate and neutralize the resistance centered in the SSPX. This has to be accomplished by the Masonic forces who control the Church, so that all religions, sec ts, factions of the Church, etc.., especially traditional Catholics can be absorbed or taken into the Anti - Christ World Church now emerging. Is Rome to be transformed through interfaith infidelities and diabolical dialogue, into a Pantheon of false religio ns? As La Salette has prophesied: ― Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti - Christ.  The first part of this prophecy has come true and the second part appears to be close at hand.
     Do not be fooled by new reforms of the reform or supposed return of certain traditions such as more Latin in the new Mass, limited permissions given for the Latin Tridentine Mass, tabernacle in a central location in churches, etc., as found in Pope Benedict XVI ‘ s proposal offered in Sacramentum Caritatus The Pope‘s proposals in this same document also include modernist aspects, a perpetuation of abuses such as inculturation which incorporates pagan and cultural elements into the liturgy. These proposals also include intercommunion with Protestants and more.
     A new synthesis is being fabricated as part of the Hegelian formula for change and revolution within the Church. This is why the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared many times within the last century and a half, to warn us of what is now happening within the Church. Ou r hope for survival is in Her protection under Her Blue Mantle through Her intercession to Her Divine Son. It is through independent Remnant Church chapels and groups, and through conservative fragments within the mainstream Church that remain loyal to the Magisterium of the Church to Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother and to the true apostolic faith that the Church will triumph over her enemies for the gates of Hell will not prevail against Her.
     Let us remember the words of Church Father St. Anthanasius:  Ev en if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Christ.



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