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By Kenneth G Van Hoof 

When Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected Pope Gregory XVII at about 6 p.m. Rome time on October 26, 1958 and then forced to abdicate his rightful throne via threats against him, his family and the Church itself, the true Catholic Church entered into eclipse and has been in a state of eclipse ever since.
     With the uncanonical election of “Cardinal” Angelo Roncalli on October 28th of that same year and the convening of the “wicked council” (as per the Fatima Secret), the Evil Forces realized their long-range Alta Vendita plan to take over the Papacy and hence, the Catholic Church. Because of this diabolical scheme an emerging diabolically inspired pantheistic world church (the Vatican II Novus Ordo (new order) sect) eclipsed the true light of the Catholic Faith by suppressing, changing or otherwise altering the doctrines and teachings of the True Church. Thus the Vatican II Council (1962-1965) and what it promulgates is not the Catholic Faith but the “Cult of Man,” dethroning God.
     Therefore, what now occupies Rome, the Vatican itself, is a false hierarchy and no longer represents the True Catholic Church. It is as Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen has called it, “a counter-church … emptied of its divine content.” It has become as per the Emmerich prophecy, “the Church of Darkness.” It is the Great Harlot of Apocalypse 17 while the True Church with its true Pope has been eclipsed and exiled into the “wilderness” as per Apocalypse 12:6. Fatima was falsified, its secret suppressed, and Sister Lucy replaced with an imposter! As incredible as all this sounds, it is fully documented. This book took over 5 years of intense study, research, writing and editing to complete this exhaustive work.

Soft cover – large 8 x 11 format, 421 pages. $60 postpaid. Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.



See Below: Ken Van Hoof and his recent interview with TradCatKnight Radio on "Tribulation Cometh: Church & World in Eclipse"  (12/29/16)   


We are currently doing some very in-depth research on trials and tribulations the Church is now going through and has been going through for over half a century. century.  Our Heavenly Mother here, at Necedah, warned us nearly 60 years ago that the Church would be sundered by heresy and schism. (For this message see Necedah’s Message to the Elect found elsewhere).  Our Lady of La Salette warned over a century and a half ago that “The Church will be in eclipse and the world in dismay.”   Also that Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.” 

            The above is now coming true.  Our research documents this and confirms it.  Our research also confirms Necedah’s message that “The Masonic powers have taken over.”  This has been confirmed also by Father Luigi Villa who was entreated by Padre Pio to devote his life to fighting ecclesiastical Masonry in the Church.  Father Malachi Martin has also confirmed the above revelation revealing that Lucifer was enthroned in the Catholic citadel during the years of the Vatican II Council. 

            All this and more is in our current research and will be presented on our website web-page, Church in Eclipse. 

            We are also continuing our research on other End Times topics such as Earth changes, Cosmic changes, prophecy, New World Order agendas and much more.  We have recently updated our article, Final Warning on the Great Warning. 

“The Church, My Child, will be sundered by heresy and schisms.  Bishops will adjure each other, clergy and laity will live in enmity and God will be forgotten.  The Good will be alone without just counsel, save from above.  But God will never desert them, My Child.”     

                                         --  Necedah’s Message to the Elect – July 2, 1954




   Poem:  The Inconvenient Truth   

            To some the truth is an inconvenience,
            They rather avoid it through denial and connivance.  

            Truth is like life: Take it in entirety or not at all,
            Without truth into degradation and misery would man fall.  

            Some people would not speak truth but rather deny,
            Because of their friends who they’d rather not defy.  

            More and more this world has become a great façade,
            Real and lasting truth comes from God.  

            In life, the truth first, foremost and forever,
            This must be your goal; your life-long endeavor.   

            If the truth for you has become inconvenient,
            Maybe you’ve become too lax and much too lenient. 


            The truth about the real crisis and condition of the Catholic Church is far too inconvenient and controversial to admit to.  They would rather deny it so as to not face the facts as they really are.  Of course, the Powers-That-Be that control not only the secular world but also the religious one, are perpetrating the greatest deception in the history of the Church.  Most people (traditionalists included) go along to get along.  In other words, they accept the deceptive propaganda and the popular consensus of opinion on this and that concerning what they perceive is the “Catholic Church.”  It is far too disturbing to them for them to even consider a truth that is “strange” or “out-of-place” – a truth that does not fit their worldview or their “church-view.”  (There are those traditionalists who, when seeing the crisis in the Church, have done their homework well, but have their thinking prepared for them by “wolves-in-sheep’s clothing” and their controlled opposition propaganda.  All is by design). 

            For the above reasons and most people won’t be able to really accept the shocking facts contained within this volume.  Some may recognize it as undeniable truth but deny it they will because it does not fit their “comfort zone.”  So this is not going to be a popular book but a very unpopular one.  Because of the controversial assortment of rare facts all assembled under one cover, it will be obscured at best and denounced and black-listed (suppressed) at worst.  Even the most traditional of Catholics will suppress this work.  So be it! 

            It must be said at this point that we did not rush in “where angels fear to go” but came to research this because of certain historical events at the time of the resignation of Benedict XVI and the election of his so-called successor, Bergoglio.  In research of these events led us directly to the Conclave of 1958 and surrounding related events that for the most part have been expunged from the pages of Catholic history.  This includes the Secret of Fatima and suppressed historical facts concerning Sister Lucia and a whole lot more.  Previous to this we had been where everyone else was in the traditionalist camp: Accepting the Post-Conciliar “Popes” as valid popes and pretty much a part of the “Recognize and Resist” neo-traditionalists.  That is, until we dug deeper and found the real evidence as to what had really happened a half century ago and since.  We did not willingly go there, but if we stand for truth (and we do) then we had to pursue the “leads” we found as we probed into the greatest mystery and deception of all time.  So here we are with a book that says all those things people really do not want to hear, but that so very much needs to said for the record whether believed or not. 

            We have been told by some traditionalists that on such matters as presented in this volume that we should remain silent.  But as Saint Thomas Moore cautions us: “Your silence is your consent!”  And we do not consent to what happened a half a century ago nor to what has transpired since as well as what is going on now in what was once the Catholic Church structure.  So we are taking the advice of Saint Catherine of Sienna:   

            “We’ve had enough exhortations to be silent!  CRY OUT WITH A HUNDRED THOUSAND TONGUES!  I see that the world is rotten because of silence!”   

            The world is rotten because good men remain silent and do nothing to correct what is wrong.  Two good Popes gave us advice on what we should do.  Pope Felix III said:  “Not to oppose error, is to approve of it; and not to defend the truth is to suppress it; not to confound evil men when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them.”  Pope Leo the Great said, “He that sees another in error, and does not endeavor to correct it, testifies himself to be in error.” 

            Furthermore, the instructions given to this author from the Necedah apparitions was to “Dig deeper – find the things that are wrong!”  Indeed!  We have done that.  This work is the result.  Take it for what it is.  We have simply taken the logical course in researching this and spending many hours documenting the facts as we came across them. 

In this work on the eclipse of the True Catholic Church we have followed a logical course and sequence.  We first present suppressed facts concerning the events of the 1958 Conclave as well as any surrounding events, those leading up to the conclave and those that have transpired since then.  We’ve included any and all facts we could find that help document and clarify the truth regarding this eclipse of the Church. 

Next we moved on to the Revolution in the Church and the setting up of a false church within its interior; the Vatican II “wicked” Council and all subsequent actions of the Post-Conciliar imposter “popes” as well as document events connected to and exposing the real truth concerning Fatima, the two Sister Lucys and more. 

Towards the end of this work, we expose the neo-traditionalists (to the disconcerting of some, this means the SSSPX, the “Recognize and Resist” Catholic journalists and others) as controlled opposition.  (One must understand that both the so-called “Catholic” liberals and the Catholic traditionalists are under the control (although unknowingly in most cases) of the Freemasons embedded within the Church interior.  We show how all this leads to the establishment of the now existing counterfeit church masquerading as the “Catholic” Church but is in reality the Great Harlot of Apocalypse 17.  In the very last chapter, we show how all this leads to God’s Wrath that is to be inflicted upon the world culminating in the Divine Chastisement; and that all this is part of God’s Plan. 

There has been an incredible amount of documentation for this work; even more that was not able to be included but is referenced for the reader to access.  To help present the most complete in’depth and comprehensive picture possible, we have provided a considerable number of appendices which when referenced in the text should be consulted.  We also provide sources and links to the original information cited.  To keep this work as current as possible before going to press or posting it on our website, we have included at least seven Research Updates. 

In most all cases we have cited sources (websites, publications, documents, etc.) that are known for their impeccable research in certain specialized areas of their expertise.  We have cited original documents wherever possible.  We have also cited the actual original statements of witnesses and reputable authorities as well as cited the statements of the infiltrators and subversives themselves that are embedded within the Church structure. 

We have furthermore, presented authentic Catholic prophecies as well as Marian prophecy which lends itself to this study.  Such prophecies show beyond a doubt, that these tribulations have already befallen the Church and are not referring to some yet coming events in the future.  Many of these events have already transpired in the last half-century and others are occurring now.  These include the 1958 Conclave, the exiled “Pope in red,” Rome having lost the Faith, the “wicked” council of Vatican II, the now existent counterfeit church, and more.  This is a very real scenario that is now unfolding upon us as this apocalyptic age comes to its climatic end. 

We have also included predictions and prophetic statements that have proved uncannily accurate of such distinguished prelates as Cardinal Manning (1861), Father Sylvester Berry (1927), Bishop Fulton Sheen (1948) and others. 

However, regardless of all the effort and care taken to make this work comprehensible and understandable to the average Catholic today or even to the traditionalist Catholic, most will not accept the bulk of any of this work.  Be that as it may, we did our best to present the truthful facts for the record no matter how inconvenient or unpopular they may be.  There are those so set in their view of the Church and “how things are” and are very opinionated who will never accept what is on these pages.  These are people whose minds are made up so “don’t confuse me with the facts!”  This work is not for them, but for the sincere truth seeker who wants to gain and better understand the confusing End Times he is living in; to penetrate through the greatest Deception of all time in our history as foretold in the book of Thessalonians. 

So for those who are daring enough you may turn the page and inquire within.  We leave you with these words: 


“Truth is like life; it has to be taken on its entirety or not at all…  We must welcome truth even if it reproaches and inconveniences us – even it it appears in the place where we thought it could not be.” 

                                                            - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.  



            Diamond Star Constellation Research and Investigation (Diamond Star Research) has always presented research that shows the complete composite picture as much as possible.  This work in keeping with this tradition, will be as complete and thorough as possible.  We follow Father Isaac Hecker’s advice and use it as our formula for research:   

            “Seek for truth amidst the error; establish its existence, applaud it, and endeavor to make it a basis for further truth and a fulcrum for the overthrow of the error connected with it.”   

            So with Saint Hierom we say:   

            “The truth has set bounds.  But evil and falsehood multiplies without end; and the more these evils are pursued, the more errors they produce.  We seek no conquest over our adversaries; but only that truth may overcome falsehood.”    

            This work (if the reader gives it a chance) will dispel the greatest deception ever perpetrated upon the unsuspecting Catholic faithful.  This work will show beyond a doubt, using documented evidence, that:   

1.     The Judeo-Freemasons using the Permanent Instructions of the Alta Vendita Plan, infiltrated the Catholic Church and took over the Roman Catholic Church structure from within; and thus gaining control of the Papacy caused great apostasy within the hierarchy of the Church thus fulfilling both the prophesy of Fatima that the “apostasy will begin at the top” and also the prophesy of La Salette:  “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.” 

2.     A true Pope, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri who became Pope Gregory XVII, the “Pope in Red,” was validly and truly elected Pope on October 26th in the 1958 Conclave according to several eye-witness accounts. 

3.     This “Pope in Red” was threatened with multiple threats against his person, his family, the clergy behind the Iron Curtain and even through nuclear annihilation of the Vatican itself, illegally imposed upon him to force him from his Papal throne. 

4.     This preferred successor (Pope Gregory XVII) to the Papal throne of Pope Pius XII was kept a prisoner and a hostage for 30 years at a palace in Rome and knew he could be killed at any time if he said or did anything contrary to the wishes of his captors. 

5.     Nevertheless, this hostage Pope, Gregory XVII was able to provide for the election of his successor after his death and therefore the continuance of the true Catholic Church (in eclipse) was made possible; and that such plans led to his cruel death by his overlords and captors. 

6.     His successor, Pope Gregory XVIII, was able to properly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1991 as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. 

7.     Angelo Roncalli, a Judeo-Masonic agent, was uncanonically “elected” on October 28th, 1958 and that such a false pope was prepared for and planned for since August 1954. 

8.     All subsequent post-conciliar “popes” are Jewish and/or Masonic agents installed by the Judeo-Masonic Evil Forces as antipopes. 

9.     Fatima was completely falsified by the false and counterfeit church set up by Vatican II; its third Secret suppressed, buried, fragmented and a false version given to the unsuspecting faithful in the year 2000 by the corrupt Vatican government. 

10.  Sister Lucy was either secretly murdered or eliminated in some fashion and removed in 1949 and replaced with a double who was then “eliminated” (very likely murdered) in 1958 -59 when she became uncooperative, and thus replaced by an imposter who became more public from 1967 through to the time of her death in 2005. 

11.  The Vatican II Council was the “wicked council” prophesied by the Third Secret of Fatima and this “wicked council” was Roncalli’s Revolution that set up a false and counterfeit church (the Vatican II Norvus Ordo sect) within the interior of the Catholic Church structure and this so-called church masquerades as the Catholic Church to this day. 

12.  This counterfeit church is the Great Harlot of Babylon described in Apocalypse 17 and is complete with counterfeit sacraments, false hierarchy and clergy as well as false saints and false devotions. 

13.  The neo-traditionalists of today (i.e. the SSPX, the “Recognize and Resist” Catholic journalists and commentators as well as the Novus Ordo conservatives (Society of St. Peter, Institute of Christ the King, etc.) are under the influence and manipulation of the Judeo-Masons as “Controlled Opposition” as according to the Learned Elders of Zion plan as outlined in Protocol No. 12. 

14.  The Judeo-Freemasons, the B’nai B’rith and their collaborators and dupes are forming a Pantheistic One-World Church through the greatest deception ever perpetrated in the history of the Catholic Church as per 2 Thessalonians 2 bringing about the final trial and tribulation of the Church in the final End of Days; this then is the final preparation for the coming of the “Man of Sin” – the Antichrist which will be followed by God’s Wrath and Divine Chastisement and the New Era of Peace to follow.    

While some or most of this will seem far-fetched and just not possible, we ask the reader to withhold any judgment or conclusions until he has gone through all the documentation presented in this work.  There is even more documented evidence beyond what is cited herein.  Please take it chapter by chapter as one set of truths bears upon another.  Say the prayer to the Holy Ghost at the beginning of this volume before proceeding. 


            It sometimes is very hard to tell the truth, especially when that truth is very different from what is the generally held view; and especially when it is what Archbishop Sheen calls the “inconvenient truth” – a truth too disturbing to be accepted.  But tell the truth we must as it is our duty before God.  Even a child knows one must tell the truth.  This author’s little redheaded granddaughter when just six years old told her four year old brother: 

            “…Tell the truth.  It sometimes hard to tell the truth, but if you tell the truth, things will go better.”   

            Christ told us:   

            “…You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  - John 8:32.  


To be said before reading this volume:   

                                          PRAYER TO THE HOLY GHOST   

Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts
of Thy faithful and kindle in them
the fire of Thy love.  Send forth Thy
Spirit, and they shall be created. 
And Thou shalt renew the face of
The Earth.   

Let us pray:   

O God, Who didst instruct the hearts
of the faithful by the light of the
Holy Spirit; grant that, by the
same Spirit, we may be always
truly wise, and ever rejoice in His
consolation.  Through Jesus Christ
Our Lord.  Amen.