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Virgin Mary Speaks of Nibiru (Planet X)




The seven years of tribulation and the Three Days of Darkness are now imminent courtesy of the arrival of the Nemesis-Nibiru system.    

We are now on the verge of something “BIG” happening as the Earth changes are becoming more and more strange and extreme.  (See SOTT.net Earth Changes Summary for September).   Both the weather and seismic activity is increasing and intensifying dramatically in the last few months.  Check out the latest videos at Skywatch Media.   Also check out what is happening to the Mississippi River at Mr. MBB333 in the video, “Mississippi River Going Dry Above New Madrid.”  

            A greater awareness of the Planet X phenomenon seems to be becoming more widespread going beyond the Planet X truth movement.  Marshall Masters of www.yowusa.com has noticed this as we have here at Diamond Star Research.  For example, at a traditional Catholic website, www.traditioninaction.org, someone e-mailed in about the two-Sun phenomenon.  Keep in mind this site doesn’t usually cover this sort of thing but does post from time to time articles on the End Times Chastisement prophesied to come in our time.  

            If you go to this link [www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/B990_Petain.html] and scroll down to “Signs in the Sun,” there are two links to two Second Sun videos. 

            Though for the most part the modern Catholic world (and most everyone for that matter) is oblivious to the Planet X phenomenon, certain End Times conscious traditional Catholics are aware of prophecies warning of events that research has proven to be due to the passage of the Planet X (Nemesis-Nibiru) system. 

            From the prophecies of La Fraudais through Marie Julie Jahenny comes this interesting prophecy from Jesus Christ Himself:   

            “The ungodly eyes of all those souls will remain open, because I want them to see My Power.  I preserve it to them to see with their own eyes, the RADIANT PLANET I have coming from the remotest parts … under a frightening storm of fire, and under the signs of My anger, the whole sky will be crossed with bolts (of lightning) similar to the ones My Father thrust upon the world, when I offered Myself for the ransom of My people…”   

            This “radiant planet” coming from “the remotest parts” and “under a frightening storm of fire” is no doubt the Planet X system which will bring with it huge plasma lightning bolts.  Other Catholic mystics have confirmed the above prophecy.  Anna of Seredne, Ukraine prophecies:   

            “The present times are worse than at the time of Noah.  Then the world was scourged by a deluge of water, now the world is going to be scourged by a deluge of fire.”  (December 20, 1954).   

            Also Mother Elena Leonard prophecies:   

            “An unforeseen fire will descend over the whole Earth and a great part of humanity will be destroyed.”  (April 1, 1976).  

            Such a passage of the Planet X system will cause profound and dramatic changes on the Sun triggering solar burst of fire that will purify the whole Earth in these End of Days. 


                                            The Three Days of Darkness in Prophecy   

            The passage of the Planet X system will bring on the seven years of tribulation which will culminate in a purification of fire amidst three days of darkness.  These Three Days of Darkness have been prophesied to come by several Catholic mystics through the years including Mary Ann Van Hoof at Necedah, Wisconsin as well as Blessed Anna Marie Teigi, Marie Julie Jahenny, Julie Zagreb, Saint Padre Pio, Anna of Seredne, Ukraine, Mather Elena Leonard and others.  It has also been revealed at Akita (Japan) and in the secrets of La Salette, France and Fatima, Portugal

            During the Three Days of Darkness it is prophesied that the sky will be filled with blood-red clouds and fire will rain down from the sky (as mentioned in the prophecies of Akita and those of Saint Padre Pio).  This will be a worldwide event.  For an insight as to how this will transpire we sample a few of these prophecies here:   

            “…Your Earth will fall into darkness because of the particles bursting away; it will darken and you will have from three to four days of darkness.  And when this falls upon your ozone (the ozone layer)(it will) come down upon the Earth; and if you people go outside your homes during that period you will die – it will be poison, it will burst your lungs.  There are some that will survive, depending on the individual and how much they consume.  Our best advice for you at that time would be stay in your homes – seal all cracks in your homes.  Have water in your homes because your electricity will not work.  Remember, electricity will not work!  We cannot tell you here when God the Father in Heaven will permit this … when this will take place.  But that it will take place, Sister Mary Ann, you can rest assured of that.”    [Necedah – May 31, 1977.]   

            “If God permits the Sun to explode in the period they call the nova … the Earth will be thrown out of its orbit. Many will die and many will plunge into the waters for the water on Earth will go out of its boundaries and flood many countries.”  [Necedah – October 7, 1977.]    

            You will note in these prophesies that the Sun will experience a “nova” (the Sun’s corona will explode outward in a great flash of light) and this, believe it or not, will bring on the Three Days of Darkness as well as a rain of fire and subsequent purification of the Earth.  The Earth as noted in these prophesies, will undergo a change in orbit as well as a pole shift.  It is the Nemesis-Nibiru system that triggers these dramatic changes on the Sun (the nova or “killshot”) and on the Earth.

            Other prophecies only confirm the above prophecies and add further detail:   

            “This catastrophe shall come upon the Earth like a flash at which moment the light of the morning Sun shall be replaced with darkness!  No one shall leave the house or look out of a window from that moment on. I Myself shall come amidst thunder and lightning.  There shall be great confusion because of this utter darkness in which the entire Earth shall be enveloped, and many, many shall die from fear and despair.”  [Saint Padre Pio – February 7, 1950.]  

            “…There will come three days of continued darkness.  The blessed candles of wax alone will give light during the horrid darkness.  One candle will last for three days, but in the house of the godless they will not give light.  During those three days the demons in abominable and horrid forms will make the air resound with shocking blasphemies. 

            “The lightning will penetrate the homes, but will not extinguish the light of the blessed candles, neither wind nor storms nor earthquake will extinguish it.  Red clouds like blood will pass in the sky, the crash of thunder will make the Earth tremble; lightning will flash through the streets at an unusual time of the year; the Earth will tremble to its foundations; the ocean will cast its foaming waves over the land; the Earth will be changed into an immense cemetery, - the corpses of the wicked and the just will cover the Earth.”    [Marie Julie Jahenny, Stigmatist of La Fraudais, France.]  

            The mystic, Marie Julie Jahenny gives even further detail of this passage event and of the aftermath to follow as well as a hopeful look at the future.   

            “The famine that will follow will be great.  All the vegetation will be destroyed as well as three fourths of the human race.  The crisis will come all of a sudden and the Chastisement will be worldwide.”    

            “The whole Earth will be covered by a great fire and will be infertile for some time for those who survive it…”    

            “Satan will triumph!  But after three nights, the earthquake and fire will cease.  On the following day the Sun will shine again.  Angels will descend from Heaven and will spread the spirit of peace over the Earth.  A feeling of immeasurable gratitude will take possession of those who survive this terrible ordeal – the impending punishment – with which God has not visited the Earth since creation.”    

            These La Fraudais prophecies given through Marie Julie Jahenny tell not only of a great fire and a period of darkness, but of an aftermath that includes a Earth covered with cadavers and infertile for some time to come as well as famine and worldwide devastation.  But hope is given in the fact that angels will descend to Earth to help the survivors. 

            There can be no doubt that all these Catholic prophecies (including those we did not quote) tell of a rain of fire, the darkening of the Sun for a specific period of time (three days), blood-red clouds, great earthquakes, and plasma lightning bolts all descriptive of the effects of the passage of the Planet X system and related changes on the Sun. 

            [For more on the Three Days of Darkness as well as how to prepare for it, see: 3 Days Darkness.]

            The time is now at hand – the time of passage is drawing very near.  Time is ever more running out!  We are now experiencing the “birth pangs” of a coming new era as this era is fast coming to a close.  We are on the brink of the seven years of tribulation which will culminate in the Sun’s nova (purification of mankind) and its accompanying Three Days of Darkness. 

            The signs for this transition period between ages (the seven years of tribulation) are everywhere.  This will NOT be the end of the world but the end of the world as we now know it.  The Planet X (Nemesis-Nibiru) system – the Great Destroyer, the “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations” – is now upon us. 

            It is time to get ourselves right with God before the Great Warning triggers the Great Tribulation years.  The Angels of God can protect us but only if we are found worthy of that protection.  Holy men of God were protected during the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bomb attacks and suffered from no ill effects. (This has been documented).  Our survival solution is a spiritual one.  Prepare now while you still have time!      




Earth wobble has increased tremendously indicating a pole shift event is imminent.  Celestial warning signs coming this Autumn so prepare now as time is fast running out! 


            There are those who put dates on the Planet X (Nemesis-Nibiru) system arrival.  But the emphasis should be on the real indicators of its arrival, the ever increasing and intensification of Earth changes now occurring.  Several Earth changes that are now ongoing are indicators of increased Earth wobble which in turn should tell us a pole shift event is imminent.  All this indicates to us that the Nemesis-Nibiru system has arrived in our neighborhood, the inner solar system.  In fact, some researchers such as Marshall Masters of www.yowusa.com, say that at least Nibiru itself has crossed the orbit of Earth on the other side of the Sun and is approaching perihelion (closest point to our Sun) in its orbit. 

            We know that Earth wobble has been with us for a few years now with the Inuit Elders warning NASA about it as revealed in this video.  [“Earth Axis Has Shifted and the Sky Has Changed.”] 

            However, within the past few months it seems the Earth wobble has gotten much greater with a shift of about 8 degrees north.  Interestingly, the 2017 storm track has shifted about 8 degrees north as well as shown in this video.  [“Earth Tilting South – Sun Too Far North – Proof Michiga…]

            This Earth wobble has intensified even more within this last month (August) and so has the extreme weather.  What has happened along the coasts of South America has shown how intense this Earth wobble phenomenon has become.  The Higher Truth channel has a good explanation of this in their pole shift video.  [Pole Shift: See What Else Happened During the Atlantic…] For a more in-depth look at this pole shift – wobble phenomenon, see their earlier pole shift video.  [Pole Shift Imminent?  North Star Shifting Suddenly.] 

            The “Spring” tides and “King” tides mentioned in these Higher Truth videos are not normal.  They are for certain, an End Times phenomenon that has manifested and increased within the last decade or so.  They are definite indicators of Earth wobble (and the beginning of pole or axis shift) and thus indicators of the Planet X system arrival in our inner solar system.  Such Earth wobble tides along coastlines caused by the presence of a celestial intruder is the very things warned of in an old prophecy of Saint Hildegard (1098-1179). 


            “The Comet by its tremendous pressure, will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues.  After the Great Comet, the great nation will be devastated by earthquakes, storms, and great waves of water, causing much want and plagues.  The ocean will also flood many other countries, so that all coastal cities will live in fear, with many destroyed.  All sea coast cities will be fearful and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. 

            “For in none of these cities does a person live according to the laws of God.”


            This reminds us of what devastation Hurricane Harvey caused and all the tidal flooding in various parts of the world with areas permanently under water causing inhabitants to seek higher ground.  These King tides will only get worse as will all other Earth changes as this Planet X system gets closer.  (See our article: Signs of the End: The Coming Great Comet”).   [www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com/articles_archives2014.htm.]

            Major Ed Dames and others have indicated that Planet X will become naked-eye visible late this year – November-December when it comes out from behind the Sun.  As it makes its way on its outbound journey, it will pass between our Earth and the Sun.  That is when “all hell breaks loose,” as some researchers have said.  This triggers the seven years of tribulation where the Earth “staggers as a drunken man.” (Isaias 24:19). This is when cataclysmic changes take place.  [See our article: A Nemesis-Nibiru Induced Tribulation: The Advent of the Antichrist.”]  [www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com/PlanetX.htm.] 

            We want to point out that while there are celestial warning signs this Autumn (the Sign of Virgo – September 23), with Nibiru becoming naked-eye visible this winter as has been stated, the catastrophic influence from this celestial intruder won’t be felt until the Spring of 2018 as it passes between the Earth and the Sun.  A springtime “Great Warning” event has been prophesied by several Catholic mystics.  [See: Final Warning on the Great Warning.”]  [www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com/final-warning.htm.]  

            So the catastrophic passage of this celestial intruder in Spring 2018 is dependant on the Autumn signs of 2017 and the Winter visible manifestation of this object before this event can actually come to pass.  We are not saying this event will come to pass in Spring 2018 but that if the Autumn signs and winter manifestation of this object comes to pass then a 2018 event is very likely.  We cannot be certain as to just when this event will occur – but occur it will – it is wholly dependent on the “signs on Earth and in the heavens.” 

            We do know the “Great Warning” (also known as the Great Illumination, the minor Chastisement, the minor Judgment and other names) is a shift in consciousness to a higher vibrational state of being, has been prophesied to occur in the early Spring months of the year.  This matches a spring passage of Planet X.  This begins the tribulation period and the Great Illumination (God’s Warning) causes all to see their own souls as God sees them so it behooves us to get our spiritual “houses” in order. 

            It follows then that the Powers-That-Be knowing what is coming, will cause an economic collapse and societal chaos anywhere from three to six months in advance of this springtime event. Whether this all pans out as outlined above remains to be seen, but it does fit the 2015-2020 window of passage for Planet X as given by government insiders way back in 1989.  So we will just have to wait and see how accurate the above scenario is. 

            For sure, the best way to tell of this impending cataclysm is by its signs and indicators (Earth changes).  So don’t worry about dates as the real indicators are the major signs of Earth wobble and “King” tides as well as seismic and volcanic activity and extreme weather intensifying.  Time is for sure, shortening as this celestial intruder moves ever closer to perihelion so prepare now as time is fast running out!






             Too much of the Planet X news today is turning out to be sensationalist.  More emphasis is being put on “When is Planet X arriving?” and not on the true science that shows the real truth of it.  Dates have been given:  May 15, 2003, December 21, 2012, then August for the years 2014, 2015, 2016, December 2016, and now October, 2017.  With the exception of the last date which is yet to come, these dates have all come and gone with no arrival.  October, 2017 looks like a very good possibility according to both signs and predictions of credible sources.  But can we be sure?  No we can’t due to the fact that very seldom can such a precise prediction of this sort be made.  That’s why we do not give dates, only “windows” of possibilities.   Only God knows the real time of arrival.  We can only watch the signs and portents and give educated guesses. 

            We should rather, turn our attention to spiritual as well as physical preparations for what this Nemesis-Nibiru system will bring us:  a seven year period of tribulation.  What to expect during this period of tribulation, which is really the period of passage for the Nemesis-Nibiru system through the inner solar system, will help us in surviving it.  We also should keep in mind that this 7 year period of tribulation involves the advent of the Antichrist.  

            This Planet X system consisting of a brown dwarf and 7 planets orbiting it (Nibiru being the largest and outermost one) is a definite reality as we and other credible researchers have already proven.  It is now at the edge of the inner solar system and is incoming.  New evidence is always being given.  See the video “Nemesis Planet X Alert – Prepare for NASA Warning.”    Also see Marshall Masters video, “Signs No. 14 – Impact - Danger” which shows that this system is definitely getting closer. 

            Previous civilizations on our planet have experienced what we are about to experience, that is, a period of trial and tribulation as this era comes to an end as we undergo another passage of this Planet X system which has been called the “wrecking ball of civilizations.”  Evidence of previous passages and tribulation upheavals are evidenced in our rock strata and on our ocean beds. 

            So now again, we come to period of trial and tribulation as we undergo yet another passage of this Nemesis-Nibiru system.   This 7 year period of tribulation is really made up of two 3 and half year periods of tribulation: the first of which is considered a pre-tribulation or lesser tribulation period where the Antichrist, Lord Maitreya may or may not be recognized as such; the second period of 3 and a half years is called the Great Tribulation and is where the Antichrist, Lord Maitreya rises to power.  He at first will pretend to be a “man of peace” and gain a great following until he shows his true evil colors as the “Man of Sin” that he is. 

            As to where the Planet X system fits into all this: During this period of the advent and rise of the Antichrist, the Nemesis-Nibiru system will bring on great upheaval and suffering for mankind as it draws nearer to Earth’s orbit.  As this system comes closer and takes greater affect, it will cause greater and greater upheaval until the foundations of the earth shall be shaken.  With breaking shall the earth be broken, with crushing shall the earth be crushed, with trembling shall the earth be moved.
“With shaking shall the earth be shaken as a drunken man, and shall be removed as the tent of one night; and the iniquity thereof shall be heavy upon it, and it shall fall, and not rise again.” 
[Isaias 24:18,19,20.] 

            This biblical passage is referring to Earth wobble and the resulting seismic upheaval resulting in a great pole shift.  We are already undergoing an axis shift as of the last ten years or so.  As this shifting of the poles progresses rather slowly at first, then more radically, great seismic and volcanic activity, more violent and extreme weather, more severe tidal surges and disrupted seasons can be expected all through the tribulation period.  According to our research, the Nemesis-Nibiru system will continually cause in its passage, greater Earth wobble and axis shift with greater crustal plate displacement until the tipping point is reached and a full-fledged pole shift occurs.  Other events involving the Sun in particular, will also occur during this tribulation period passage.  

            From what we have learned and put together concerning this Planet X induced tribulation, the first tribulation period starts off with a warning – referred to in Catholic prophecy as the Great Warning.  {See: Final Warning on the Great Warning.] 

            Furthermore, we have learned that the first 3 and half year period of tribulation is the incoming journey of this mini-solar system into our inner solar system as it heads towards perihelion with our Sun.  The second 3 and half year period (the Great Tribulation) is when Planet x system exits from behind the Sun and passes out through the inner solar system causing even greater chaos as it does so. It will culminate in a “nova” of our Sun and a “rain of fire” upon our Earth resulting in a great Purification of mankind.  This rain of fire has been prophesied in various biblical passages as well as the Third Secret of Fatima, by Padre Pio’s message on the “Three Days of Darkness,” Akita, La Salette, and Necedah and several other Catholic prophecies. 

            So the advent and rise of the Antichrist as well as his reign of power ending with him being thrown into the abyss by the Archangel Michael, all fits into this 7 year period of tribulation along with the inbound passage (taking about 3 and a half years) and the outbound passage (taking 3 and a half years) ending in a great fiery cataclysmic purification.  After this an era of peace reigns over the Earth. 

            The above is a basic timeline but there is much that happens during this seven-year period of tribulation and passage of the Planet X system.  (The Planet X system has a great magnetic and gravitational affect upon our Earth during this whole system causing great seismic and volcanic upheaval and affects from the Sun).   Little known is the fact that in the Book of the Apocalypse, there are specifically named five worldwide Earthquakes.  These are not just localized or regional earthquakes but a full “shaking of the Earth” worldwide.  Of these five worldwide earthquakes, three are referred to as “Great Earthquakes.”  These are the first, the third  and the last which by far, is the greatest of them all.  These five worldwide earthquakes are as follows:   

            Apocalypse 6:12:  “And I saw, when he opened the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair; and the whole moon became as blood.”  

            Apocalypse 8:5:  “And the angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar and threw it down upon the earth, and there were peals of thunder, rumblings, and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.”   

            Apocalypse 11:13:  “And at that hour there was a great earthquake and the tenth part of the city fell; and there were killed in the earthquake seven thousand persons; and the rest were affrighted and gave glory to the God of heaven.”   

            Apocalypse 11:19:  “And the temple of God in heaven was opened, and there was seen the ark of his covenant to his temple, and there came flashes of lightning, and peals of thunder, and an earthquake, and great hail.” 

            Apocalypse 16:18: “And there were flashes of lightning, rumblings and peals of thunder, and there was a great earthquake such as never has been since men were first upon the earth, so great an earthquake was it.”   

            The first of these worldwide great earthquakes was no doubt involved with the event that triggered the Great Warning worldwide (See above reference to the Great Warning).  You will note also several references to great lightning and rumblings and peals of thunder.  This has to do with interplanetary plasma lightning between the Earth and the Nemesis-Nibiru system.  Also a great hail is mentioned in Apocalypse 11:19 which referrs to a storm of meteors, fireballs and other debris in the tail of Nibiru.

            During the period between the first and second of these worldwide earthquakes, Wormwood appears as a great mountain burning with fire (and) was cast into the sea, and a third part of the ships were destroyed.”  [Apocalypse 8:8.]  Such “a great mountain burning with fire” is just what a comet nucleus looks like as seen up close through a telescope.  In fact, the nucleus of Halley’s Comet was described by scientists as being shaped like “a mountain on fire.”  In Apocalypse 8:11 & 12, it tells what happened when Wormwood struck the sea as well as what happened on the Sun and moon:   

            “The name of the star is called Wormwood.  And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many people died of the waters because the waters were made bitter.
“And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, that the third part of them might be darkened, and the day for the third part of it might not shine, and the night likewise.”  
[Apocalypse 8:11-12.]  

            Toxic elements deposited in the waters of the Earth gave rise to a biter taste (hence, the name “Wormwood,” a name of a biter herb) and will cause many deaths.   Also in verse 12 the reference to the reduction of the Sun, moon and stars light being dimmed by one-third refers to debris and dust-filled skies from Wormwood and from volcanoes erupting, etc.   Also, there is a reference to a third of the day and night the Sun, moon, and stars might not shine, meaning the days and nights shall be shortened which is prophesied to happen in these Later Days of the Apocalypse. 

            Relative to the above reference to Wormwood are the following interesting facts:  1.) The Vatican, which has been anticipating the arrival of Wormwood, asked NASA about Planet X:  “Is this Wormwood?”  Actually, Wormwood is not Planet X or Nibiru as some have mistakenly stated, but a large asteroid or comet-like celestial object that has been brought to Earth by the Nemesis-Nibiru system. 

            And 2.) Sister Lucia of Fatima has said concerning the Third Secret of Fatima:  It’s in the Gospel and in the Apocalypse, read them.”  She specifically named chapter 8, verses 8-13 of the Book of the Apocalypse.  These verses have to do with the seven trumpets, the seven signs, and the seven bowls including Wormwood mentioned above. 

            The Antichrist also comes to power during this seven-year tribulation period.  As to when the Antichrist appears on the scene in the End Times timeline, the following should prove interesting:  In the last week of December 2022 the collision of two stars or “suns” forming a “Red Nova” will become visible to everyone on Earth.  It will be a spectacularly bright star in the heavens.  This “star” will burn very brightly for about six months in the Constellation Cygnus. 

            This “star-sign” is believed by a prominent Israeli Rabbi to be the celestial sign referred to in the Bible, ushering in the age of the Messiah.  Two articles covering this celestial event of 2022 can be seen here and here

            There is also a short article and a video at the TradCatKnight website  

            We note the color of this false Messiah’s “star-sign” is red (the Red Nova) which is the color Satan has used historically as the Red Dragon of the Apocalypse (also attributed to the “red” of the Planet X system), the red of the Rothschild’s Red Shield family crest, as well as the red of Freemasonic Communist and other revolutions fomented by the Evil Forces. 

            It appears that this false Messiah “star-sign” could appear either at the beginning of the 7 year period of tribulation or at the midway point, at the beginning of the Great Tribulation itself (the second 3 and a half year period) when the Antichrist, Lord Maitreya actually takes power.  For more on the identity as well as the attributes and signs of the false Messiah’s coming, see this

            The Great Tribulation will end in a “rain of fire” and a purification of the Earth as well as a period of darkness (as the Sun undergoes an upgrade in ionization) called the Three Days of Darkness in Catholic prophecy.  This is when the Nemesis-Nibiru system will leave the inner solar system on its outward journey.  All this is prophesied in the Bible and in prophecies of the Mother of God, especially, the Third Secret of Fatima, La Salette, Akita, in the Necedah Secret, and in the messages of Padre Pio on the Three Days of Darkness.  See our 2016 archives. 




             The world is sinking ever deeper into moral perversity and chaos.  This moral impurity and corruption is leading directly to the decadence of society and the eventual collapse of civilization as we know it.  At such a point in history that we are now at, the Creator of All, God Almighty, has only one recourse:  That is, to “clean house,” purify the Earth and start over.  This has happened before (the Great Deluge in Noah’s day) and it is very close to happening again. 

            The instrument of God’s choice to do just that is His “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations” – the Destroyer, the incoming Nemesis-Nibiru system.  The signs of its imminent approach to our home planet are everywhere:  the extreme weather (getting even more extreme); seismic and volcanic upheaval at unprecedented levels; the shifting of both the magnetic poles and the geophysical poles; the Earth wobble and its resulting affects – sink holes, landslides , etc.; and the frenzied preparations into underground sanctuaries of the world’s elite that may well end up being their tombs.  People everywhere are sensing “something” is about to happen even if they quite can’t grasp what.  The Great Tribulation, a seven year period not far off, will begin the “sorrow of sorrows” about to be inflicted upon an evil world as according to prophecies. 

            Evidence of the Nemesis-Nibiru system approaching may be seen in several videos at the Skywatch Media web channel.  The effect of this system on our neighboring planet, Mars can be seen in this video.  

            The effects of the Nemesis-Nibiru system are becoming much more intense.  We are in an ever-increasing geophysical shift of the poles which can be seen in ongoing Earth wobble.  This is giving rise to ever greater Earth changes. 

            To understand how much Earth wobble has progressed in recent years we need to look at the horizons of the Earth as a giant clock.  If you look directly due North – North would be 12 o’clock; East would be 3 o’clock; West would be 9 o’clock; and South would be 6 o’clock.  Before 2000, the Sun rose at the 4 o’clock position and set at the 8 0’clock position.  Starting in about 2005, the Sun rose at the 3 o’clock position and set at the 9 o’clock position.  The sunrise-sunset positions progressed still further North until in 2014 the sunrise position was at 1:30 and the sunset position was at 10:30.  In 2015 the sunrise-sunset positions dropped back to some degree. 

            Correspondingly, the position of the Sun at high noon at the summer solstice (June 21st) also changed.  Sun at high noon on the summer solstice used to be in central Mexico.  In 2005 it crept North until it was in the central U.S.  By 2014 it had reached the U.S.-Canadian border.  (That’s about 2,000 miles).  In 2015 it dropped further South again.  As of 2016 the Sun’s position was at about 41 degrees North latitude.  This position could change yet again.  All this abnormal sunrise-sunset and high-noon positions are due to Earth wobble and a shifting of the geophysical poles.  The big event (the flip of the poles at the tipping point) is yet to happen.  As this phenomenon increases steadily as the Nemesis-Nibiru system advances on our location, Earth changes will increase and intensify dramatically. 

            All the aforementioned Earth changes, Earth wobble and also the rise in meteor reports as well as changes in our solar system, are due to the incoming of the Nemesis-Nibiru system into the inner solar system.  Cosmic rays are now pounding the Earth and this planet is being hit by two solar winds – one from the Sun and the other from the Brown Dwarf intruder.  Relative to this last point, see the Higher Truth Channel video that explains this very well.  

            Why is all of this happening now in our “End of Days” age?  Most certainly it is part of God’s plan to purify the Earth.  It has been prophesied in the Bible, in the prophecies of the Mother of God (Fatima’s Third Secret, the La Salette Secret, at Akita, Japan, and in the Necedah Secret and messages on the Great White Fire).  It is interesting to note that Necedah’s Message to the Elect (July 2, 1954) states:  “the geographical aspect of whole continents will be violently altered.”  Then we have FEMA recently stating that there will be “separation of land masses.”  These two descriptions of coming geophysical events sound eerily similar.  

            Early Christian prophecies as well as those of the Hopi Indians, Mother Shipton and others mention the coming cataclysms and purification of mankind.  Some of these prophecies given years even centuries ago are turning out to be highly accurate.  The most pertinent Christian End Times prophecies given in recent times are condensed into a little booklet, “The Three Days of Darkness: The Coming Purification” (as well as the links below) gives insight into what is just before us:  The Great White Fire (the coming mini-nova of the Sun – what Major Ed Dames calls the “Killshot”),  Padre Pio’s “rain of fire,” the Fatima Secret, the Great Warning, the pole shift (which Major Ed Dames disclosed in August, 2016 would be about 12 degrees), the three days of darkness, and the coming tribulation period. 

            The above named booklet can be asked for by name at (608)-565-2617 or e-mail at shrineinfo@queenoftheholyrosaryshrine.com.  Also check out our Diamond Star Research website here and here.  

            As for surviving the coming cataclysms and purification, helpful information can be accessed here  as well as our links page  (Scroll down to the “Survival” links). 

            The arrival and “roll-out” scenario time-line for this to come to pass is SOON!  It appears (based on research of what is now occurring across our home planet) that 2017-2018 could be the beginning of the End.  How many growing seasons do we have left?  How much more time do we have to stock up on food and supplies?  How much time is there left to get our spiritual life in order?  Check out the resource links provided in this article as time is fast running out! 

            As to why this is happening in our time and what the cause and affect is of our moral and cultural condition in relation to the cataclysms of the Purification, see this article and this article.

            These articles will give you a good insight as to why the “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations” is now coming to this Earth.  Prepare now!  “Tomorrow” may be too late!


Revealing The Truth About the Two Sun Phenomenon

     Since 1956 the television panel game show “To Tell The Truth” aired in various forms on the network and in syndication. It was hosted by game show host, Gary Moore.  There were three panel contestants who were questioned by four celebrity panelists.  The correct contestant to be identified was one who had had an  unusual experience or characteristic.  The impostors were allowed to lie, but the true one had to tell the truth.  At the end, the panelists attempted to identify which one was telling the truth.  (This program last aired in 1977).  Some of the impostors put on a very good act enough to fool the panelists. 

            Today, in the field of Planet X research we have something similar going on.  We have some serious research being done by some Planet X researchers seeking the truth.  Yet we have some impostors deliberately confusing the subject.  Some of these impostors are so good at what they do, it is hard to tell the difference between the “true blue” and the disinformation “trolls.”  

            What makes it even more confusing and “muddies the waters” even more is the fact you have serious disagreements and divisions between the “true blue” Planet X researchers.  This divergence of opinion has led to considerable confusion in the Planet X community of believers.  We believe there should be more of a sharing of ideas on this topic.  The PlanetXNews.com website is a good effort in that direction, but more could be done between the researchers themselves.  We believe the serious Planet X researchers all have a part of the Planet X “puzzle” and need to come together and share “notes” on Planet X findings to round out and complete the full picture of Planet X.  (This has been our goal here at Diamond Star Research[www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com]; to gather research from all avenues to complete the composite picture of any given topic). 

            So what is the full and real truth about Planet X?  Is it a “dark star” – a magnetic anomaly?  Is it a “Brown Dwarf” mini solar system?  Is it Nemesis or Nibiru”  Are these entities one and the same or completely different? 

            First of all, Nemesis is not Nibiru.  One is not the other.  Nemesis is the “dark star” or Brown Dwarf which is only visible in the infrared.  On the other hand, Nibiru is actually a very large planet, one of seven companions, that orbits Nemesis in an outermost orbit.  This comet-planet is most certainly able to be seen in the visible light spectrum. 

            Further complicating matters is the fact we have some Planet X researchers saying there is a “dark star” (Nemesis, the Brown Dwarf) that cannot be seen and has no companions with it – nor even a debris field with it.  Yet other Planet X researchers say that the Nemesis-Nibiru system is a mini solar system complete with a dwarf star at its center with seven companions orbiting it and dragging a quarter of million mile-wide debris field behind it plus asteroids and comets as well. 

            Well, for sure it can’t be both.  So which is it?  Will the real “Planet X” please stand up – as they would say on the panel game show.  Let’s take a look at what’s being said. 

            Terral has said that the “dark star” is like a black hole, a magnetic gravitational anomaly and cannot be seen.  Also that no photographs have been taken of it and there is no evidence (or only “flimsy”) evidence of companions or “second suns.” 

            Let’s take a look at Terral’s statement from a recent Dark Star Update (#33). 


August 13:  Question from Paula to Terral:  “Could it be that the dark star has companions traveling with it?  We think that is the case as with the orbs that are now visible in our solar system.” 


Terral’s reply:  (in part) –  After saying:  “We are tracking the gravitational magnetic anomaly from the Leo Constellation …”etc., he states, “I am unaware of any orbiting satellites that would confound the prophecy stating that the destruction comes suddenly like the birth pangs upon a woman with child (Thes. 5:1-5).  After all, if we could literally see this thing coming (we cannot) then the destruction could not come suddenly.  What I do see is a long line of Planet X/Nibiru types posting images of sun dogs and lens flares type photographic anomalies making claims supported by flimsy evidence.” 


            Flimsy evidence? Really?  While we respect Terral’s very good research on the “dark star,” we need to probe this topic a little deeper.  There is both prophetic and scientific photographic evidence which indicates there is more to this than “flimsy evidence.”  We shall start with the scientific photographic evidence.  While we agree with Terral that the “dark star” – the Brown Dwarf, Nemesis cannot be seen nor photographed in the visible light spectrum – it has been photographed in the infrared via the South Pole telescope in 2008.  This and more is discussed in articles and videos presented by Marshall Masters (who we noticed Terral doesn’t think too highly of either) on his website, www.yowusa.com.   Though the “dark star” – Brown Dwarf, Nemesis cannot be seen except in the infrared, the companions most certainly can be seen in the visible light spectrum.  Proof of this is out there.  If you do not believe this to be true, then view this.   (It must be noted also that as Nemesis comes closer to our Sun, it will become more visible). 

            If that is not enough try watching this o Suns in the Sky on BBC”].  And if that’s still not enough try this one.  There are still more videos to be seen on the Two Sun Phenomenon at our End Times webpage.  

            We have concluded in our research that the two sun phenomenon is very real.  All the evidence we have gathered for this can be seen here.  (Scroll down to the heading:  “The Two Sun Phenomenon”). 

            As for prophetic evidence for the two sun phenomenon, there is one very good prophecy of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Our Lady of Emmitsburg, who on June 1st, 2008, said we would see two suns in our skies and that it would be a time of change.  We posted this video on our End Times webpage.  But since then we came across a better (more well done) video of this.  See it here.  [“Virgin Mary Speaks of Nibiru (Planet X) Emmitsburg Apparitions”]. 

            The Nemesis/Nibiru system is now entering at the edge of our inner solar system.  The Blue Star Kachina of Hopi prophecy and precursor to the Red Star Kachina (Hercolubus – the Red Comet-planet), is being sighted more and more.  See this video. 

            It should be noted here that there is a different Planet X End Time scenario to be considered.  See this video which explains this Hercolubus scenario.  It is explained in this video (at about the 33   minute mark) that the reason the Red Star Kachina will come upon us suddenly and catch us by surprise is due to the fact that most all of Earth’s population is totally unaware this Nemesis is coming upon them (mainly due to the fact the Powers-That-Be have kept it from public scrutiny).  This takes care of Terral’s objection he raised that if it (Nemesis) were to be seen by the population at large, “it would confound prophecy” of it coming suddenly as stated in Thes. 5:1-5. 

            There is also good evidence showing the complete Nemesis/Nibiru system with a good explanation of the fact that Nemesis is the central object in this system and Nibiru is the large planet in an outermost orbit of this Brown Dwarf-“dark star.”  This can be seen here.  

            So regardless of what you call Planet X or its system, it is in all reality a “second sun” system.  It is very much a reality and can be seen and photographed.  The confusion on this topic has to end if the full truth is to be known.  We have tried to do this in this article on the PX Puzzle. . But apparently we have to do it again – therefore this article. 

            So after wading through all the disinformation, misinformation, sundogs and lens flares, we have to sift and discern the true from the bogus and in the end, have the courage “To Tell The Truth.”  The Nemesis/Nibiru system (and it is a mini solar system) is now visible.  As Riply would say, “Believe it or not!” 

            Remember this:  We need to know the complete and full truth of Planet X in all aspects.  Because what we conclude and believe will affect our survival of this most ominous and imminent threat to our existence upon this Earth  We are facing an Extenciton Level Event (ELE).  Ignore and scoff at your own risk! 


Earth Changes, Earth Wobble and the Coming Pole Shift

      Earth changes have been increasing dramatically. Since 2012 all earthquake and volcanic activity is on a phenomenal rise. Volcanoes are now approaching 40 eruptions per day. Earthquakes, especially in the “Ring of Fire” are more frequent than ever before with many occurring in areas where people are not use to them. This article details the unprecedented levels of earthquakes in 2016.
     Fireball events were in the hundreds per year in 2005. By 2011 were over 1500; around 2,000 in 2012; around 3500 in 2013 rising to nearly 8,000 in 2014 with over 9,000 being reported in 2015. For more on this see this article.
     Extreme weather? It just keeps getting more extreme with records being broken and then broken again. How’s this for a shocking example: “2015 is the first year in records going back to 1875 that has seen more confirmed tornado-related deaths in December than in the rest of the year combined.” We now not only have “land hurricanes,” but “winter hurricanes” (winter blizzard cyclones) and river flooding at the same time. Snow where it’s never snowed before: Vietnam, Laos, Taiwan, southern China, and Okinowa. These are sub-tropical and tropical countries. Some of these places received up to 7 or 8 inches of snow. (Vietnam, south of Hanoi received 7.87 inches). This is the first snow ever. Temperatures dropped into the mid-twenties Fahrenheit in December when normally it is supposed to be in the mid-seventies.
     Meanwhile, in the Arctic, temperatures were 50 degrees above the average. Now this has never happened before where you have snow and 50 degrees below normal in the tropics and 50 degrees above normal in the Arctic. This is unprecedented!
     In December-January in England where only a very few flowering planets may be in bloom due to milder winters, there were this past winter more than 600 species in bloom – 612 to be exact! Never before in history has this happened!
     Furthermore, rains and flooding is at unprecedented levels. For a recent Earth changes summery see here. Also see this article.
     Earth stretch cracks and sink holes are also on a dramatic rise. To get a good idea of why and how these sink holes form see this video.
     All this is evidence of the Planet X affect upon the entire Earth causing it to wobble which in turn causes seismic and volcanic activity as well as extreme weather. A good explanation of the Earth’s magnetic field and the Planet X induced wobble affect upon it can be seen here.
     The Planet X affect is setting the Earth up for a coming pole shift. The world’s elite know this is coming. This is why they have prepared underground shelters, sanctuaries, and seed vaults in key parts of the world. This video explains this relative to where the new equator is expected to be.
     We are now in the preliminary stages of Earth axis shift. The evidence of this can be seen here and here. What is to happen during the coming pole shift is best explained here.
     It’s time to see the real evidence of what is truly happening in our world and get out of denial. 2017 is looking more and more like the time of arrival for Planet X. 2017 into 2018 could very well be the beginning of the Great Tribulation period. We are NOT being alarmist about this – just presenting common sense evidence. For a complete run-down and overall view of the Planet X subject see our Planet X webpage.


     There has been a barrage of disinformation articles and videos and even general confusion concerning what and where Planet X is. More and more articles seem to be equating Planet 9 with Planet X, as though one is the other. This just isn’t so! Planet 9 was “discovered” for a reason: to displace Planet X in the minds of truth seekers! The reason for the barrage of disinformation at this time is because the real Planet X is critically close to the inner solar system.
     [NOTE: As seen in Marshal Masters Planet X System Update for November 2015 – Glenn Vaughan’s video of April 11, 2015 clearly shows nibiru with “wings.” Comets (or comet-planets) do not develop wings until they are inside the orbit of Jupiter. So it appears that Nibiru (the outermost planet of the Planet X system) is now just entering the inner solar system between Jupiter and Mars.]
     So to clear up the purposely generated confusion over this issue, it would be good to ask yourself why is this being done? Then ask these very important questions about Planet X: 1. Who do I believe concerning Planet X? 2. What is Planet X? 3. Where is Planet X? 4. When will Planet X arrive? 5. What will happen when Planet X gets here?

     To answer these questions, see:  www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com/PlanetX.htm#PlanetX_Puzzle

     To see what the Planet X – Planet 9 agenda is really all about see: www.yowusa.com/2016/01/brown-caltech-planet-nine/.

     The above two articles, though somewhat lengthy, explain quite thoroughly what the real Planet X is as well as the elites’ agenda concerning the deception: Planet 9. So it is most important to stop chasing after the Planet 9 decoy and deception! The decoy, Planet 9 is put there for a reason:

     1. Change the name – thereby displacing Planet X with a deception.
     2. Change the distance (and the orbit), thereby lessoning or even eliminating the threat
     3. Over take and control the Planet X subject – changing the direction in the way the elite what it to go and lead the truth seeker astray in the process.

     Officialdom (NASA, Caltech, etc.) are continually lying about Planet X and related issues – Earth changes, seismic activity, shifting of the poles, etc. Remember, good scientists have died trying to bring out the truth concerning the REAL PLANET X.





     Clearing up the confusion concerning Planet X: 1. Who do I believe concerning Planet X? 2. What is Planet X? 3. Where is Planet X? 4. When will Planet X arrive? 5. What will happen when Planet X gets here?

The amount of disinformation and erroneous ideas down-loaded onto the internet is enormous! Yet amidst all these internet postings lies the real nuggets of truth if you are discerning enough. The internet troll-trash is put out there to confuse and “muddy the waters.” Wading through various theories and ideas put out in videos and articles can be a tough job. But once you find some nuggets of truth through a lot of sifting, you need to know how to put it all together. To formulate and put together all the facts concerning the Planet X puzzle is a formidable job. We here, at Diamond Star Research, have followed Father Isaac Hecker’s very wise statement on where and how to find the truth. We have used this as our formula in research and it has never led us astray. It’s a very simple statement:

     “Seek for truth amidst the error; establish its existence; applaud it, and endeavor to make it a basis for further truth, and a fulcrum for the overthrow of the error connected with it.”

     As Planet X draws closer, we will be and are being subjected to even a greater amount of disinformation distracting us from the real issues. This only causes further dissension and greater confusion. The efforts of Officialdom are always to distract (i. e. “Planet 9, etc.), deceive and disillusion the public and even those seeking the truth of the Planet X puzzle. So we need to ask five important questions that are noted at the top of this article.

     1.Who do I believe concerning Planet X? Obviously we cannot trust the official scientific and astronomical community as it is represented by NASA, CalTech and other government sponsored outlets of information. Their job has clearly been to keep us as mushrooms are kept: in the dark and fed crap. (Webster’s Dictionary partial definition: “nonsense; junk; misleading statements.”

Furthermore, all official sources are “bought and paid for” meaning they are all funded and under the control of the international banking elite and the House of Rothschild. Never A Straight Answer, NASA and paid shills like Michael Brown of Caltech are constantly diverting your attention to the outer solar system objects that have been “discovered” such as Planet 9. [ See: The Planet 9 Bait and Switch Involving NASA, Caltech and Planet X, Nibiru]
The actual number of reliable sources of good, trustworthy information on Planet X and related issues are few. In our experience in over 12 years of studying Planet X, we have found a few dedicated researchers. Some researchers of Planet X we have lost due to one reason or another: Robert S. Harrington (died under suspicious circumstances, believed to have been murdered); Eugene Schumaker (killed in a vehicle accident under suspicious circumstances – his laboratory and his research burned); 00 Skyview Team (suddenly silenced after having tracked Planet X incoming for several years up until 2013); Mark Hazlewood (discredited because he was taken in by the Nancy Lieder lie that Planet X was coming in May 2003); James McCanney (compromised and now claims there is “no Planet X in our solar system.”). There are others too numerous to mentioned, most of whom have died under suspicious circumstances.

This leaves us with the few that are still “hanging in there’ despite threats, opposition and ridicule. There is Marshall Masters of
www.yowusa.com who has studied the history, the timeline and current events concerning Planet X. He is one of the few who has noted that Planet X is actually a mini solar system as was reported by James McCanney on his radio program in 2004 (though now he denies he said so). There are also solid researchers such as John Di Nardo, Bob Fletcher, and a few lesser knowns such as Mr. Terral and the Higher Truth Channel. These Planet X researchers are not necessarily in full agreement on the subject and maybe do not have a complete picture of the Planet X situation, but they do agree on basic points and have trustworthy information. Several Planet X researchers have found an outlet for their findings, posting articles and videos on the www.PlanetXNews.com website. They all have important aspects of the over-all composite picture of the Planet X puzzle. But it pays to be discerning and weigh things carefully in integrating the facts together to formulate the final conclusions to arrive at the ultimate composite picture of reality. Though the number of Planet X researchers are few who can be trusted for solid information on Planet X, the ones named here is a good starting point. There are others who you will come across. Be discerning and compare their findings. Truth supports truth!.

2.What is Planet X? Planet X has been searched for over several centuries. As time went on and more information was gathered on Planet X, it became more clear as to just what was “out there” and approaching us from below the ecliptic. Some researchers such as Terral and Andy Lloyd, call it the “Dark Star.” Others have applied various names to it derived from what the ancient cultures who have seen it in their day during its passages. The ancients gave it names such as: Nibiru, Nemesis, Hercolubus, the Destroyer, the Red Dragon and the Comet-Planet to name a few. These names have meanings: Nibiru means the “planet of the crossing.” Nemesis means an “insuperable object of retribution and punishment.” The Destroyer is so-named due to its very destructive force during its passages. Hercolubus is a red comet-planet considered 4 to 6 times the size of Jupiter, given this name by ancient sages. The Great Red Dragon was a name given to it by the ancients due to its dragon-like appearance as crossed the heavens. The name, “Dark Star” was given it due to its dark, invisible nature and being a brown dwarf star, was seen best in the infra-red. The name Planet X, the modern popular name, was given it by astronomers – a name given to any unknown planet yet unidentified.

Studying Planet X in the infra-red, astronomers soon discovered that this brown dwarf had companions. That it was in fact, a mini-solar system! This fact was disclosed by James McCanney on his radio show, The Science Hour, in 2004. He revealed that his senior military and professional astronomical contacts informed him that “a mini-solar system (Planet X with moons and/or comets and/or asteroids orbiting it) is moving into our solar system. This horde of incoming comets and asteroids now threaten all life on Earth. You are on your own! Be prepared!” Marshall Masters’ research team has confirmed this.

Now putting this all together, we have approaching us a brown dwarf star (the dark star, Nemesis) that is best seen in the infra-red light spectrum. It has been photographed and seen to be very reddish in color with a very distinguishable tail making it appear very comet-like. It has been photographed recently (April 2015) having “wings” of iron-red dust trailing out behind it. Thus it has been given another name by the ancients and is so depicted in ancient images of it, the Winged Globe. Via the South Pole infra-red telescope it has been seen to have seven companions orbiting it. The largest of these has been given the name, Nibiru, “the planet of the crossing.”

While the names Nibiru and Nemesis have been used interchangeably for this brown dwarf star, we concur with Marshall Masters that the name, Nibiru is properly given to the outermost large planet that orbits the central comet-like object or brown dwarf (dark) star which is properly called Nemesis or Hercolubus, also known as “the Destroyer.”

The name given Planet X by Gil Broussard is Planet 7x which is somewhat confusing. (It is given this name to indicate it is 7 times the size of Earth). But why give Planet X a new designation? All the names explained above come from ancient cultures who gave it those names. The modern designation for brown dwarf star is Planet X to signify an as yet unknown or unidentified celestial object and so named by the astronomical community. Gil Broussard claims that his Planet 7x (Planet X) has not been observed which is not true. As Marshall Masters so astutely observes, “How can you name an object by its size without first observing it to determine its size?” Yes, indeed!

Then along comes Michael Brown of Caltech who recently “discovered” Planet 9. Now we have yet another new name supposedly for the same object to confuse the issue. Michael Brown’s Planet 9 is nothing more than a deliberate distraction – a means to deceive the minds of the astronomical community and the public at large. This Planet 9 which he says has not been observed, is in an orbit which will bring it no where near the inner solar system. It is being used to deliberately displace Planet X. So not to worry folks – it’s way out there and won’t be a threat – so go back to sleep! Meanwhile, the real Planet X, the brown dwarf – the Nemesis/Nibiru system – is now incoming and a very serious imminent threat to our civilization. Prophecy is about to come true. John Di Nardo notes, “These ruling elite must deceive the populations and, to do so, they must deceive for just a little longer, the world astronomy community”

3.Where is Planet X? For certain, it is not way out past Pluto or in the vicinity of the Kuiper Belt. Evidence of perterbations in the orbits of the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune started some years back and points to the fact something very large was disturbing this area of space below the ecliptic as it traversed the heavens. The next planets to have their orbits disturbed were Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn has had enormous storms and has had a tilt of axis, shifting more on its side and then somewhat righting itself. We have a video on our website that can be viewed, www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com/videos-PlanetX.htm that shows Jupiter in recent years (2007-2012) has been pulled down in its orbit signifying that the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is passing underneath, somewhere between the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter. This is confirmed by Marshal Masters and other Planet X research findings. Our Nemesis to come is not yet inside the orbit of Jupiter or in the inner solar system as some have claimed.

4. When will Planet X arrive? The internet trolls have been hyper and giving false dates for years; August, 2012; August, 2013; August, 2014; and even August, 2015 as well as other erroneous dates. These false dates and others have come and gone with nothing happening! Result? A distracted, desensitized and disillusioned public that soon looses interest in the subject altogether, which is the purpose of it. We here, at Diamond Star Research, never give dates – only “windows” of likely passage times.

As to the likely “windows” of passage: In our article, Incoming, we quote Bart Sibrel of the Slueth Journal as follows: “I was first told about Planet X by a high ranking source at NASA in or about 1989. They said that the planet was going to make a dangerously close approach to Earth in the second half of the second decade of the 21st century. In 1989, not one of my top concerns. Because the planet is estimated to be 7 to 44 times bigger than the Earth, they said its dramatic gravitational effects would cause apocalyptic disasters upon the entire Earth. The planet is pitch black, until it turns red as it nears our sun, and near the temperature of absolute zero, requiring very specialized infrared satellites to be observed, which only the US government owns, having launched them specifically for this confidential purpose. This being the case, traditional astronomers will not be able to observe the planet until it is right upon us, with the exception of the ‘Lucifer Infrared Telescope’ owned by the Vatican’s Jesuit sect.” [“Planet X Threat to Earth?” by Bart Sibrel. The Sleuth Journal – p 6. September 23, 2013.]

So that puts the window of passage from 2015 to 2020. We have now entered that window. Earth axis shift, seismic and volcanic activity as well as extreme weather and more say the Nemesis/Nibiru system is very near. Being that this Planet X system is somewhere between the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter, it doesn’t have far to go before it rises above the ecliptic (the plane of the planets) in the region of the asteroid belt before it enters the inner solar system. However, the brown dwarf star at the heart of this system is now slowing down as it moves closer due to the magnetic “resistance” between its magnetic field ant that of the Sun. This should “buy” us more time but how much, we don’t know.

Whistleblower, Bob Dean puts the Destroyer’s arrival time approximately in 2017. 2017 is also indicated by Father Malachi Martin who on the Art Bell Coast to Coast radio program in 1997 indicated that we may see this incoming celestial threat in about 20 years. (See: Vatican Secret Exposed Jan. 22, 2016. Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4.). To further back this up, Christian researcher of Planet X, David Meade has discerned from correlating scientific findings with the Bible and has come up with 2017 as well. He states, “Here is a critical piece of information on its timing:

“A great sign appeared in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

“And being with child, she cried out in her travail and was in anguish of delivery.” (Apoc. 12:1-2).

Meade goes on to say about this verse: “The great sign of The Woman as described in revelation 12:1-2 forms and lasts for only a few hours. According to computer generated astronomical models, this sign has never before occurred in human history. It will occur once on September 23, 2017. It will never occur again. When it occurs, it places the Earth immediately before the time of the Sixth Seal of Revelation.

 During this time frame on September 23, 2017, the moon appears under the feet of the Constellation Virgo. The Sun appears to precisely clothe Virgo. Only the one that occurs in 2017 constitutes a ‘birthing.’ This is when planets traverse within the legs of Virgo. Jupiter is birthed on 9-9-17. The 12 stars at that date include the 9 stars of Leo, and the 3 planetary alignments of Mercury, Venus and Mars which combine to make a count of 12 stars on the head of Virgo. Thus the constellations Virgo, Leo and Serpens-Ophiuchus represent a unique once-in-a-century sign exactly as depicted in the 12th chapter of Revelation. This is our time marker.

“The next event that follows is that Planet X will fully eclipse the Sun and cover the whole Earth and full moon in shadow on the next full moon date. This is Thursday October 6, 2017 (the following full moon date). Our clue that this is the date is from Revelation, Chapter 6, verse 12:

“’I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red…’ Rev. 6:12.

“The sign of the Red Dragon (Planet X) appears in heaven immediately after the sign of ‘the woman.’ Planet X is visible during this total solar eclipse, as the following verse indicates:

 “’Then another sign appeared in heaven; an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads.’ Rev. 12:3.

“The Book of Revelation is a cryptogram set by the Almighty, and its is solvable, according to the Book of Daniel at the very end of time. The mystery of the timing of the arrival of Planet X is ‘hidden in plain sight’ and right before us.” [“The Revelation Sign of Planet X in 2017” by David Meade. Planet X News.]

Thus, David Meade concludes: “I believe there is a high amount of evidence that (Planet X reaches perilhelion) will occur in early October of 2017. There is scientific evidence that supports that timeline as well.” [ “The Impact Threat of Planet X/Nibiru” by David Meade. Planet X News website.]

There have been others that have indicated a tight window of 2017-2018. We also know that 2017 is right in the middle of the 2015-2020 window indicated by “inside” sources in 1989. Furthermore, we know the New World Order forces want the Mark of the Beast system in place and “ready to go” by 2017. Church developments in preparing a “World Church” are nearing completion as the world’s elite are finalizing plans to go into their underground sanctuaries. Looking at axis tilt, earth changes and more indicates the time for passage is getting “ripe.”

We want to point out one more interesting fact. The September 23 date mentioned by Meade should “ring a bell” with the readers, especially those who have followed the “Climate chaos” –cry wolf predictions that something BIG was going to happen around this date in 2015. Well, of course it didn’t. It was a “red herring,” to disillusion the people. However, as one researcher or more has pointed out and gave evidence to the fact that the date, 9-23 has been embedded in all kinds of advertisements, predictive programs and more indicating this number means something to the elite. What it signifies to them we don’t know for sure. Could it be the arrival of the Planet X system into our inner solar system and the very beginning of our coming tribulations?

So take a look again at this 9-23 date and forget about the 500 days of climate chaos for 2015 and even 2016. 2017 makes much more sense in light of what Meade has pointed out. We are not predicting the Planet X system passage will happen then but it pays to be aware and vigilant, keeping an eye on the signs. (The New World Order elite did not encode this date everywhere in predictive programming for the fun of it. These illuminati agents always do things by the numbers).

     Marshall Masters has indicated that the Planet X system comes as a “slow-motion train wreck” over the course of ten years (2014-2024). From Sacred Scripture we know that the Great Tribulation (which Planet X initiates) will last 7 years with the last 3 and half years being the worst.

We also know that Father Malachi Martin has said, “The highest levels of the Vatican governance know what is approaching the Earth and it will be of the utmost importance in the coming years.” [“Planet X Threat to Earth?” by Bart Sibrel. The Sleuth Journal – p 6. September 23, 2013.]

Keep in mind, for most people Planet X will come suddenly and be totally unexpected.

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief; at that time the heavens will pass away with great violence, heat, and the earth, and the works that are in it, will be burned up.” (2 Peter 3:10).

5.What will happen when Planet X gets here? The Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is already having an effect on our entire solar system with all the planets experiencing a rise in atmospheric temperatures and densities; increasingly more severe seismic and volcanic activity as well as extreme weather becoming even more extreme. On Earth there has been all the foregoing as well as unprecedented sea level rise, magnetic fluctuations, land rise and collapse, sink holes and expansion cracks as well as various crustal displacements. Both magnetic pole and geographical pole shifting is well underway. The effects of the Nemesis/Nibiru system on the Sun are becoming much more pronounced with a second “solar wind” causing plasma filament ejections to bend back and fall back on themselves. (See: The Higher Truth Channel).

As the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system approaches and then enters inside the orbit of Jupiter, it will then ascend above the ecliptic through the asteroid belt that lies between Jupiter and Mars, scattering and dragging with it numerous asteroids large and small adding to its already tremendous debris trail. As this “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations” arcs around the Sun and reaches perilhelion (the closest point to the Sun), the effects on the inner planets will significantly increase to catastrophic biblical levels. The magnetic portals (electromagnetic connections) between this Dark Star and the Sun and also the inner planets will be significantly greater. (The Earth will be on the opposite side of the Sun when this Destroyer comes into perilhelion).

When this Planet X system leaves perilhelion and begins its outward passage from behind the Sun, all hell breaks loose. The outermost planet of this Brown Dwarf/Planet X system, Nibiru (the planet of the crossing), will pass between the Earth and the Sun eclipsing the Sun throwing the Earth into darkness (some say this will be the 3 Days of Darkness). According to Marshall Masters, the Brown Dwarf, Nemesis, at the heart of this system will pass between Mars and Jupiter. According to insiders who have seen this incoming Brown Dwarf Star, Planet X will latch onto the Earth’s lithosphere (the outer crust) and cause a geographical pole shift. Great tidal waves (tsunamis) hundreds of feet high (literally the oceans leaving their beds) will inundate the coastlines worldwide 50 to 200 miles inland, killing millions of people. All major fault areas will be triggered almost simultaneously and volcanoes will erupt everywhere darkening the skies and causing what Marshall Masters calls “the winter of ash.”

One is reminded of the passage in the Bible from Isaias 24:20 which reads: “With shaking shall the Earth be shaken as a drunken man…” In other translations of the Bible it reads: “The Earth shall real to and fro like a drunkard.”
As this mini-solar system passes through our inner solar system, great plasma lightening bolts will be discharged between Nibiru and the Earth, Venus, etc. Such bolts of electrified plasmas will be so large and strong that their force will literally punch holes (plasma craters) into the surface of the Earth. (A plasma crater was created in such a manner on the surface of Mars when Comet Siding Spring passed Mars in 2014). One such plasma crater of the past can be seen in Africa.. The ancients referred to such plasma electrical activity between such heavenly bodies and the Earth during such encounters as “the lightening bolts of the gods.” Such huge bolts of plasma lightening streaking across the heavens has been prophesied to happen again. This reminds this author of an old prophecy of the coming Great Warning:

“I forewarn you, a day will come when in the early hours of the morning there will be little light from the Sun, or from the stars; it will be in the early month of the year. There will be insufficient light for people to leave their houses. It will not be in midsummer; nor during the longest days, nor during the shortest ones. It will not be at the end of the year, not in December but rather when the spring wheat will not quite have reached its third notch of growth. It will be a day of continuous thunder and lightening and terrible upheavals in the atmosphere. It will signal the commencement of the Chastisement of the Earth.” [Our Lord Jesus Christ to Marie-Julie Jahenny – June 15, 1882.]

The passage of this Dark Star – Planet X system will cast a dark hell on Earth. This will be a most trying time of tribulation for the remnant Church on Earth. Both the Necedah and La Fraudias prophecies warn of what is to happen during this time. Necedah states:

“Your Earth will fall into darkness because of the particles bursting away; it will darken and you will have from three to four days of darkness [Note: this is when the Sun will nova with particles bursting away from the corona of the Sun.] And when this falls upon your ozone (the ozone layer) will come down upon the Earth and if you people go outside your homes during that period you will die … it will be poison, it will burst your lungs. There are some that might survive, depending on the individual and how much they consume. Our best advice for you at that time would be stay in your homes – seal all cracks in your homes. Hove water in your homes because your electricity will not work. Remember, electricity will not work! [ Extract from the Necedah Secret – May 31, 1977, Queenship of Mary.]

Then we have La Fraudais:

“There will come three days of continued darkness. The blessed candles of wax alone will give light during the horrid darkness. One candle will last for three days, but in the houses of the godless they will not give light. During those three days the demons will appear in abominable and horrid forms; they will make the air resound with shocking blasphemies.

The lightening will penetrate the homes, but will not extinguish the light of the blessed candles; neither wind nor storm nor earthquake will extinguish it. Red clouds like blood will pass in the sky, the crash of thunder will make the Earth tremble; lightening will flash through the streets at an unusual time of the year; the Earth will tremble to its foundations; the ocean will cast its foaming waves over the land, the Earth will be changed into an immense cemetery; the corpses of the wicked and the just will cover the face of the Earth.’

As the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system moves out of the inner solar system, it will drag a quarter of a million-wide debris field behind it. The Earth will pass through this debris field and will be subject to a massive hailstorm of meteors, meteorites, and asteroids – rocks of all sizes impacting the surface. Very large asteroids will impact the Earth causing great craters. (There can be seen all over the Earth craters of all sizes from previous impacts in ancient cataclysms of this kind. The Carolinas, in Arizona, the Gulf of Mexico and many others show evidence of this). The Book of the Apocalypse prophecies that this will happen again, referring to it as “Wormwood.”

“And the second angel sounded the trumpet, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire (comet-asteroid) was cast into the sea; and the third part of the sea became blood.

“And there died the third part of those creatures that have life in the sea, and the third part of the ships was destroyed.

“And the third angel sounded the trumpet, and there fell from heaven a great star, burning like a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters.

“The name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many people died of the waters because they were made bitter.

“And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, that the third part of them might be darkned, and the day for the third part of it might not shine, and the night likewise.”
[Apocalypse 8:8-9-10-11 & 12.]

The description of “a great mountain burning with fire” is just what a comet nucleus looks like when viewed through a telescope. (The Comet Haley was described by scientists as looking like a “mountain of fire” when viewed through a telescope).

As the effects of the Nemesis/Nibiru system dissipate as this system leaves the inner solar system, the Earth is left as a cemetery as noted in above prophecies. The topography of the land will have been severely altered with certain land masses sinking into the sea while others rise out of the sea forming new continents. The geographical aspects of “whole continents” will have been “violently arltered” as Necedah has prophesied in 1954.

The Planet X system will usher in the Great Tribulation period of 3 and half years. This will be a very chaotic period of seismic upheaval when the Antichrist rises to power to claim the world for himself. But this time will be shortened for the sake of the elect. The Antichrist’s reign will end suddenly in a rain of fire as prophesied by St. Padre Pio, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Mother Elena Leonardi, Fatima, Akita, and Necedah. This is called the Great Purification.

At the peak of the Great Tribulation, at the critical passage of Planet X – to digest into a few main points of what will happen to the Earth: Oceans wil leave their beds, great earthquakes will shake the entire Earth as it reels from continuous bombardments, upheavals, and collapses of various land surfaces; fire unimagined will burn and melt the surface of the Earth except in a few protected areas. As the Earth’s crust or surface slips to a new polar position (in a matter of hours), the atmosphere will try to catch up, being unable to do so the atmosphere will begin to form into a giant “roll-cloud,” creating a vacuum just ahead of it as it lags behind the surface. (Apocalypse 6:14 tells us: “And heaven passed away as a scroll that is rolled up…”). In this vacuum will plunge a very cold upper air and actually the cold of space itself, creating great straight-line winds which will level everything in its path (as mentioned in Apocalypse 6) and quick-freeze everything on the surface of the Earth. The nova of the Sun follows with a a great fusing of elements together – so hot it melts stone into glass. (This nova appears to come after the pole shift and constitutes the Great Purification).

Keep in mind that this Nemesis/Nibiru system triggers several catastrophic events during the 3 and half years of the Great Tribulation period leading up to the final fiery cataclysm. Judging by current Earth changes now ongoing, we are very soon to be visited by this “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations.” Wake up to reality – get out of denial.

Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Get your spiritual houses in order before this End of Days event hits!


The Brown Dwarf – Planet X System Now Approaching Our Inner Solar System

     Now that there is more and more evidence of the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system arriving in our inner solar system, debunkers are still trying to say these objects are “lens flares” and “sun dogs.” These arguments are not only flawed but absolutely ridiculous! How many times must it be said: Lens flares move with the camera motions, real objects do not. Lens flares do not have clouds cross in front of them nor do they reflect on the water. Often lens flares can validate that a particular object in question is real.
     As for sun dogs, they are considered a weather phenomenon, an incomplete rainbow effect. This atmospheric phenomenon appears to the right and left of the real sun, 22 degrees distant and at the same distance above the horizon as the sun.
     As of recently, several people posting videos of the incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system have come under ridicule, being called hoaxes. Well the evidence speaks for itself. These pathetic debunkers need a Planet X reality check. The Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is arriving. Face the facts!
     First, let’s see about the Huffman video (which we know has been already reviewed somewhat). The video: Milissa Huffman’s Unknown Object Video Analysis is an excellent analysis of this. (Marshall Masters also covers this on his latest Update for November, 2015).
     The following video: Second Sun Appears Across US and South Africa shows an object with a red comet tail as well as an object going behind the clouds.
     The following videos show clearly that a second sun and its mini solar system is coming into ours.

     Planet X Visible During Solar Eclipse

     Nemesis Planet X System Now Surrounds Planet Earth

     Two Suns in the Sky Nibiru Approaches

     Planet X Nibiru Nemesis Full System Now Visible Over Nova Scotia

     It is increasingly obvious to the alert observer that this Brown Dwarf/Planet X (Nibiru-Nemesis) system is now incoming into our inner solar system as pointed out by Marshall Masters on his Planet X System Update For November 2015 No. 1 – Major Update No. 3
     It is increasingly obvious to the alert observer that this Brown Dwarf/Planet X (Nibiru-Nemesis) system is now incoming into our inner solar system as pointed out by Marshall Masters on his Planet X System Update For November 2015 No. 1 – Major Update No. 3
He explains Nibiru now has “wings” as seen on photography instructor Glenn Vaughan’s April 2015 capture of this incoming object. It is known that comets do not acquire tails or “wings” until they get inside the orbit of Jupiter. So it means our time is fast coming to a close.
    Also please see our Planet X webpage, The Two Sun Phenomenon contained within our article, “ Incoming: Evidence For the Brown Dwarf/Planet X System.” In this section we present whistleblower Bob Dean’s inside information based on scientific evidence comparing that with the Mother of God’s prophetic warning of June 1, 2008 of the coming of two suns in our skies. Both sources say the same thing (albeit in different words) and confirm each other. Prophecy confirms science that this Nibiru-Nemesis system will end civilization as we know it soon! (This information is originally from two videos: Nibiru Top Secret and Apparitions of Our Lady of Emmitsburg – Two Suns.
 It’s time to prepare spiritually and physically for what is coming very soon. Don’t waste time with speculation or conjecture or trying to convince debunkers and disinformationalists.
     For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.



             Earth changes are becoming more and more alarming as extreme weather becomes even more extreme.  Most areas of the Earth are warming with the permafrost of the Arctic melting in an unprecedented manner.  While the overall temperatures of the Earth are warming,  there are areas such as northeastern North America, Europe and the Middle East that have been much colder than normal.  This is chiefly confined to these areas and is the work of geoengineering programs.  This has led to speculation of a coming “mini ice age.”  Even some alternative media sources have jumped on the “mini ice age” bandwagon.  The real driving force behind climate change and Earth changes is of cosmic origin as we will see is this report.  The Powers-That-Be want to keep the cosmic origins of this climate change and Earth changes from us and instead feed us the “mini ice age” hoax they want us to believe. 

            The fact is as the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system comes closer {it is now coming nearer, some sources say near, possibly just within the orbit of Saturn), it is exerting a greater magnetic and gravitational affect on the Earth.  This has given rise to a dramatic increase in extreme weather, seismic activity, volcanism, fireballs, landslides, sinkholes, and other Earth shifts and ground motions. 

            The Powers-That-Be want to keep the public ignorant of what is coming so they are doing a major weather control geoengineering program to alter the Earth changes taking place; to mask and obscure what is truly happening to our planet.  The mainstream media gives alternate and phony reasons as to why these Earth changes and extreme weather are taking place.  This is one of the major reasons for geoengineering.  For more on this see:  Transition of the Ages: Earth Changes and Climate Change.  Beyond this the Powrs-That-Be simply alter, fudge or delete data on Earth Changes so as not to alarm the public.  

            Stan Deyo of Millennium Ark News has reported that the USGS (United States Geological Survey) is muzzling scientists on earthquake data.  Some quakes are not reported and others are downgraded in magnitude to keep statistics “normal.” 

            Furthermore, “Statistics compiled from the Berkley database for all quakes between magnitude 6.0 and 9.5 during the four year period encompassing 2005-2007 show quakes increasing from a total of 150 in 2005 to a total of 196 for 2007, but this is scarcely enough to account for the death and destruction portrayed in the USGS chart on death and destruction.  Why the difference?  Did quakes suddenly decide to strike cities only in recent years?  It’s clear the USGS is lying about the number of quakes and their magnitude.  This trend was noted years ago, in 2003, when the quake increase was to be suppressed as part of the cover-up over the arrival of Planet X.  This was documented on January 8, 2003 when differences between live helicorders and live seismographs were noted, and July 1, 2003 in the USGS quirky explanation for why live seismographs were shaking worldwide, and July 4, 2003 with an analysis of the reported and apparent Richter, and August 16, 2003 with data showing the Richter is radically unreported, and September 2, 2003 where the primary quake in China was dropped while the aftershocks were retained, and September 9, 2003 where both quakes in China and Greece were reported in the news but dropped from the USGS quake database entirely, and Nov. 17, 2003 where a series of four quakes on a single day were all registered as a 7.9 to avoid moving to a magnitude 8.0, for statistical purposes, and June 6, 2004 where complete control by the USGS over other quake reporting databases is shown.”  [ The Zetatalk Newsletter as reported at www.poleshift.ning.com/blogs/awesome-statistics-about “Awesome Statistics About Earthquakes – Earth Changes and the Pole Shift.”] 

            [Author’s Note:  Normally we do not put much stock in what Zeta Talk says, but the above information has been confirmed through other trusted sources such as Stan Deyo, Tom Lupshu, the Higher Truth Channel, the Earth Shiftx website and others. ]

            Stan Deyo reports that the North Pole region is melting while the South Pole region is gaining ice.  Stan says this is due to a transfer of energy from the South Pole to the North Pole.  Both magnetic poles (North and South) have dipoles – two poles instead of one.  

            Dan Wigington of www.geoengineeringwatch.org has stated, however that the super-heating of the Arctic is due to the HAARP station at Gakona, Alaska.  Wigington says the Arctic is heating up six times faster than the rest of the planet.  He further predicted that the summer of 2014 would see less chemtrailing because they will be concentrating on chemtrailing the “runaway” warming of the Arctic.  This did occur as he said it would.  We witnessed less chemtrailing here in Wisconsin in the summer of 2014 than in previous years. 

            This of course, brings us to why this overall heating is occurring especially in the Arctic.  Stan Deyo is saying it’s due to an expanding Earth but he has not stated (to our knowledge) why this is.  Also, in reference to the heating of the Arctic, Deyo says it’s due to a transfer of energy from south to north.  Again, the reason for this is not given.  On the other hand, Wigington is saying the global warming trend, climate change and the super-heating of the Arctic is due to geoengineering.  While we can agree that geoengineering is definitely a factor in all of this, it is being used by the New World Order weather controllers to mask the real cause, obscuring the true cause from public scrutiny. 

            Global heating, climate changes, extreme weather, seismic activity, and volcanism are all increasing as is the heating of the oceans to record high temperatures.  Undersea earthquakes and volcanoes are indications that hot magma is pushing up from the inner chambers of the Earth.  All the foregoing is related to the current magnetic pole migration (ever increasing) to Earth wobble and a weakening magnetosphere.  What is currently happening to our Earth, which we call Earth changes, has a threefold cause.  One we have already mentioned:  geoengineering, but this is minor and localized as compared to the other two causes:  A galactic superwave and the incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system.  Both of these are affecting us now. 

            As to the galactic superwave:  There is now an ongoing cosmic ray particle barrage coming from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, some 23,000 light years away.  This superwave and barrage of cosmic particles is adding more energy to the inner Earth heating process forcing hot magma into volcanic chambers.  This heating process is in turn super-heating our oceans causing profound changes in the chemical ph and temperatures leading to an unprecedented number of Mass animal deaths due to hypoxia.  This is also bringing about unprecedented mass migrations in sea life. 

            Internet reports from various independent scientific sources indicate this same phenomenon ( a super-heating of the inner planetary cores or inner regions) is happening on all planets of our solar system.  The Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is adding to this heating process as it makes its way into our solar system. 

            The incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is itself affected by this galactic cosmic ray superwave, pushing it along towards our region of space.  So these two major cosmic factors (the Galactic Superwave and the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system) are both contributing a great amount of energy and thus a super-heating to all the planets of our solar system, causing unprecedented Earth changes which are now increasing dramatically. 

            These are the End Time signs caused by the above three factors (the Galactic Superwave, the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system, and geoengineering) and are happening all over the globe.  However, the New World Order Elite are doing their best to keep the masses from connecting the dots.  They do not want them seeing the whole picture.  As noted before the Elite have in place a major campaign to obfuscate, distort or otherwise falsify the truth of what is really happening to our planet.  They do this to frustrate any attempt to comprehend and get a clear picture what is now currently taking place.  The situation on our planet is becoming ever so critical as these End Times Signs increase. 

            Some of the current ongoing End Times Signs are as follows:   

  1. Red Sunsets.  This phenomenon has been reported by Tom Lupshu’s YouTube channel.  While not real significant as of yet – this is the beginning of the signaling of the approach of the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system.  
  2. Ground Motion – Earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, expansion cracks and other associated ground motions are definitely on the increase worldwide.  Earthquakes are happening at an accelerating rate with more undersea quakes being reported including those along the Atlantic Ridge.  There has been a dramatic rise in earthquakes in the New Madrid fault zone. 
  3. Volcanism.  Volcanic activity is very much on the rise but is purposely being under-reported.  For example, the Monsanto funded World Organization of Volcano Observatories (VOVO) reported for the week starting February 4, 2015 only 18 new/ongoing volcanoes.  Whereas the independent (non-government, non-corporate) Volcano Discovery website reported for the same week 30 red aviation code active volcanoes worldwide. 
  4. Meteors.  The yearly trend has been that the fireball (meteor) rate has gone up especially towards the end of the last decade (about 2009-2010).  Since then the fireball rate has increased each year by 50% over the previous year until 2014 at which time the rate slowed.  The rate for 2014 was only 5% over 2013.  However, the fireball observation rate from multi-state observations is growing faster than the yearly fireball rate.  This is indicating that the fireballs are increasing in size and mass, sufficient enough to be seen by witnesses in multiple states and provinces. 
  5. Rapid Increase in Fog.  Tom Lupshu reports that “Never before have we seen the amount of fog in our local areas, and globally there has been an increase in rains and flooding.”   The Higher Truth channel reports that there is a 90% coverage of the Earth with a moisture laden haze.  The cause of the increase in global moisture is due to the record and unprecedented increase in ocean temperatures.  The increase in global ocean temperatures is in turn due to the heating of the Earth’s core (actually its inner sun) by the incoming galactic cosmic particle wave.  The Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is also contributing heat to this super-heating process. 
  6. Human Behavioral Changes.  The Earthshiftx website reports more people are talking to themselves as well as slurred speech in those that report the news.  People appear to be more on edge than before and there is more reports of people feeling dizzy.  In past history a change in human behavior has always signaled the close approach of a large comet-like object. 
  7. Stars Out of Place.  Groups of stars are being seen in a part of the sky where they have never been seen before.  The Inuit Elders as well as the Eskimos report that in the Arctic the stars have changed positions from previous years.  The Sun no longer rises or sets in the same place as it once did.  The strong wind from the North is no longer prevalent as it once was with now there being more of a southern wind.  East winds are much more dominate now bringing in stormy weather.  East winds never were dominate like they are now, the Eskimo Elders report.  The moon is also not in the same place as in previous years.  (This we have noted ourselves).  All this is indicating Earth wobble and the early stages of a geophysical pole shift. 
  8. 2015 –the Year of Major Changes.  Starting in mid-year, according to the Earthshiftx website, there will be the start of major changes.  So far this year and last, we have seen severe flooding in areas where it never floods.  These places such as Africa and Gaza, have had loss of life and property with one area reporting 200,000 people losing their homes.  We have seen split jet streams and an extremely active weather pattern.  Goeengineering does play a role in some of this weather, manipulating specific weather fronts.  The overall cause is as we have described in the foregoing points.  Furthermore as to what to possibly expect, a good reliable source told Tom Lupshu on October 31, 2014 that a trajectory of an asteroid was known to be coming in between Venezuela and Brazil but out in open ocean.  This would be an impact event that would affect the surrounding coastal areas including the Gulf and East coasts of the United States. 
  9. Sever Magnetic Compression.  The magnetosphere is being barraged by the incoming cosmic ray particle superwave as well as plasma discharges and flares from the Sun.  This severely compresses the Earth’s magnetosphere on the sunward side.  Comets and meteors associated with the incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system are increasingly affecting the Sun.  These have included several groups of comets, some of which are sungrazers and others have actually struck the Sun.  There has also been reported several planet-like objects sighted inear the Sun.  There of course is also The Two Sun Phenomenon reported on in our Planet X webpage and in our Two Sun videos.  The magnetosphere has weakened 200% with the magnetic North Pole shifting 10 degrees to the right.  
  10. Doomsday Preparations.  The bankers of Frankfurt, Germany have had constructed for themselves a bunker sanctuary.  It is only for them, not open to the public.  They have had another for the construction workers who built it for them in an effort to keep their underground sanctuary secret.  The Elite CEOs are buying up properties in remote areas of the world away from the coastlines.  Tom Lupshu reports that he has been informed by a friend in the know who told him that a major corporation has received orders from FEMA for a very large number of portable disaster morgues for shipment to four states in the New Madrid fault zone.  These portable disaster morgues are to be sent to the western parts of Missouri and Arkansas and to the eastern parts of Kentucky and Tennessee. 

For Further Information: 

  1. www.earthshiftx.com.  
  2. Planet X Signs – www.yowusa.com 
  3. Video:  Doomsday 2020 Arctic Methane  Happening Now – www.geoengineeringwatch.org. 
  4. Tom Lupshu video:  Asteroid Impact Event Update: Doomsday Proof is Here. 
  5. Also see:  Final Warning on the Great Warning.



     At the beginning of this article we mentioned that part of the cause, a large part, of the increase in strange weather and Earth changes is due to the increased solar activity. Scientists are quite alarmed at what has been going on, for our sun has been having a great increase in the number of storms, flare ups, and mass coronal ejections. What could be the cause of this increased hyper-activity of the sun that in turn is affecting the Earth with a great number of Earth changes (i.e. earthquakes, volcano eruptions, storms, alterations and fluxes in the magnetic field, strange weather patterns, etc.) Scientists and researchers investigating this say it has to have an EXTERNAL CAUSE. Earth changes (especially of this magnitude) do not occur on their own, they have to have an external triggering mechanism.
     As we have reported elsewhere in our research (APOCALYPSE BEACON, Winter. 2003. "Planet X· Comet ofthe Chastisement?'? our government has known some 35 years ago and has confirmed it since, that a large comet like planetary body with an entourage of similar stellar objects (numbering in the hundreds) have been discovered all traveling from one direction in space and heading towards our solar system. More and more reports have been coming out concerning this, some very credible, others mixed with disinformation. It has become apparent to those who have studied this that there is a great effort being expended by the New World Order Elite to keep the "lid" on this. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest cover-ups and disinformation campaigns ever launched to keep this information, the real truth, from reaching the public.
     This object known as Planet X along with its entourage of commentary bodies has had a long history of disrupting the surfaces of planets and causing ELEs (Extinction Level Events). To the ancients it was known as Nibiru, the planet of the crossing; to the Mesopotamians as Marduk, the King of the Heavens; and to the Greeks and some modern researchers as Nemesis, the Bringer of Destruction. There are Catholic prophecies which appear to speak of the same thing referring to it as the Comet of the Chastisement or the Ball of Redemption. Even Indian prophecies refer to its coming. Ancient writings have told of its destructive passings in 3600 year cycles. But modern man has been led to believe that such catastrophic happenings are far in the future. We are not to worry- or are we?
     If there is no near-future danger and that such dangers are afar off, then why all the preparations and deliberate disinformation to keep people in the dark concerning this topic? As we reported in an earlier APOCALYPSE BEACON, the government elite are preparing underground shelters, virtual cities underground, complete with all the necessary provisions to sustain life for themselves and their families for a considerable length of time- apparently to ride out Planet X's passage. There are those who would say the reason we are not being told is because they don't want to create a panic, but in light of the above, it would appear they want to use this event to accomplish their long-term plan.
     That plan involves a safe haven for the elite (for themselves) and a deliberate program of disinformation through the mass media to keep the public in the dark. If such disaster were to suddenly come to pass people would be ill-prepared to survive such an event. Thus it would serve the New World Order's "ordo ab chaos" (order-out-of-chaos) plan. (All prophecies indicate that the Anti-Christ system will be set up during this time of crisis referred to as the Great Warning; the first passage of Planet X and its entourage).
     There are those who simply won't accept this information on Planet X as having any credibility. This is partly due to the fact that most people accept as "gospel-fact" what is parroted to them by the media manipulators and the academia indoctrinists. It is also partly due to the fact that the whole subject of Planet X and its entourage has been deliberately mixed into a garbled blend of fact and fiction to push people offbase. The disinform.ation campaign has been planned for decades and is now in full swing. The disinform.ation itself is a telling piece of evidence that Planet X is true for if it were not there would be no need to create such an effort at great expense at the government and corporate level.
     Mark Hazzlewood, who has researched this subject quite extensively states in regard to this that "There has been for several decades an ongoing information war being waged by the powers that be to counter Planet X being inbound on a number of fronts. Groups of people have been hired that are spending their entire lives trying to stop the awakening." (DEliCATE EARTH: HISTORY SCIENCE PLANET X by MarkHazzlewood, p 123). Relative to this Mr. Hazzlewood presents these interesting facts.
     "Seismic and volcanic statistics have been taken down & altered then put back up at official government sites. The entire Richter earthquake scale was lowered by one full point back in the 1970's in anticipation of this time of greater seismic activity. The paid for disinformation expert liars are saying what is happening now with the sun, weather, quakes, and volcanoes falls within a normal range or if admitting to an increase they say it is due to better reporting.

     "Paid for disrupters are being placed on every group or list that has anything to do with discussing the Planet X passing shortly Issue. They work in unison making fun of & attacking people and the individual pieces of evidence brought up. Their canned statements about science are many times flawed, narrow minded, and intended to intimidate people not to consider the glaring evidence presented. They even go so far as to say people said things they did not, to discredit them." (Ibid Emphasis in the original).
     Mr. Hazzlewood also states that "parts of their plans have involved killing/silencing people revealing this information." (Ibid). We know this to be true for we have researched several accmmts here at DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH and have learned of several researchers, scientists and whistle blowers who lave revealed such information on this and other aspects of the New World Order, to have mysteriously disappeared or ended up dead under strange circumstances.
     The people who commit such acts are doing it for money, power, and to protect their interests or the interests of their masters. So disinformation is the rule of the day.
     Obvious to those that are aware of this is that SOMETlNG VERY BIG is going on. In regards to this, Sherwood Ensey of Tuatha Earth Changes, who has done extensive research into he Planet X problem, states, " ... Continued solar maximum activity ••• and events with massive flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis (are) all happening at an increased level." (DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY, SCIENCE, PLANET X by Mark Hazzlewood, p '78).
     A Newsmax report reveals that "FEMA is Bearing up for 'mass destruction attacks,' with a 5-year massive subcontract starting as of January 2003. In the press release, FEMA representatives were emphatic that the purpose of the new program was to prepare for the likelihood of an N/B/C (nuclear/ biological/chemical) mass destruction attack on US cities. However, they slipped. (The charter, which is available in its entirety courtesy N ewsmax ( articles/2002/8/6) ... GIVES NO MENTION of any preparedness for NIB/ C, and instead states:
     "'The Contractor shall be required to provide support capability for all types of disasters with emphasis on river and coastal flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis.' What does this tell you? I believe this to be a major giveaway." (As quoted in DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY, SCIENCE, PLANET X by Mark Hazzlewood, p 179. (emphasis in the original).
     Some years ago, in the 1990's, DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH learned through Militia Intelligence sources that "public health officials are preparing for an anticipated large scale disaster. A nurse reports that local hospitals have laid in large supplies of mortician kits, body bags, drugs, gas masks and other accessories. Medical staffs have been 'volunteered' to attend field 'mortuary' courses. The courses offer instructions on how to identify, classify, and dispose of cadavers. Police covertly surveyed neighborhoods to ascertain who had previous medical, fire, and law enforcement experience.
     "When asked why all the subterfuge, a medical staffer replied, 'The public would freak out if they knew what was going on, and that my information would have to be released very slowly - to condition them gradually, or panic would ensue.'
     "Top emergency services personnel from various disciplines are planning contingencies for LARGE SCALE DISASTERS. When the source was asked what type of disasters and when were they expected (general time frame), she replied: 'They expect huge earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to strike the Puget Sound area within the next three years!' Emergency services personnel have deployed in large mock exercises in the vicinity of Mt. Rainier and staged triage centers, population evacuation, route control and relocation drills. " (SHRINE BEACON, Vol. 3, No. 16, Sept./Oct., 1996. "Washington State Prepares For Martial Law, "pp 13-14). [EDITOR'S NOTE TO THE ABOVE: Though this did not come about increased seismic activity did occur but then settled down. An actual disaster did not have to occur - it was for training purposes anyway.]
      We know that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency} is involved in both creating "natural disasters" and augmenting natural or externally caused disasters. They are not the purported friend of the people that the news media makes them out to be. They are in the service of the New World Order Elite. Our research revealed as long ago as early Spring of 1995 a MOM (Militia ofMontana) report that disclosed that "mini-nukes have been placed on all major faults in California. FEMA will explode them one by one  •••  FEMA will use these emergencies to regionalize this country and set up martial law. " (SHRINE BEACON, Vol. 2,No. 7,March/April, 1995,p8).
     Furthermore this author was visited in the mid 1990's by a former U.S. Naval Security Liaison Officer who through his job experience had knowledge of both a secret program to trigger earthquakes using mininukes (as well as tsunamis) and of a covert colonization program off world, on the moon and Mars, called the Third Alternative (not the false Alternative Three program espoused by Leslie Watkins). These disasters could be triggered by remote control from any location including Moscow or Washington.
     It would appear from what we have learned that a secret program has been embarked upon to augment the effects of Planet X's passing to bring about the desired end, the "Ordo ab Chaos" (Order-out-of-Chaos) plan. Thus, the reason for the dis information campaign.
     The Richter scale, used to measure earthquake intensity, was changed (lowered one full point) as noted earlier. A simple point reduction makes a big difference in how the general public perceives earthquakes. Keep this in mind as we present this.
     Those who have been monitoring earthquake and other seismic activity for years and even decades have noticed that "the amount offrequency and magnitude has risen so fast in the last six years it is unbelievable. It should in fact have made national headlines ... But remarkably our news media doesn't even say anything about
such earth shattering news, perhaps just a passing comment" (Mr. Mutley as quoted in DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY, SCIENCE, PLANETXbyMarkHazzlewood,p 184).

     The same source states, "More and more proof is mounting that the USGS, like NASA and many other U.S. government agencies, are simply sweeping data under the rug in hopes the public, and especially the mainstream media will not see the information. " (Ibid, p 184. Emphasis in the original}.
     In regards to how the mainstream media handles coverage of such events as discussed in this article, John Moore of the Liberty Man states: "Like it or not, any balanced mainstream media coverage of serious preparedness whether it be for a terrorist attack or Planet X is simply not going to happen. The tactic is pretty simple: Locate and interview people that are extreme or bizarre in their preparedness and/or beliefs. Interview them as if you are sincere in wanting to convey their story, then print or broadcast an edited story to make them out to be a nut case." (As quoted in DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY, SCIENCE, PLANET X by MarkHazzlewood, p 30).
     Mark Hazzlewood adds, "The controllers of the mainstream media will not allow mention of cataclysm caused by extra-solarobjects simply passing by. When impact asteroids are mentioned they say it could never happen in our lifetime (millions of years between events) or the chances are extremely low. Usually with Planet X sllence is also their tactic. However, if it is brought up many times they label the messengers or informed part of a cult, crazy scammers, or at least say again it won't happen in our lifetime if it is even real They make sure to use any and all words and phrases that promote skepticism when discussing it." (Ibid, p 31 ).
     So there you have it, at least the basics, concerning how the media handles the truth concerning coverage and cover-up of so-called "natural disasters" as well as the very real natural disasters caused by an external trigger mechanism (Planet X and its entourage). So this is a synopsis of the news behind the news about our strange weather and escalating Earth changes.
     There is a very real covert program to use WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION whether man-made (i.e. wars, contrived disasters, etc.) or naturally God-controlled (i.e. increased seismic activity, strange weather patterns, solar storms, etc.). We have stated it before and we will state it again, WE LIVE IN A FALSE REALITY! This is kept in place by WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION!
     [AUTHOR'S NOTE: We are planning on doing a special report on Planet X as it relates to the Chastisement and other End Times events in-cluding a preparedness survival plan.}



APOCALYPSE 8:8: “And the second angel sounded the trumpet, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea; and the third part of the sea became blood.”

     In order to put in perspective just what all occurs on and to the Earth during a cometary onslaught and the resulting Three Days Darkness, we have to examine further prophecy and scientific evidence. We know that Saint John in the Apocalypse and the Woman of the Apocalypse in various Marian Apparitions both speak of the fire of the Chastisement. As noted above, Apocalypse 8:8 speaks of “a great mountain burning with fire ... cast into the sea.” A probe was sent to Haley’s Comet and relayed pictures back to Earth which clearly shows the comet nucleus shaped like a mountain burning with fire. (Not the usual fire but more of a white-hot electromagnetic burning of light particles streaming from it). Comets do produce their own light emissions and have their own magnetic fields, hence the reason prophecies have mentioned thunder and huge lightning when the two magnetic fields of the comet and the Earth collide.
     The Comet of the Chastisement is a phenomenon that will bring on the Three Days of Darkness. However, this Comet of the Chastisement is not alone for it will bring with it companion comets and asteroids as well as smaller debris and cosmic dust. We need to keep in mind that it only takes one of the companion comets to come near the Earth to cause apocalyptic chaos. Even near misses (or near hits) can cause much havoc because of the interaction between the magnetic fields of the two, the comet and the Earth as stated above.
     Comets have been linked to fire falling from the sky in prophetic accounts. These fire-falling-from-the-sky scenarios may have several causes: a comet interacting with the Sun causing small novas or flareups on the Sun is one factor; another is a comet just missing or grazing the Earth; meteors and/or asteroids striking the Earth; and most importantly, the Sun’s experiencing a large nova (the Great White Fire), but this event is a greater, more intense and worldwide conflagration.
     Later we will present various data on the effect a comet would have on the Earth. Now we will examine prophecies that deal specifically with comets. (We reiterate again, it appears there is more than one comet involved in interacting with the Earth in some way).
     The Comet of the Chastisement sometimes referred to as the Comet of Darkness, has been mentioned in several prophecies:
     *JOSYP TERELYA: In interviews given to the Sign of Our Times Apostolate, this was stated: “There is a large comet that is approaching the Earth. It will not hit the Earth, but it will cause many cataclysms on the planet. Land today in America will be under water. Because of the tremendous flooding, crops won’t grow, the animals then will have nothing to feed on, and this will contribute to the great famine. Sooner or later there will be a tremendous struggle for products. We will survive, but we will all witness major catastrophes. Do not be afraid or worried: pray and the Holy Spirit will lead you.” (May and June, 1993).
     *JOHN LEARY: In a vision, he describes what he saw: “Later, at Nocturnal Adoration, I saw at first many white rings with, planets circling the Sun - a picture of the solar system. Then I saw a white object get bigger and bigger and finally I could see a comet headed for the Earth. The word comet came to me for emphasis of what I saw. Then I had a sense of the Earth and all at once I could see a trail of flames shooting up from the Earth. The thought of the word, ‘Fire1 came to me. It was as if the comet skimmed across the surface igniting a fire in its trail. This vision was so heavy, again I was taken back.” (August 21, 1993).
     *JULKA (JULIA) OF YUGOSLAVIA: Over a period of a few years Julka had the following vision in which she states, “I found myself in a garden, looking after the flowers. Suddenly something so gigantic fell to the Earth, that the whole world shook and reared itself as though it was going to break in pieces. All the air is in flames. The whole atmosphere of the Earth from the ground to the sky, was a gigantic sheet of flame...” (1960-1966).
      *JULKA OF YUGOSLAVIA: Julia, in ecstasy observed something strange. Speaking to the Blessed Mother, she asked, “Dear Mother, what is this?” The Heavenly Mother’s reply was, “The Comet of Darkness...” Julka described what she saw: “Something long and black came towards the Earth. It looked like a comet. Our dear Mother rushed past it to help us. Whilst She spoke, the comet stood still in space.” (June 21, 1976).
     *VERONICA LUEKEN: “The CHASTISEMENT will be great... One will come from man, through the hands of man, a war so great that it will almost exterminate the Earth... and the Chastisement of the BALL OF REDEMPTION.” (November 20, 1978).
      *THE SEERESS OF PRAGUE: “From Vysehrad comes a FIREBALL, boulders fly through the air and everywhere there is screaming, and a fire ocean. Everything that was the result of men, lies in disarray and ashes. Life is wiped out... There, where the Dome once stood, I see only a ... FIREBALL.” (Seventeenth Century).
     *ABBESS HILDEGARD OF BINGEN: “Before the COMET comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scoured with want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent by an earthquake, storm and tidal waves will be devastated. It will be divided, and in great part be submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea and lose its colonies in the east through a Tiger and a Lion. The COMET by its tremendous pressure, will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues. All seacoast cities will be fearful and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. For in none of those cities does a person live according to the laws of God.” (1098-1179).
     *JOHN LEARY: Christ’s message: “My people, I am showing you the Comet of the Great Chastisement. It is already directed toward Earth and it will not be changed from its orbit. It will not be long and you will hear of its discovery. At first it will be kept secret for not raising fear among the people. The information will be leaked out, as the military will try to destroy it. I have shown you before that My angels will deflect any attempts to destroy it.” (August 10, 1997).
     *JOHN LEARY: “This comet is already on its way to your planet, but the scientists are not revealing it. As it starts to approach you, many will see it and it will no longer be a secret.” (August 21, 1998).
     *JOHN LEARY: Christ’s message: “My people, I have told you many times to look to the skies for the signs of your times. Many heavenly bodies have traversed you skies for giving you signs, if you were attentive to them. I have shown you many comets and changes in the stars. The colors of the sky also will foreshadow the events of the Tribulation. Look for your comet of Chastisement, for it will soon be visible and recognized by all. You have explored the planets and stars for your own gain, but you fail to see how My Scriptures will be fulfilled in these signs of things to come.” (January 14, 1999).
     *EL SALVADOR VISIONARY, NELLY HURTADO: The Blessed Virgin warned that three events were to take place soon. 1. A comet that will be visible starting in 1999; 2. A third world war; and 3. the Miracle of Garabandal. She stated: “I will not tell you which will be the first event to take place, but My prophecies will, nevertheless, be fulfilled. The Triumph is near. The Great Sign that will happen before the events will be ... the sky will be orange and it will be very cold. Everyone will be able to see the orange sky... I need you to prepare with holy water and blessed candles. Have an altar where you can keep your Bible, a rosary, holy water, blessed candles, and matches... Prepare by storing food because the time has come... The comet you will see has a yellow tail and is approaching very fast.” (February 11, 1999).
     We note in these prophecies besides the urgency and dire warnings, several things: One is the reference to the Comet of the Chastisement being kept secret by scientists, the reasons for this we have already discussed elsewhere. Another is the reference to the Comet of the Chastisement ending the Tribulation and reign of the Anti-Christ. There is yet another aspect to these warning visions. They seemed to have dropped off after the year 2000. The warnings of this nature decreased considerably after that year. As to why this is, no explanations seem to be forthcoming. One thing for sure: the danger these visions indicate is still very much there.
     Another thing is that the messages seem to indicate that the Comet of the Chastisement is coming “soon,” but what “soon” means in prophetic terms is not what soon means to us. It appears to be a relative term. Regardless, several of the things prophesied are now coming to pass. For example, several comets have become visible, some to the naked eye. One of these, Planet X or Nibiru, has become visible to even the smaller telescopes, but not yet to the naked eye. Several of these comets (Planet X and its companions: Hale-Bopp, Comet Lee, the split Asteroid, the Enigma comet and others) became visible from about the mid-nineties onward. The heavens seem to be especially active with a number of these celestial “bows and arrows” in these early years of the 21st century.
     Is Planet X the Comet of the Chastisement? It appears it could very well be, but this cannot be stated for certain. At this point in time (2004) it appears to be the most likely candidate.
     We now turn to the scientific evidence of comets. As has been evidenced in history comets have visited and wrought havoc upon the Earth before. And as also evidenced in history, it is not always just the “Big One” that does the damage. It can be a companion comet and as we have noted with Planet X there appear to be several: Comet Lee, Hale-Bopp, Comet NEAT, the Split Comet and others as well as asteroids, etc.
     James McCanney agrees with Velikovsky about Venus which was a companion comet a long time ago. Comet Venus was captured and pulled in, so to speak, by Jupiter, as it flew by Mars As Venus flew by Mars a great plasma-electro-magnetic disturbance took place with lightning bolts flashing across the heavens indicating an electrical discharge between Mars and the Comet Venus. McCanney states, “When Venus came around Mars, it lashed out with an electrical discharge and the auroras in the atmosphere of Mars lit up; it looked like a snake grabbing Mars. It literally sucked the oceans and atmosphere off of Mars as it passed by. And they (the ancients who recorded such events) saw this. They knew that Mars, prior to that, was a water planet, was a blue planet, just like Earth. Mars has a very thin atmosphere. Venus has a massive atmosphere, thousands of times denser than Earth’s atmosphere. But percentagewise, the chemical composition of the atmospheres of Venus and Mars are exactly the same - which means they were formed in the same boiling pot there, as they passed by each other.” NEXUS, Vol. 10, No. 6, Nov./Dec., 2003, “What NASA Is Hiding: An Interview With James McCanney,” p 49).
     Regarding Venus’ connection to Hale-Bopp and Planet X (called Nibiru by the ancients) McCanney explains that “originally, what happened was that Hale-Bopp was here about 4,200 years ago, and Venus was captured by Jupiter about 200 years ago. They were, literally, smaller companions to Nibiru. That’s why they (NASA) didn’t want anybody to know about the companion, because they knew it was on a collision course with Earth, and they knew it was the companion to the bigger one that caused the problem. But they didn’t realize that Hale-Bopp was, literally, one of the companions itself.
     “Now, when the destroyer, the Big Guy, Nibiru, comes in, it has an entire entourage of these things.” (Ibid, p 48).
     So Planet X has been here before and each time has brought along a whole entourage with it. So as we can see, there are several comets and asteroids involved with several of these already evident in our skies. No doubt, more are due to show up. The number of these seems to be increasing. These are the “signs” of the drawing near of the Chastisement.
     These comets don’t necessarily have to score a direct hit when striking the Earth, but can effect a disturbance by means of the electromagnetic fields making contact. A great discharge of lightning can be unleashed by such contact between planetary bodies. Thus, the mention of “lightning in a clear sky” or “great lightning and thunder” or “great claps of thunder” by prophecies of the end times.
     Another effect to be considered is that as the so-called “tail” of the comet comes across the Earth’s path, a number of large and small asteroids along with a fiery hail and a storm of debris will descend upon the Earth causing a darkening and discoloration of the atmosphere.
     A great deal of poisonous gases, as indicated in some of the previously mentioned prophecies, would be created as the some of the atmospheric elements as well as some of the elements brought in with the comet, would melt from the tremendous heat. In this regard consider the following report.
     “A comet passing through the Earth’s atmosphere would not burn up -it would melt - and thereby release cyanogen gas to react with the various gases of which the atmosphere is composed. These reactions would produce several poisonous cyanogen compounds. One of these compounds would be hydrocyanic Acid. The chemical mixing of hydrocyanic acid with water vapor in the Earth’s hydrological cycle would produce the chemical reaction between (the Cyanogen gas, water vapor, and Hydrocyanic acid which is in liquid form). The gradual mixing of cyanogen gas with water vapor would cause hydrocyanic acid to precipitate out in raindrops over a large part of the Earth’s surface, thereby poisoning many local water supplies.
     “Please compare the similarities between hydrocyanic acid and wormwood found in the following definitions from the modern chemist’s handbook and old Bible dictionaries.
     “Hydrocyanic Acid (HNC) - A colorless, water soluble liquid that solidifies at -15°C and boils into a gaseous form at 25°C (77±F). It is a very poisonous, aromatic acid with a bitter taste.
     “Wormwood - An aromatic herb of the sunflower family. Oil of wormwood has a bitter taste. It was used in John’s day to destroy intestinal worms and is native to Eurasia.
      “Antidotes for Hydrocyanic Acid Poisoning: Hydrogen peroxide internally, and artificial respiration, breathing ammonia or chlorine from chlorinated lime, ferrous sulfate followed by potassium carbonate.” (ENCOUNTER CHRONICLES QUARTERLY, Spring, 1997, p 25).
     A ferruginous, soluble pigment, somewhat radioactive as well as other poisonous compounds would pollute and discolor the atmosphere, making hard to breathe. Thus the warnings in several prophecies to stay indoors and to seal off all openings, etc. during this period.
     A veritable “HELL” will encompass the Earth at this time complete with a reddish, murky, and poisonous atmosphere. Such chaotic conditions and degraded sickened environment will make a perfect world for both evil spirits and actual physical demons in the form of serpentine humanoids (such as the grays, the dracos, etc.) to flourish. This is why some prophecies warn not to answer the door or allow anyone in during this time for demons and evil spirits will go about mimicking relatives, friends or loved ones crying to be let in, etc.
     All of this will come to a fiery end during the Sun’s nova, the Great White Fire of the Purification, when all evil will be cleansed from the Earth and the world renewed.



     The Great Warning also called the Minor Chastisement, is the beginning of a series of events involving magnetic waves traveling from deep space that will apparently trigger solar novas and flare-ups. These great magnetic waves from deep space could be a sign of greater occurrences within the center of our galaxy; and could be the reason so many comets and asteroids are being sent our way. Several of these are as precursors or signs of the chastisement. Others may be involved in the Warning, and one particularly large comet apparently is involved in what has been termed the “Storm” of the Great Chastisement. There are several comets and asteroids as of recent times, approaching close to the Earth. We examine some of these here.

     *Asteroid Toutatis and Asteroid 1997 XF-111. One asteroid scientists are keeping an eye on is the asteroid, Toutatis, an unusually shaped, tumbling object with some “oddball” eccentricities and an anomalous orbit. It was discovered in 1989 by French astronomers and has an orbit closer to the plane of the Earth than any other Earthcrossing asteroid. It is one of the most chaotic asteroids out there and is of particular end-time interest due to the fact it is to pass by Earth on September 29, 2004. This asteroid along with several others, including one called 1997 XF-11 discovered by Jim Scotti, may affect the Earth, may be part of the Warning, or may simply be a near miss or non-event. Time will tell.
     *Comet Shoemaker - Levy 9      +Sunday, July 17, 1994; Earth’s astronomers focused on Jupiter as the mountain-sized heads of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 - traveling 60 times faster than a bullet - began raining down on the dark side of the Solar System’s largest planet, triggering a fireball half the size of Earth. 
     After the predicted impact of the first and smallest mass, astronomers in Spain and Chile reported seeing a large plume as the impact site rotated into view. Within 90 minutes the fiery plume had grown into a huge fireball 4,000 miles across and 1,000 miles high.
     The plume is brighter than anything else on Jupiter or even its brightest moon Io. When the first raw image from the Hubble Space Telescope showed evidence of what appeared to be the plume from the first impact, scientists gathered before the video monitor and gasped in amazement.
+Monday, July, 18, 1994: The collision of a rogue comet and Jupiter is quickly unfolding as a fierce and sobering celestial cataclysm, astronomers reported. The Keck Telescope in Hawaii captured images of two comet heads exploding into giant, gaseous fireballs hotter than the surface of the Sun. The Hubble Telescope photographed a 2,500 mile-wide mushroom cloud erupting hundreds of miles into space from a detonation more powerful than any nuclear weapon on Earth.
     “We are flabbergasted at what we are seeing,” said planetary scientist Hedi B. Hammel. “We can be very glad this comet was heading for Jupiter and not Earth.”
     By late Sunday, seven heads had smashed into Jupiter at speeds in excess of 130,000 m.p.h. Another 14 major pieces are expected to hit by Friday. At least four are believed to be about two miles in diameter.
     The smallest part to hit so far - a half-mile wide ball of compacted rock that struck Jupiter on Saturday - released so much explosive energy that on Earth it would vaporize a city the size of Los Angeles in an instant, comet scientists said. At the same time, it would hurl enough dust and debris into the upper atmosphere to dangerously disrupt the world’s climate, they said.
+Tuesday, July 19, 1994:   An immense part of a dying comet hit Jupiter so hard that the blast momentarily blinded the world’s largest telescope and sent awed astronomers around the world scrambling for superlatives to describe the impact. It created a fireball that briefly outshone Jupiter itself. Its plume was 1,300 miles high. The heat released was measured at 53,000 degrees Fahrenheit. An equally large mass hit late Monday and another of similar size was expected to hit on Wednesday (7/20/94, the 25th anniversary of the Moon landing). The bombardment has created enormous public interest, stirring superstitious dread and scientific curiosity in equal measure.
+Wednesday, July 20, 1994;
Two more comet heads hit Jupiter on Tuesday. The white-hot glow from one was at least three times the size of Earth. Starting today, three more large parts were scheduled to slam into the planet’s upper atmosphere.
+Thursday, July 21, 1994:
On Wednesday five more pieces struck Jupiter. Three of the largest were expected to slam into the same location on Jupiter’s southern hemisphere 10 hours apart Wednesday and early today.
+Friday, July 22, 1994: The bombardment of Jupiter climaxed late Thursday in a brutal finale to what some astronomers called the most extraordinary event in the 300 years telescopes have been trained on the gas planet. In a thunderstorm of debris, four more pieces struck the planet, including the last of a series of mountain sized pieces that exploded in overlapping fireballs at 10 hour intervals. The final major piece of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 was to hit just after midnight, completing a ring of crater-like plumes of swirling superheated gas and debris thousands of miles across.
 (The above account is based on Los Angeles Times-Science writer, Robert Hotz’s and Associated Press journalist Paul Recer’s report on this astronomical event as edited by Unicus Magazine Editor Robert Stanley as quoted in ASTRONOMICAL REVELATIONS OR 666 by Larry B. Radka, pp 100-103).
     This cometary attack on a neighboring planet certainly got the attention of the world’s scientists, reporters, and even legislators. Since this event it has become more obvious that such a catastrophic event could befall the Earth as has been prophesied to happen in our end-times in both Saint John’s Apocalypse and in Marian revelation. (As we have stated elsewhere in this chapter, comets usually don’t make direct hits as the magnetic fields usually repel each other. However, if one of the planetary bodies begins to break up and to fragment, then as in the case of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, it could crash into the planet. This event of 1994 proves that not only could this happen but that it does happen).
     “It has been very hard to convey to the public and to members of Congress that impacts of comets are serious, that they really do happen,” says the world famous scientist and comet-spotter Eugene Shoemaker. “Now that we’ve seen a comet actually hit a planet, it has brought home the fact that there really is a determinable hazard out there.”
     U.S. Representative, Ralph Hall commented that such a hit on Earth would cause major, global catastrophe.
     These comets and asteroids are now being closely monitored and tracked. Dr. Eleanor Helin of Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) stated, “These things have been lurking out there all these years but we’ve never seen them ... These discoveries (of near Earth asteroids and comets in recent years) suggest we could face a surprise encounter.” (As quoted in ASTRONOMICAL REVELATIONS OR 666 by Larry B. Radka, p 103).
*Comet Hale-Bopp
. In the summer of 1995, two amateur astronomers, Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp, discovered a new comet. This comet was found 20 months before its closest approach which was in the late Winter-early Spring (March) of 1997. There are some rather strange and weird things about this comet that NASA officials are not discussing. All indications are there has been a cover up going on about this and other comets. Consider these facts:
     *When the comet was still as far away as Halley’s comet, it was 1,000 times brighter!
     *The comet was first seen when its distance from the Sun was much too great for the gaseous tail of the comet to form. Yet it had a huge tail.
     Observations by the Hubble space telescope and other powerful ground-based scopes revealed unusual details - chunks breaking off from the comet and no natural reason for this to happen since the comet was too far away from the Sun for gravity thermal effects to do this.
     *The orbit of the comet is very strange - as if some intelligence had engineered a comet to get our attention.
     (As taken from ENCOUNTER CHRONICLES, #17, “The Great Comet of 1997: Hale-Bopp” by Chuck Shramek, p 15).
     A NASA photo revealed a strange “chunk” possibly orbiting Hale-Bopp. NASA officials said Hale-Bopp was rotating causing the tail to take on a spiral form. The light from it appeared to “pinwheel.” Is this “chunk” of something orbiting Hale-Bopp, or is there another explanation? Researcher, Chuck Shramek states, “If we are to trust NASA’s own figures of each pixel (of light) representing about 300 miles at the ‘comet,’ we’re looking at a bright body over 2000 miles in diameter being orbited by a comet (or something)! “
     Shramek goes on to say, “This ... picture of Hale-Bopp taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in late October of 1995 ... mysteriously disappeared from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Web site a short time after it was released. In fact, it puzzled me why there were no Hubble Space Telescope pictures since early October 1995. What are they hiding?? I went back into my archives because I know I had saved this picture so I took a closer look at it.” Shramek noticed very fine thin kinked and wavy lines of light coming from this comet and asked, “What would cause this?? And why was this last known picture taken by the Hubble Space Telescope removed from the web?” (As quoted in ENCOUNTER CHRONICLES, “The Great Comet of 1997: Hale-Bopp” by Chuck Shramek, p 15).
     Again NASA is obviously covering something up. In the wake of NASA’s cover up, speculations abounded that the “chunk” being anything from an alien UFO to another part of the head of the comet itself, a split nucleus.
     * The Honduras Meteorite. From an Associated Press article we learn:
     TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) - “A meteorite slammed into a sparsely populated area of Honduras last month, terrifying residents and leaving a 165-foot-wide crater, scientists confirmed Sunday. Villagers reported seeing a fireball crash and break into small red and yellow pieces on November 22 near San Luis, in the western province of Santa Barbara. Sunday’s statement was the first official word that the object was a meteorite.
     “Residents of San Luis, 125 miles west of the capital, were terrified by the meteorite’s crash, which sparked a fire that destroyed several acres of coffee plants and damaged a main highway. ‘I arrived almost immediately to the site of the explosion,’ said peasant Francisco Aguilar Sabillon. ‘There were enormous flames, and everything was destroyed. Because of that I fled from the place, frightened.’
     “Authorities have asked those living nearby to stay away from the crash site. The meteorite did not appear to have any properties that would pose a threat to humans, they said.” (As quoted in ENCOUNTER CHRONICLES, #19, Spring, 1997, “Lucifer’s Hammer” by Gary Goodwin, p 20).
     If this event had taken place far out to sea most likely it would have happened undetected. However, if it had happened in a highly populated area many lives would have been lost.
     *The Split Asteroid and “Deep Impact.” In late winter of 1999, DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH published an article in its Research Journal concerning this author’s experience concerning a split asteroid. We present that article in full here.
     While people were focusing their attentions on the Clinton scandals, the Y2K computer “bug,” or maybe studying the U.N.’s preparations for Martial Law in the year 2,000, something very silently but deadly was bearing down on their home planet during the course of 1998. In August, 1998 astronomers reported the Earth was six hours away from an asteroid impact which could have obliterated a considerable portion of life on Earth. Survivors wouldn’t have fared much better in the wake of a nuclear winter caused by a debris-filled atmosphere.
     This asteroid’s near hit almost happened on August 10, 1998. (In 1989 an asteroid missed the Earth by six hours and another asteroid in 1992 missed us by 1.5 hours). New Pathways Newsletter reported, “The news story was released in November of 1998 and published in London’s Sunday People on November 8.” Here are excerpts from that article:
     “At midnight on Monday, August 10, this year the world came SIX hours from being obliterated as a giant asteroid hurtled towards us at 50,000 miles per hour.
     “The Sunday People can today reveal that a mile-wide space rock missed us by just one million miles.
     “In cosmic terms it was a second away from being hit by a juggernaut. If it hadn’t veered in a slightly different direction it would have:
     "*KILLED a quarter of the population.“
     "*DESTROYED all animals and crops after blotting out the Sun.
     “*CREATED a tidal wave an astonishing 17 miles high - Concorde only reaches 10 miles high.
      “*DEVASTATED just about everything, everything for 2,000 miles around.”
     “The asteroid - the speed of which was the equivalent of traveling from London to New York in 21 seconds - would have made the rest of the world appear like the aftermath of a global nuclear war.
     “Only people with access to underground nuclear bunkers would have had any chance of survival. The asteroid is the biggest in recorded history to have come so close to the Earth - a chilling echo of the Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster movie Armageddon in which Bruce Willis saves the world.
     “The cataclysmic near miss was only known to a select group of scientists. This is why the terrifying information has never been made public until now. It only came to light through research by amateur astronomer and Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik...
     “The asteroid was first spotted by astronomers in New Mexico on June 24. They flashed a warning to observatories world-wide including the one in Armagh, Northern Ireland, which tracks objects that might hit Earth. It was the Irish astronomers who worked out that the asteroid would miss us by six hours.
     “Armagh astronomer Dr. John Chambers said: ‘It would have gone straight through the ocean and hit the rock underneath, throwing up not just a gigantic tidal wave but a huge amount of dust.’ But he added, ‘While we were safe from this one there could well be another on the way.’
     “The next asteroid scientists know about (or willing to admit to - DS) is the ten-mile wide Toutatis - due to come within 13 hours of Earth on September 29, 2004.” (NEW PATHWAYS NEWSLETTER, No. 23, Feb.-March, 1999, “Earth Nearly Obliterated in August of 1998.”).
     Obviously there is certain amount of sensationalist spin and an obscuring and distortion of the facts. But enough truth shines through to warrant quoting it here.
     What makes this article of particular interest to this author and DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH is the fact that there are some disturbing similarities and evidence of cover-up of the true facts and an omission of what Paul Harvey would call “the rest of the story.” The similarities we are referring to have to do with information this author received in late winter and early spring, 1998 about an asteroid on collision-course with Earth. We never released this information awaiting further confirmation from another independent source. The above article about an asteroid on a near collision course seems to confirm at least some of our information. In the final analysis we will let the reader decide. We simply present the following facts.
     In early March of 1998, we received a telephone call from a Minnesota SHRINE BEACON reader who told us about an asteroid she saw in both the evening sky after sunset and the morning sky before sunrise, (6 p.m. and 5 p.m. respectively) This is when we began tracking it. We asked this reader to write us and tell us further particulars as she was relating it to us by phone - so we could have a record of this information.
     She tells us in her letter first about the prophecies concerning comets and asteroids she learned of through reading the SHRINE BEACON and the Catholic Prophecy Update. She then goes on to say, “I felt that comet (the one prophesized by John Leary - DS) had to be pretty close. It probably had to even be visible if a person knew where to look for it.
     “I read and thought about these prophecies quite often. I even took an occasional look to the heavens to see if I could see another ‘Hale-Bopp’ Then on Jan. 2, 1998, I had one of the surprises of my life. These prophecies were corroborated for me by factual data from a secular, scientific source.
     “My husband John and I were returning from a trip to visit an outstanding dairy farm in central Minnesota. We were accompanied by Don Heidt, an agronomist who has been helping us eliminate stray voltage on our dairy farm. Because of Don’s interest and expertise in the fields of plant, animal and human health and nutrition, he has regular contact with many doctors and scientists from all across the United States.
     “Don, John, and I were driving home around dusk. It had been a beautiful, mild and sunny winter day. Now the sky was still clear and stars were beginning to come out. All at once Don asked me if I saw that ‘rock’ in the sky. When I asked Don what he meant, Don directed my attention to a bright object in the southwestern sky. Don said he knew some scientists out east who told him some interesting things about that ‘rock.’
     “According to these scientists this ‘rock’, as Don called it, was a comet that was on a collision course with the Earth. He said the Soviet Union knew about this comet. In fact, the Soviets have already launched a satellite that was placed in a position under the comet. When the comet gets within 200 miles from the Earth, a missile will be fired at it to deflect it from its course.
     “Don pointed out that the comet was only visible at sunset because it reflects light from the sun. When the sun is higher in the sky, the light of the comet is overpowered by the intense light from the Sun. When at sunset, however, the comet shown in the southwestern sky like a beautiful diamond.
     “Following our trip with Don, I often wondered if that comet could be seen in the morning just before sunrise in the southeastern sky the same as it shown in the southwestern sky at sunset. It stood to reason that it should show up in the southeast in the morning given the Earth’s constant rotation. Hale-Bopp could always be seen that way, too. Only with Hale-Bopp it was seen in the northeast in the morning and in the northwest in the evening. I spent many an evening watching Hale-Bopp from the good vantage point of our hilltop farm.
     “I was on my way in from milking cows at about 6:45 A.M. that I spotted the comet. If anyone wants to observe the comet at its most brilliant, it is best done in the morning. (This author can confirm that). Unfortunately, since spring is coming, sunrise gets earlier and earlier every day. I now have to leave my milking momentarily and take a peak out the barn door at around 5:30 A.M.
     “A few weeks ago I called my friend Don and asked if he had received any further information about the comet from his scientist friends out east. Here is what Don found out. The comet is approximately 100 miles long and 30 miles across. It is traveling at 10,734 mph. The Russians now have 5 bombs ready to shoot at it when it gets within 200 miles of the Earth. According to the scientists, someone has already shot a piece off of it.
     “I asked Don if the scientists told him how far the comet was from the Earth at that point. Don said the scientists were very hesitant to give any more information about the comet. He said someone else asked them too many questions and now the scientists won’t talk to him anymore. Don does not want to risk losing communication with these people so he didn’t ask any more questions.
     “I can’t prove any of this information, but I can vouch for the honesty and integrity of my friend Don. My main purpose in sending my observations and this information to you is to let you know that that comet is known about through means other than prophecy.” (Letter of SHRINE BEACON Minnesota reader, March 30, 1998. Name kept anonymous but on file).
     In late April, we notice that this asteroid (which was the brightest “star” in the sky except for the moon) had split into two parts: a larger part and a smaller one. Both asteroids (even the smaller one) were very bright - still the brightest objects in the night sky, except for the moon. Our Minnesota reader friend called us about it thus confirming that she saw it in its “split” form. She said to call Don Heidt for further updates. This we did and learned that the smaller asteroid was approximately a mile across and traveling at a speed of 56,000 mph. It was headed for the Pacific Ocean area on the Asian side. NASA scientists, Don Said, were saying it was coming in on a trajectory that would cause it to skip across the Earth’s atmosphere (like a stone skipped across water) and then be deflected back into space. Though not a direct hit, Don told your editor (this author) that it would set up winds in the atmosphere of 300 to 400 mph and literally “lift” the ocean waters and “throw” them upon the land especially on the Asian side. No wonder the Russians were concerned and wanted to deflect it from its course.
     Don said NASA scientists while working on the problem of deflecting the asteroids, were officially keeping any news concerning this very quiet.
     The question is: Is the asteroid reported by London’s Sunday People and the asteroid reported by Agronomist, Don Heidt, one and the same? No one can say but the similarities are striking! (It really doesn’t matter for there are many similar ones out there that are a threat as we have noted earlier).
     What is interesting is that the very week in April, after talking with Don, we learned of a movie to be released in theaters on May 8 called “Deep Impact.” This movie was about a split asteroid with a larger part and a smaller part due to impact or hit the Earth in August! Martial Law was declared!
     An earlier movie, “Meteor!” detailed a joint American-Soviet effort using nuclear tipped missiles launched to destroy a comet on collision course with the Earth. Does officialdom know something we don’t? There are too many coincidences to pass over! There is more going on than meets the eye and the New World Order Advocates are keeping a lid on the true facts while using their entertainment industry (Hollywood) to condition and brainwash the public.

     *Comet Enigma "XXX."  A Canadian scientist, Jose Chung, well known expert in digital imaging technologies reported on several space objects; asteroids, comets, etc. in the October, 2002 issue of Graphic Exchange.  He examined several NASA photos of these images; and as he began to research these images he began to encounter problems. NASA began withholding some of these images. “Though originally content with the quality and volume of space-related information dispensed by ‘official’ sources, he gradually waxed more dissatisfied as increasing amounts of vital information began to disappear from publicly accessible databases.” (From note on author, NEXUS NEW TIMES, Vol. 10, No. 2, March/April, 2003, “Enigma: A Close Call From Deep Space “ by Jose Chung, p 33).
     Enigma passed through our solar system during the course of 2002 and the early part of 2003. Chung states that Enigma “weighs in at roughly 18 times the mass of the Earth (in a package only about a quarter the size of the Moon).” He goes on to say, “Early to mid March 2002: Passing just south of the main ecliptic plane of our solar system at a point very close to our own position, the collapsed star (or Black Dwarf) known as Enigma will pass within 300,000 kilometers of our planet at a speed of about 120 kilometers per second, trailing a tail of debris and cinder-like iron and carbon filaments.. When these strike the atmosphere, they will almost immediately oxidize and precipitate in the form of red rain. This may also occur during November 2002 [it did happen over India], as it did during the month of August, when several reports of this phenomenon came in from Vietnam and India. Red fireballs streaking across the sky are also to be expected as larger pieces of debris brush through our resistant atmosphere.” (Ibid, p 32).

*Planet X: Comet of the Chastisement?   In Winter of 2003 DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH published the following report on Planet X:
     When we first heard of Planet X, we didn’t think too much of it. (No solid information was coming in except sensationalist news, etc. put out by those who wished to discredit the subject). However, after studying several articles and news items as well as some rather indepth research of the subject, it became clear that indeed there was a very interesting and ominous situation emerging. In short, we found some rather incredible but factual information on Planet X.
     Here is some basic information about this wayward comet-planet. First of all, the “X” refers to its number (Roman numeral) ten meaning it is the tenth planet found in our solar system. (Pluto was the ninth to be discovered in 1930). There is some reference to it being called the twelfth planet because many of the ancients counted the Sun and the Moon as planets.
     One thing is for certain: Planet X does indeed exist! It has been tracked by scientists (that includes NASA scientists) since 1983 and there is even evidence that they knew of it and tracked it before then. Concerning its discovery:
     “Tracking perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets in 1983, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and NASA (National Aerospace & Science Administration) determined that there was, indeed, a large, unknown body with an unusual orbit somewhere out beyond Uranus and Pluto. Earlier, in 1982 NASA themselves actually admitted the possible existence of an object they called ‘Planet X,’ orbiting beyond the outermost planets of our system.
     “In 1983 a newly launched system called IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) quickly found Planet X. The Washington Post quoted the lead IRAS scientist from JPL in California, who had these words to say:
     “‘A heavenly body as large as Jupiter, and (which is, sic) part of this solar system, has been found in the direction of the constellation of Orion by an orbiting telescope.’
     “Further evidence of the existence of Planet X has been found by the research of Tom Van Flandern, and also by John Anderson, a planetary scientist at JPL. The general public has not been made aware of the existence of this heavenly body, however, for more or less obvious reasons: to avoid mass panic and societal chaos.
     [Author’s Note: The general public has not been told for another reason: So the New World Order forces can secretly prepare in an unhampered fashion underground shelters for themselves, the ruling elite, while we, who dwell on the surface, will be left in the dark (figuratively and literally) and shocked into reality unable to prepare. The result: Planned chaos with martial law being declared. The New World Order Elite are fast preparing for this eventuality with the passage of Planet X. It is a matter of timing.]
     “One may wonder why humanity hasn’t heard of this mysterious planet, estimated to be four times as massive as Earth, yet twenty times as dense, in effect, a ‘brown star,’ a dwarf star which either never ignited or which has all but burned out. But humanity has known about this object, and many ancient cultures recorded it, tracked it, and anticipated its cycles of approach, for it cuts through the solar system as part of its regular but unusual orbit, every 3600 years or so, creating interplanetary chaos as it goes.” (CAVERNS, CAULDRONS, AND CONCEALED CREATURES by William Michael Mott, p104).
     Planet X was due to make its first passage in 2003, but this has proved to be disinformation put out by the “Powers-that-be” to discredit the Planet X scenario and throw researchers off the track. The 2003 passage turned out to be a non-event. You will note below we have quoted some articles that refer to this non-event and other speculations mixed with disinformation and some true facts as well. [Later on, we present John NiNardo’s speculations on Planet X’s double passage. Though we don’t agree with his timing, we concur with the general idea he presents. We also present below, some rather interesting information on the basic facts of the discovery of Planet X and the distortion of that truth as well as correlated science-facts coupled with prophetic revelations about Planet X and the Comet of the Chastisement.
     As to when Planet X makes its passage or passages; what to expect as well as recent discoveries concerning this “dwarf-star” comet known under various names, please see our Planet X Research Update near the end of this chapter.
     “Supposedly, Planet X will enter the Earth’s orbit between May 15 and May 30 of 2003, and the Earth will stand still for about three days, then in one hour, rotate a full 90 degrees (pole shift) during which time the winds will average about 200 miles per hour. Volcanoes all over the Earth will erupt along with multiple earthquakes, whereby two thirds of the Earth’s population will be annihilated. Another 20% will starve to death during the next six months due to lack of sunlight and volcanic ash that will cover the Earth. Subsequently, only about 10% of the Earth’s population (600 million) will survive, which fits in nicely with the New World Order scenario for the reduction of Earth’s population. This may well be one reason for all the underground shelters throughout the United States and the rest of the world. This will enable only the chosen people of the New World Order to survive. An individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, that is acquainted with some scientists employed by NASA, provided this information.” (FREE AMERICAN NEWSMAGAZINE, “Planet X, the Tenth Planet Fact or Fiction?” by Leo J. Schwartz III, with Bill Combs, January, 2002, p 44).
     This article goes on to say, “Whether this speculation is true or false remains to be seen, but the one absolute truth is Planet X does exist.”
     Mark Hazlewood, author of BLINDSIDED, states, “In 1983 X was first spotted by the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), since then there has been a complete blackout of its existence by the controllers of the media and major observatories. X is now too close to cover up from smaller scopes.
     For the first time in modern history, in the year 2001, sightings of Planet X are being openly recorded. Three separate sightings from different parts of the world have reported it. The three observatories were located in South America, Switzerland, and Arizona.” (BLINDSIDED by Mark Hazlewood, P 4).
     There are those “in-the-know” that have the power to control information who do not want the truth known about this. About these men Hazlewood states, “Our whole planet will be again changed dramatically by the passing of Planet X. Again it’s the powerful financial controllers of today that want to keep what they have going as long as they can before it all collapses at the expense of billions of lives. The cataclysmic earth changes caused by X passing will change the world so completely; these controllers know they won’t be held accountable.” (Ibid, p 27).
     The controllers are busy twisting and distorting the truth about Planet X. These powerful media controllers “with all their available media outlets, (will) create news if need be to divert your focus. Major news dramas are now being created to keep your attention away from Planet X!” (Ibid, p 35) .
     Though there are other asteroids and comets out there, Planet X is absolutely the largest and most capable of doing the worst damage to planets (including Earth) in our solar system through which it will pass.
     In correlating information from scientific sources concerning the passage of Planet X and from prophetic sources concerning the Comet of the Chastisement, we have made an interesting discovery. First of all, the ancient astronomical symbol of Planet X is the cross. We also know from prophecy that the Sign of the Second Coming of Christ (and hence the Great Chastisement to come) is the cross as well. Now consider what Mark Hazlewood states in regard to our being able to see Planet X and what it looks like: “Six to eight weeks prior to the passing of Planet X, all will be able to see it in the sky as sort of a red cross with their naked eyes.” (BLINDSIDED, p v).
     Now let’s take a look at the prophecy of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Brother David Lopez of El Ranchilo, Texas given on September 11, 1987: “Before the great tribulation, there is going to be a sign. We will see in the sky one great red cross on a day of blue sky without clouds. The color red signifies the blood of Jesus Who redeemed us and the blood of the martyrs selected by God in the days of darkness. This cross will be seen by everyone...”   (As quoted in THE THUNDER OF JUSTICE by Ted and Maureen Flynn, p 349). Both scientist and prophet mention a red cross in a clear blue sky. One is talking about Planet X in our day; and the other is talking about the Comet of the Chastisement to be seen at the time of the Great Tribulation in the End Times. Coincidence? We don’t think so.
    A curious fact is that NASA is involved in covering up the true color of Planet X. According to what Mark Hazlewood has discovered, NASA has altered the photos of Planet X. The doctored photographs do not show the planet as red in color as initial photos did, but blue. You see, at first NASA scientists called Planet X “2001 KX76, a large reddish chunk of something, Kuiper Belt Object.” Then all of a sudden it had no color. Then all of a sudden it was blue. Question is: Why would NASA want to hide the true color (red) of Planet X? Go figure!
     Is Planet X the Comet of the Chastisement? We can’t say that it is but we also can’t say that it isn’t. It would appear to be involved in some way, maybe as a precursor, a sign. We need to examine a couple more sets of facts.
     There is yet another scenario which has been put forth about Planet X and its involvement in the Chastisement. John DiNardo of Back to the Bible Evidence (www.detailshere.com) speculates Planet X will make two passes through our solar system. He states: “One key piece of the puzzle is that scientists ... expect that after Planet X makes its first crossing through our solar system, it will then make a wide loop around the Sun, due to the centripetal force between the two bodies, and come boomeranging back through our solar system. X’s return trip is estimated to occur about eight years after its first crossing, or around 2011 to 2012. The first crossing must not be catastrophic to Earth because God tells us in His Bible that a beast system will arise and prevail for seven years before ‘the great and terrible day of the Lord.’”
     The above scenario makes perfect sense and does fit in with both Biblical and Marian prophecy concerning the Minor Chastisement (the Great Warning) followed by an interlude in which the Anti-Christ sets himself up during the Great Tribulation, a seven year period preceding the Great Chastisement itself.
     We do know that the New World Order Advocates are marshalling their forces and implementing their One World Anti- Christ system now in the early years of the 21st century. Timing is everything for they want their totalitarian system in place and ready to implement marshal law when the first passing of the comet of the chastisement takes place and chaos results. In the meantime they are preparing underground shelters for themselves. It all fits.
Planet X Research Update. Since all the above studies of Planet X were reported on, Nibiru in Orbit
a lot has happened. We have continued to study and research this topic as more and more facts have come to light Planet X’s approach has become considerably nearer. So here are the latest research findings as of late 2009.
     This Planet X (also known as Nibiru, Nemesis, the “Destroyer,” or Wormwood) is now coming so close in its approach from the south, that it is able to be seen and photographed quite well. It should be explained here, that Planet X has a strange elliptical orbit at a 90% degree variance from the normal circular orbital plane of the planets (including Earth). Hence, Planet X will “blind-side” us from the south without being detected by the general population much in advance.
     This author has seen the photographs and videos of the incoming Brown Dwarf called the DESTROYER. These pictures and videos were taken through the NASA telescope in Antarctica which affords the best view. It can be seen that this reddish-brown dwarfstar has at least six planet-like objects orbiting around it. There has been some falsification of the information about these videos (and even false videos) being put out. There is a great deal of disinformation and cover-up of what is being seen and discovered through the Antarctica telescope.
     Besides NASA, the Vatican is also highly involved in tracking Planet X. There is a Jesuit “Deep Throat,” a Vatican insider, who has been thoroughly checked out as to his credentials, that revealed to Christoforo Barbato, editor-in-chief of the national magazine, Stargate, information regarding certain video footage of a planet-like celestial body not known to modern astronomy. The video was shot by a camera on a space probe which secretly belongs to the Vatican. The name of the space probe is called, Siloe, a name found in the New Testament at least a couple of times. (Siloe is also a place in Jerusalem sacred to Christianity).
     This Vatican space probe, Siloe, was built and assembled by the Lockheed Martin Corporation in Area 51, Nevada. It was launched in the early 1990’s. All the information received by the space probe is overseen by the Vatican Intelligence Service or Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano (SIV). This information is classified as Secretum Omega, the highest level of clearance in this agency.
     The planetary object that the Vatican is tracking with this probe, is, according to this Jesuit insider, Planet X, the Sumerian planet called Nibiru - the “Planet of the Crossing.” All Vatican information on this “Planet of the Crossing” is not only highly classified but part of the Siloe Space Program, which in turn is part of a larger program known as Kerigma. Kerigma is a Greek word meaning “proclamation, annunciation.”
     The Vatican, through its Intelligence agency, has a number of telescopes that track Planet X. It has a radio-telescope in Alaska as well as the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope located at Mount Graham Observatory in southeastern Arizona. Though this telescope is supposedly a joint project between the Vatican and the University of Arizona, the Vatican is clearly in charge.
     According to Project Camelot and a certain Dr. Bill Deagle, who has worked on the inside for the American government for many years and who now is a whistle-blower, the Jesuits are at the TOP of the pyramid of ALL intelligence agencies in the world. He also says that the Jesuits are controlling the South Pole NASA telescope which was set up specifically to observe the incoming Planet X.
     Speaking of telescopes and observatories, Mark Hazelwood who has done considerable research on the subject, reports, “As of late there’s been a rash of observatories that have closed their doors for various reasons. Many will simply not point their equipment for anyone in the direction of the Orion constellation if they do remain open. Some will give an excuse that there is some sort of obstruction in the way or equipment failure. All at once, renovations are their favorite excuse. Griffith Observatory is the latest of a handful of the nation’s oldest planetariums to undergo major renovations in recent years. Others include the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum in Chicago and the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York. Coincidental or not, there are other observatories in various countries doing the same thing at this time.” (REALITY REPORT ON PLANET X (Heartcom.org) . “Twelfth Planet Inbound!” by Mark Hazelwood, p 2).
     Planet X has been discovered by various scientists looking for it. What has been discovered has been suppressed by the Powers-That- Be. Some such as Robert Sutton Harrington, have died suddenly under suspicious circumstances. Robert Harrington worked at the U.S. Naval Observatory. He began a search for Planet X and wrote several articles about it. Astrophysicist James McCanney says about this man, “In 1991 Robert S. Harrington, head of the Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. wrote an internal Abstract which culminated over a decade of theoretical and observational astronomy with a team of experts. He was in charge of the NASA directed search for a large planet at the edge of our solar system that had been perturbing the orbits of the outer planets. Many previous attempts had been made, all leading to incorrect results ... but this time Harrington was certain that he had found the location of the large rogue planet.
     “What is interesting is: 1) NASA for decades had sponsored a search for this object with the highest level staff members available; 2) It was fully aware that something big was entering our solar system and 3) ... It seems that anyone associated with the results has been silenced either by death or by fear. A shroud of secrecy and deception surrounds this entire story.
     “Part of the discovery of Planet X was based on the fact the outer large planets Uranus and Neptune were being pulled DOWN in their orbits. No other effect could cause such a change in the orbits of these planets except the existence of a very large previously undiscovered celestial object which had to exist down and in the direction of the unexplainable motions of these outer giant planets.
     Harrington knew that it had to be BIG and it had to be down below the plane of the planets (the ecliptic). He also knew that since it had not been there before that it must be a new body entering the solar system. “Harrington wrote a brief abstract telling of his final trip scheduled to New Zealand in the Spring month of May to perform the blink photographic session with a 20 cm astrograph (approximately 8” aperture high precision camera). This seemed like what should be a routine observation and so sure was Harrington of the location of this object in the sky that he planned only two successive nights for the two required photos. These would be returned to Washington to determine the location and size of the new object.
     “An 8 inch camera in 1991 to 1993 (the date that we believe Harrington made his final expedition ... NASA information is scarce) was not very large so we are talking about professional grade equipment ... that is, this object was expected to be very large and Harrington knew it would be only visible during the month of May from a very southerly remote location on Earth. He chose New Zealand over the rugged uncharted regions of Patagonia in South America.” (JMcCanneyScience.com as reported in “Planet X: Report by a Scientist. June 2, 2004).
     Planet X is not readily seen by scientists because of its somewhat murky dull red color plus the fact it is best seen only during Spring, particularly in the month of May. (It should be further noted that Planet X absorbs most visible light, appearing rather dark or murky red. It is best seen with infra-red imaging telescopes.) Another important factor is that Planet X is on a highly-skewed elliptical orbit making it come into our solar system from the south. The places for the best viewing are in the EXTREME southern parts of the southern hemisphere, most notably Antarctica. James McCanney points out that it actually approaches our solar system from below the ecliptic (plane of the planet’s orbits) in the southern hemisphere which is mostly water and much less populated. Also, McCanney tells us, there is much haze in the atmosphere that makes viewing a diffuse, dim object like Planet X hard to do unless you are looking at it directly from a 90 degree angle. This is only possible from the South Pole itself.
     All the above in conjunction with the scientific establishment’s cover-up, give Planet X just the right conditions to sneak up on us. The latest information on Planet X (as of this writing) is that it has now been filmed and photographed through the South Pole Telescope.
     Now as for the anticipated Planet X passage: Planet X is expected to make passage in late 2012 as stated earlier. What can be expected? According to James McCanney, this is what is possible: “The effects on the Earth are very clear, both from my theoretical work and from what the ancients describe. There are episodes of mountain building. There could be a pole shift caused by a gravitational tidal wave that moves through the surface mantle of the Earth. There would be flooding both from tidal waves of the oceans, tremendous atmospheric storms and also from a huge pollution influx of oil and water - hydrocarbons and water - from inner planetary space onto Earth. And all of these things have been seen in the past. The Bible talks about, for example, when all the vermin, bugs, insects and snakes came out of the ground and overran the Earth. This was a direct result of the electric fields penetrating the mantle of the Earth and causing these creatures to leave the ground and come out of the ground. The atmospheric conditions include the increase in the number of volcanoes going off.
     “I want to mention that these planetary objects do not have to come necessarily that close to Earth to cause even dramatic Earth changes. Electrical discharges can occur between the planets even a distance apart. These, in fact, have been measured with NASA satellites where, in the 1990s, we saw incredible electrical discharges flow between Jupiter and Earth, taking out a number of our communication satellites.” (Ibid, p 6)
     It does appear, though, that the first passage of Planet X occurring around the year 2012, may not be that disruptive. But the New World Order forces know of its coming passage and are prepared to augment the disruption with their earthquake-making and weather warfare technology to add to the chaos. All this Man-induced chaos and natural disasters can be blamed on Planet X and no one would be the wiser. (This is possibly when the California “Big One” will be artificially triggered). During this period martial law will be declared and all resisters to world government will be rounded up and put into detention camps, etc.
     The second passage of Planet X (2019-20, possibly) may be somewhat different and will be augmented by God Himself via a superwave from the center of the galaxy causing the Sun to nova. This will bring on the purification of the Great White Fire and the Three Days Darkness.
     Nonetheless, whatever the case, while the New World Order forces are preparing labor camps and concentration camps for us on the surface, they are preparing for themselves deep reinforced underground shelters well stocked with food and provisions and everything necessary for riding out the passage of Planet X. These are being built secretly by governments around the world and include such countries as Israel, Norway, England, Russia, and of course our own U.S.A. A good example of this is the Norwegian underground detailed in Appendix C.
     A selected elite are chosen to go into these secret underground locations while information on Planet X is classified as “SUPER TOP SECRET” with vast amounts of information being accumulated on it. Now while all this has been going on such information has been kept from us, the general public. But the subject is getting harder to contain with more evidence coming out indicating this planetary comet-star is coming ever closer.
     One such evidence of Planet X’s approach is as we have mentioned earlier, is the fact that the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune are being pulled DOWN in their orbits. Something very massive in size with a strong gravitational field has to be in the vicinity to be able to do this.
     Scientist, James McCanney has pointed out yet another indicator signaling Planet X’s approach: The increase in the number of comets, asteroids, etc. coming in from the southern hemisphere, all coming from the same general direction of Planet X and coming in unannounced. Comet NEAT was one of these and this comet along with Hale-Bopp and others were precursors and companions to Planet X, coming several years in advance of it.
     These Planet X indicators along with escalating Earth changes (which the spin-casters try to blame on “Global Warming” supposedly due to carbon emissions and man’s pollution, etc.) are all putting pressure on Officialdom to tighten the cover on this Planet X story. Much has been done to keep the people from learning the real truth about this End Times “Destroyer.” An all-out effort is being exerted to “hide” this incoming Brown Dwarf and this includes, as noted earlier, the closing and/or controls being put on observatories.
     Jaysen Rand tells of how one observatory that is a vital “Early Warning” system and is considered the best in detection of approaching space objects, is being closed down. “The large radio dish at Arecibo is perfect for calculating the speed, trajectory and distance of so-called Near Earth Objects (NEOs) that could be rapidly approaching our planet at this very moment.... But recently in an unexpected official announcement (that stunned the astronomical community), the Arecibo Observatory and NASA both unexpectedly announced that the Arecibo was not going to look into this subject anymore, and furthermore, was pulling the Arecibo radio telescope out of the NEO (Near Earth Object) project altogether.” (THE RETURN OF PLANET X by Jaysen Rand, p 259).
     So the Arecibo Observatory located in Puerto Rico has been shut down, leaving the Earth’s inhabitants blinded by incoming Near Earth Objects especially including Planet X.
     We noted before how observatories have been made inaccessible to the public and “have been closed for remodeling, burned to the ground, or placed under military control over the past year or two.” (Ibid). This has now been going on for at least 3 or 4 years since this has been written. Simply more proof that Never-A-Straight-Answer NASA does not want the public to know about this sinister, mysterious murky-red cometary-planet headed our way.
     That’s not all. In the Autumn (October) of 2003, to the amazement of space scientists, the U.S. government unexpectedly announced plans to close the entire early-warning system called the Space Environment Center(SEC). This center is a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Boulder, Colorado that provides real-time data and pictures of the Solar environment. SEC is another “Early-Warning” system that is relied upon by satellite operators, power companies, and the military for everything from CMEs (Mass Coronal Ejections) from the Sun to asteroids and yes, Planet X. Being hit by an asteroid is considered humanity’s biggest threat and CMEs are next in importance. But this is in NOT KNOWING about Planet X. Planet X definitely complicates the picture, making the threat to Earth even greater. Such a threat could be realized as an “ELE” - an Extinction-Level-Event.
     The fact is NASA officials get upset if even the subject of Planet X is brought up in conversation. Consider this first-hand account.
     “Let me tell you a first-hand story. I swear on a stack of clay tablets. A few years ago, I attended the SIGGRAPH computergraphics show in New Orleans. There was a whiz-bang booth there hosted by JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s - D.S.), and manned by some of their planetary scientists. I engaged one of these fellows in a friendly, in-depth discussion about the recent cometary impacts on Jupiter, and other topics. He was very nice, very friendly, and very open in his attitude, with a helpful demeanor. Having a long-time interest in the topic of Nibiru, Marduk, or Planet X, I took advantage of a lull in the conversation, and asked:
     “What about Planet X?” His entire demeanor changed. His head jerked around in surprise, and he became instantly sullen and unfriendly. He snapped: “‘What about it?’ His voice was suddenly rude and guarded, completely the opposite of his attitude just moments earlier. I pretended not to notice his change, but said, ‘What does JPL think it is?’
     “His snide reply? ‘If we knew that, we wouldn’t call it Planet X, now would we?’ He turned and walked rudely away, refusing to even look at me again, and leaving no doubt that the conversation was terminated, and that the subject was taboo. His response also left no doubt as to the reality of the existence of *something* large and disturbing (at least to planetary scientists).” (DELICATE EARTH, HISTORY, SCIENCE AND PLANET X by Mark Hazlewood, pp 204 & 205).
     We now know from extensive research for several years the following facts about Planet X (Nibiru, Nemesis, Marduk, the “Destroyer,” etc.):
 1. Planet X exists and is classified as a brown dwarf cometary star that poses a great
     threat to this solar system, but especially to Earth.
 2. Planet X has an elliptical orbit at a 90 degree variance from the normal circular plane of
     orbit of the planets of this solar system. (See Appendix D)
 3. Because of the above fact this rogue cometary star is coming in from the south, blind-
     siding us as it is only visible from the extreme southern locations (such as Antarctica,
     Patagonia, and New Zealand) of the southern hemisphere.
 4. This “Wormwood” cometary star has already entered our solar system which can be
     seen in the downward pull in the orbits of the outer planets and is affecting the whole
     solar system with planetary changes.
 5. Planet X has been photographed and filmed and it has been discovered that it has
     orbiting around it at least six planet-type objects. There are other comets and
     asteroids associated with it, some of which have come in advance of it (Comet NEAT,
     Comet Lee, and Comet Hale-Bopp).
 6. The subject of Planet X has been suppressed and buried under an avalanche of
     distortions, disinformation, deceptions and outright falsehood like no other subject in
     history. Its discovery was announced and then immediately retracted and since then
     an enormous amount of data has been collected on it but withheld from the public.
 7. Official governments and their agencies, while denying Planet X’s existence, are
     preparing vast underground complexes and shelters stocked with food, provisions,
     water, medicine, and technological equipment for the selected elite to ride out the
     passage of this huge celestial visitor to our solar system.
 8. This apocalyptic cometary star called “Wormwood” will make two passages: One on
     the way in to the Sun and the other after its swing around the Sun. It appears that
     there will be a 7 or 8 year interval between passages, a period of Great Tribulation.
     Though the timing is known only to God, the best educated calculations are now put at
     approximately 2012 or 2013 for the first passage and 2019 or 2020 or thereabouts for
     the second passage.

      Another thing to be noted is that the understanding of Planet X has been in a constant state of flux as new information comes in and is analyzed plus continuing efforts by Officialdom to confuse the issue. We have false stories, false predictions (i.e. that Planet X will hit the Earth, etc.) and false arrival times: 2003; the 2002-2007 scenario, and others. All these things thrown into the mix has made Planet X a very confusing issue for some. Despite this, there have been dedicated scientists, journalists, and researchers who have weeded out the erroneous and deciphered the truth about this very important threat to our home planet. Dedicated seekers such as astrophysicist, James McCanney, Mark Hazlewood, Jaysen Rand and several others have brought the matter into clear focus in a way that it fits squarely into our End Times reality.
     Finally, the events now occurring concerning our solar system and especially our Earth, and disturbances on the Sun indicate that Planet X’s approach is being felt. Furthermore, these events relate directly to the Apocalypse of Saint John and Marian prophecies concerning the End Times Divine Chastisement, etc. This is in the Necedah Secret (See Volume 3, Appendix C) and in the Secret of Fatima.
     Relative to the coming Divine Chastisement in which Planet X seems very much involved, is the statement of Pope John Paul II. The German magazine, “Stimme des Glaubens,” has published an account of the Pope’s interview with a small group of German Catholics on his visit to Fuida, in November of 1980. In response to the question, “Holy Father, what has become of the Third Secret of Fatima?,” the Pope stated, “...(I)t should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the Earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish ... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message. Many want to know merely out of curiosity, or because of their taste for sensationalism, but they forget that ‘to know’ implies for them a responsibility. It is dangerous to want to satisfy one’s curiosity only, if one is convinced that we can do nothing against a catastrophe that has been predicted.”

2 Suns

* The Two Suns. Yet another aspect to consider in the End Times scenario is the phenomenon of the Two Suns. This has been filmed in at least two different locations and times in 2009 and posted at the 2012 Warning website (www.2012warning.com). One of these was in the Russian village of Chkalovsky in the Vladimir Region on April 21, 2009. At another time it was filmed at an undisclosed location on August 24, 2009. The videos appear to be authentic and can be seen on the 2012 Warning website.
     It should be noted that there is a two-sun phenomenon known as a “parhelion” and sometimes is referred to as a “sundog.” This phenomenon has been seen many times and is the result of the sunlight passing through a high layer of cirro-stratus cloud crystals and creating a false “sun.” This false “sun” appears either directly to the right or left or to both sides of the real Sun. This parhelion or false sun appears obscurely but brightly in the clouds or if on a clear day as part of a halo effect, usually on both sides of the Sun (but sometimes only one) as “sundogs.”
     There is a marked difference between the two types of phenomena. The Double Sun phenomenon appears at a 45 degree angle, usually to the upper right, from the true Sun; while on the other hand the parhelion or false sun appears at a 90 degree angle on either side of the true Sun. The double “sun” appears bright and distinct in its occurrences, whereas the parhelion or false “sun” is more obscure and less distinct than the true Sun.
     The Double Sun phenomenon has been associated with Nibiru or Planet X but just how is not clear. As to what the Double Sun phenomenon really is - is open to speculation at this time. More research will have to be done on it. 2 suns
     This Double Sun phenomenon (where the companion “sun” appears smaller than the true Sun), does, however, somehow tie into the End Tines scenario for it was even prophesied to happen by the Mother of God, Herself. Our Lady of Emmitsburg on June 1, 2008 gave this message: “When you see the two suns on the horizon, you must know
that this is a time of change.”
   So it would appear from this prophecy that the Two Sun phenomenon is an indicator or a sign of a change to come for the Earth and its inhabitants. It is also a warning for mankind to turn back to God and change their lives for the better before it is too late.

*         *          *

     All the foregoing information comes from alternative news sources or from those who have, because of their professional experience, inner knowledge of such things. For an example of who controls who in relation to the above, particularly in regard to the Never-A-Straight-Answer “Keeper of Secrets” Group, we turn to a very knowledgeable source, Astrophysicist James McCanney. He explains about NASA’s withholding of information: “It’s very clear; I’ve known this for a long time. It is the control of space. ... NASA is owned and operated by the NSA (National Security Agency).
     “There’s a layer above NASA that controls NASA. Daniel Goldin, who came into NASA in the 1990s, came in from the CIA, and his job was to secretise or put the cap on NASA. What he did is, he went in and the first thing he did was make everybody - top, bottom, sideways who worked for NASA - sign, basically, an NSA non-disclosure agreement.
     “The NSA is part of the overseeing government that is already in place. The One World Government is already in place; that’s what all of the stuff going on now is about.” (NEXUS NEW TIMES, Vol. 10, No. 6, Nov./Dec., 2003, “What NASA is Hiding: An Interview With James McCanney” by Rick Martin, p 47).
     He goes on to say, “The Vatican has a big stake in the worldwide government, and it’s part of it but not the whole show. It’s very much a worldwide situation, where they’re in every country of the world; they control the politics and the money and the banking. So, it takes a very large web of these people.” (Ibid, p 47).
     The fact of the matter is, the Shadow Government, in this case through NASA, does not want anyone discovering the exact mass of the nucleus of any comet. That is why such photos and evidence on the internet is pulled for anyone (who knows his stuff) can calculate the size by its mass as well as other factors. The public must be kept in the dark about the true nature of comets and what is taking place concerning the above matters if their diabolical plans are to succeed.
     All of these topics covered in this chapter are signs of the last days as spoken of by Christ, a time of false christs (Mathew 24:23- 28). There will and already are, a great many signs appearing but more are to come as we approach the time of the Warning and the tribulation period before the Great Chastisement.
     Along with the signs spoken of in Scripture and in Marian prophecy will be periods of darkness. It should be noted that there are two distinct and separate periods of darkness: one lasting three hours (during the Minor Chastisement); and the other lasting three days (during the Great Chastisement). Both these periods of darkness will be caused by the celestial signs (comets, magnetic disturbances on the Sun (nova) and disturbances (volcanic, seismic activity, etc.) on Earth brought as a punishment upon mankind because of his sins. These two periods of darkness have been confirmed by revelations given to Mary Ann Van Hoof, Sister Faustina, and more recent Marian mystics of our day.
     This is a time to prepare for our spiritual and physical welfare.

     “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be pestilences and famine and earthquakes in various places. But all these things are the beginning of sorrows.” (Matthew 24:7).
     “And he said, ‘Take care not to be led astray. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am he’, and ‘The time is at hand.’ Do not, therefore, go after them. But when you hear of wars and insurrections, do not be terrified; these things must first come to pass, but the end will not be at once.’ Then he said to them, ‘Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be great earthquakes in various places, and pestilences and famines, and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.’” (Luke 21:8-11).



     What follows may seem a little over the top but this website has received word from a very reliable clairvoyant friend. Our friend accurately foresaw the invasion of Iraq and the mess that it has turned into. He also foresaw a military clash with Iran, long before it seemed remotely possible.

More importantly however, he also "sees" the approach of Planet X. Expect its arrival sometime in the latter part of 2012.

Project Camelot

A letter from a Norwegian politician
http://projectcamelot.org/norway html#1


     The following message was received by us shortly after we posted our tribute page to Benazir Bhutto. Although we cannot attest personally to the information given here, we feel in good conscience that we cannot and must not keep this from publication.
    The person who wrote this message to us did so under their own name (which we have checked), and enclosed a number of photographs of them with the Prime Minister of Norway and (separately) with Benazir Bhutto. We are certain of their bona fides, but you will understand that we cannot reveal their real name or publish any photos without consent.
     The content of this message, if true, could hardly be more important.
     (Edited for grammar and spelling errors where needed to ensure full clarity. As a preface to the message, the writer apologized for their English, which is not their language.)

     I am a Norwegian politician. I would like to say that difficult things will happen from the year 2008 till the year 2012.
     The Norwegian government is building more and more underground bases and bunkers. When asked, they simply say that it is for the protection of the people of Norway. When I enquire when they are due to be finished, they reply "before 2011".
     Israel is also doing the same and many other countries too.
     My proof that what I am saying is true is in the photographs I have sent of myself and all the Prime Ministers and ministers I tend to meet and am acquainted with. They know all of this, but they don't want to alarm the people or create mass panic.
     Planet X is coming, and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds in the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all around in Norway. They will only save those that are in the elite of power and those that can build up again: doctors, scientists, and so on.
     As for me, I already know that I am going to leave before 2012 to go the area of Mosjoen where we have a deep underground military facility. There we are divided into sectors, red, blue and green. The signs of the Norwegian military are already given to them and the camps have already been built a long time ago.
     The people that are going to be left on the surface and die along with the others will get no help whatsoever. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are going to be safe, and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish into the night not knowing what to do.
     All the sectors and arks are connected with tunnels and have railcars that can take you from one ark to the other. This is so that they can be in contact with each other, only the large doors separate them so that the sectors are not compromised in any matter.
     I am very sad. Often I cry with others that know that so many learn too late, and then it will all be over for them. The government has been lying to the people from 1983 till now. All the major politicians know this in Norway, but few will say it to the people and the public because they are afraid in case they too will miss the NOAH 12 railcars that will take them to the ark sites where they will be safe.
     If they tell anyone, they are dead for sure. But I don't care any more about myself. Mankind must survive and the species must survive. People must know this.
     All the governments in the world are aware of this and they just say it is going to happen. For those of the people that can save themselves. I can only say reach for higher ground and find caves up in the high places where you can have a food storage for at least five years with canned food and water to last for a while. Radiation pills and biosuits are also advisable if your budget allows it.
     For the last time I say may God help us all... but God will not help us I know. Only each person individually can make a difference. Wake up please...!
     I could have written to you using another name but I am not afraid of anything any more. When you know certain things, you become invincible and no harm can come to you when you know that the end is soon.
     I assure you 100% that things will happen. There are four years to prepare for the endgame. Get weapons, and make survival groups, and a place where you can be safe with food for a time.
     Ask me anything and I will answer as much as I know about the Norwegian connection to all this. And just look around: they are building underground bases and bunkers everywhere. Open your eyes, people. Ask the governments what they are building, and they will say "Oh, it's just storage for food", and so on. They blind you with all the lies.
     The marks of the alien presence are also there, and I often see the Norwegian elite politicians are not what they say they are. It's like they are Controlled in every thought, and what they have to say is just as they are told to do things in such manners. It is clear for me who they are, and who they are not. You can see it in their eyes and in their minds.
     Remember that those who are going to be in and around the city areas in 2012 are those that are going to be hit first and die first. Later the army will purge the rest of the survivors and they have a shoot to kill order if there is any resistance to bring them into the camps where every one will get marked with a number and a tag.
     I also see that Benazir Bhutto is spoken of on your site. Her death was tragic. I have met Benazir, as you can see. You will also see from the photographs that I have met with a number of other notable politicians and world leaders.
     The pubic will not know what happens till the very end, because the government does not want to create mass panic. Everything will happen quietly and the government will just disappear.
     But I say this: don't go quietly into the night. Take precautions to be safe with your family. Come together with others. Work together to find ways to solve all the many problems you will face.
     Kind regards
[Name and proof of identity supplied]
For more follow the link above.

http://ww iv.deepspace4.com

Comment - January 6, 2008
     It's important to point out that two separate sources have alerted us to a key element pertaining to the above: namely the likelihood that Australia will be a relatively safe zone from which rescue and recovery efforts will be launched planet wide.
     Danger zones will be the east and west coasts of North America and south and central England. It is for this reason that the UK authorities have allowed such a large-scale influx of immigrants in recent years, most have congregated where there are better employment opportunities - in south and central England.
     In essence, individuals in key positions have enabled immigration policies that have quietly encouraged a massive influx of immigrants: so as to pack them into a critical danger zone and thereby effectively sacrifice as many people as possible. It also explains why the Bush family and Sun Moon have bought extensive tracts of land in Northern Paraguay, another relatively safe zone.        ** Last updated 12/04/2009



     Planet X, as noted in Volume 4, is a rather dim reddish comet-like object. As to seeing it, one has to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment. This is why NASA and ―our‖ government used a C-130 aircraft to transport what is now known as the South Polar Telescope (with infra-red seeing capabilities) to Antarctica. This is a top-notch infra-red telescope that is being used to continuously track the movement of Planet X.
     One has to understand that seeing the dust-shrouded Planet X in the visible light spectrum is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, in the infra-red light spectrum, Planet X has a powerful infra-red signature and is much easier to see and track.
     As to calculating where Planet X will be at any given time is hard to pinpoint. Author and researcher, Zecharia Sitchin pointed out that the actual orbital period for comets, especially for one with an approximate 3600 year elliptical orbit, is untenable. Even Halley‘s Comet with an approximate orbital time of 75 years varies from 74 to 76 years or so. This is why scientists must create an ephemeris, an astronomical table that predicts where an object will be at any given day of the year. To track an object, like Planet X, for a few years is not enough. Such an object must be tracked as often as possible, better yet, continuously. With the South Polar Telescope they can do that.
     Where will the Earth‘s relative position be to Planet X, during the coming flyby? There is really no way of accurately calculating this especially at this time. Planet X has crossed our solar system in times past and disturbed life on Earth before. The worst case scenario is what is called an ELE (extinction level event), like that of Noah‘s Flood. Then there are varying scenarios less severe down to the mildest scenario, like at the time of the Exodus. These two events are dramatically different due to the position of Earth in its orbit relative to Planet X as it flew through the solar system. If we are fortunate, the Earth‘s position in its orbit will be on the opposite side of the Sun when Planet X makes its inbound leg, crossing the ecliptic, and also on its outbound leg back out towards its aphelion (furthest point from the Sun).
     However, the worst damage to Earth will not occur from the flyby of Planet X but from the interaction between it and the Sun when Planet X reaches its perihelion (the closest point to the Sun). Planet X could well be the triggering mechanism to cause the Sun to have massive flare-ups, mass coronal ejections, or even to nova. If the Sun novas at this time, this could be the beginning of the Purification prophesied to happen. (Incidentally, one more name for Planet X, according to the Hopi Indians, is ―The Purifier‖).
     Planet X thus far has been extremely difficult to see in the visible light spectrum, but that is about to change. As Planet X comes closer to the Sun, it will slowly brighten making it more visible.
     As to where Planet X is at this time: As of late March, 2009 it was forecasted to be approximately 11.4 astronomical units from the Sun. (An astronomical unit is the approximate distance from the Earth to the Sun). It has been calculated that Planet X passed directly below the orbit of Mars sometime in late 2009 or early 2010.
     To determine Planet X‘s position several criteria were used in formulation of a forecasted position. These include:

* Orbit perturbations of the outer planets.
* Temperatures of the cold outer planets rising beyond seasonal effects.
* Electrical phenomena around planets and comets.
* Observations of the Sun unleashing plasma towards a single direction.
* Recent southward deformation of the Earth‘s magnetic field.

     Any images showing objects very near the Sun are not showing Planet X. Planet X is nowhere near the Sun at this time. The two suns phen-omena presented in Volume 4 is some other phenomena, as of yet unde-termined.
     As for best places of observation of Planet X (besides Antarctica, of course which is THE best place for viewing) are in the southern latitudes in the southern hemisphere. However, as Planet X comes nearer our position in the course of 2011, it will increase in brightness and become more visible to all on Earth. Here are the South latitude positions for viewing Planet X.

* 50 degrees latitude south: It stays above the horizon all night.
* 40 degrees latitude south: It sets just past midnight and reappears during dawn.
* At 30 degrees south: It sets about an hour before midnight below the southwestern horizon.
* At 20 degrees latitude south: It sets before 10 p.m.
* At 10 degrees latitude south: It sets around 9 p.m. - where it isn‘t fully dark, around 8 p.m.
* At the equator: At this position and above darkness sets in too late for such a faint object to be observed.

     Those in the northern hemisphere will not be able to see Planet X until it brightens sufficiently or it come closer to the ecliptic. The brightening will most likely come first.
     According to foremost Planet X researcher, Marshall Masters, ―By late 2011, everyone on Earth will be able to stand out in their backyard and view it in the night sky with a pair of binoculars. By 2012, it will look like a second sun in the sky - everywhere.‖ (―Observing Planet X/Nibiru‖ by Marshall Masters, p 5. Your Own World U.S.A. website).
     Research Update: Marshall Masters stated on George Noori‘s Coast to Coast program April 10, 2011 that Planet X will not become visible until late 2012, sometime in December.
     As Planet X nears our position in the solar system, it will greatly affect Earth‘s magnetic field (it is already causing a deformation of the magnetic field and a position change in the North magnetic pole) and cause greater seismic and extreme weather activity. These extreme weather patterns and increases in seismic activity are not ―natural cycles,‖ but are caused by the magnetic ―pull‖ from Planet X and from Planet X‘s effect on the Sun‘s heliosphere.
     We have already noted the severe winters, severe droughts and epic floods plaguing the planet in very recent years and months. Concerning hurricanes, the journal, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London states that ―the frequency of Atlantic hurricanes has doubled over the last century.‖ (As quoted in ―The Coming Planet X Panic‖ by Marshall Masters, p 1. Your Own World U.S.A. website).
     So when will the Big Media outlets finally admit the presence of Planet X? Most likely when Planet X reaches the core of our solar system, pushing ahead of it a large ball or cloud of dust and debris will the Big Media finally "get it".
     The Sun has been relatively quiet for the past several years -2007 through to 2010, but in late 2010 changes began to occur with flare-ups beginning to emerge. The forecast for the Sun is that it is about to have an increase in solar storm activity. It has already tremendously increased its radiation output. So there are two aspects to consider here: One is increased solar radiation and the other is increased solar storm activity. Two reports will be cited to show what has been happening and what is indicated to happen in the very near future.
     First, concerning increased solar radiation: On July 16, 2010 this author received an e-mail that originated from Herbal Healer News. This is what was reported. ―...I have to tell you what has been going on here with the UV (ultra violet) radiation and solar output. My husband has a Davis Instruments Vantagepro II weather station that monitors temperature, humidity, wind, and rain; it also measures the solar radiation and the UV index. We have records on the weather readings for the last 10 years. Of interest is the incredible increase of the UV radiation and the solar radiation. For the last 10 years the highest UV reading was a 10 and this occurred only in August, the hottest time of the year here. The alarming thing now is that in June 2010 the UV began to spike as high as 14. Note: this is a brand new UV calibrated system upgraded this year! The normal high solar radiation was 1,000 to 1,050 watts per square meter, now it spikes between 1,200 and 1,400. In easy to understand terms, this means there is a great deal more solar energy and UV radiation coming to the surface of the planet at this time. This also means that sunburns and heat exhaustion will happen a great deal faster. It is important that you understand this because things are not like they used to be. Wear protective and sun screen if needed. Always wear a light colored hat if you have to be out in the sun. The other readings that are alarming are the heat indexes. Normal heat index was changed a few years ago (numbers were lowered) and what is reported to you by mainstream weather only factors in humidity and the air temperature. Our system calculates how hot it feels by also including the wind data and solar radiation. These are important because the wind can cool you off if it is moving and you get hotter if there is no wind. The solar radiation puts extra heat into your body that has to be cooled. For the last 10 years, normal summer time heat index highs were 100 to 110 in the hottest part of the summer. In the year, 2010, we had readings at 120‘s everyday and on July 15th the afternoon reading was 135 heat index.
     This, in my opinion, is a very dangerous level and again you must change your outdoor exposures to stay safe. I am giving you this link about the thermosphere collapse because this may be one of the reasons for these readings.
     "A Puzzling Collapse of Earth‘s Upper Atmosphere. July 15, 2010: NASA-funded researchers are monitoring a big event in our planet‘s atmosphere. High above Earth‘s surface where the atmosphere meets space, a rarefied layer of gas called ‗the thermosphere1 recently collapsed and now is rebounding again.
     "The Thermosphere is where solar radiation makes first contact with our planet. The thermosphere intercepts extreme ultraviolet photons from the Sun before they can reach the ground.‖ (Herbal Healer News Update. July 16, 2010, pp 1 & 2).
     Next, concerning solar storm activity:
     Solar storms, capable of traveling at speeds up to 5 million miles per hour, could knock-out virtually every major technological infrastructure on the planet: transportation, security and emergency response systems, electricity grids, finance, telecommunications, including satellite and other wireless networks, and even household electronic equipment.
     The solar storm of 1859 was the most powerful event of its kind in recorded history. On the 1st of September of that year the Sun expelled huge quantities of high-energy protons in a large flare that traveled directly toward the Earth, taking eighteen hours instead of the usual three or four days to reach our planet. It disrupted telegraph systems all over Europe and North America. Fires erupted in telegraph stations due to power surges in the wires; and the northern lights (aurorae borealis) were seen as far south as Florida.
     The next solar storm on record, in March of 1989, melted the transformers of the Hydro Québec Power Grid, causing a nine-hour blackout that affected six million people in Canada. And the solar storms that reached the Earth between October 19th and November 7th 2003 disrupted satellites and global communications, air travel, navigation systems, and power grids all over the world. It also affected systems on the International Space Station.
     The solar maximum forecast for 2012 could do greater harm than any before, since human life has become much more dependent on the global energy grid. According to ―Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Economic and Societal Impacts,‖ a National Research Council report issued in the spring of 2009 by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, another Carrington event would induce ground currents that knock out 300 key transformers within 90 seconds and cut off power for more than 130 million
people in the U.S. alone. Its cost could be as high as 2 trillion dollars, and recovery time would be four to ten years. An even worse impact would be felt in China, where the electrical grid is more vulnerable than in the West.
     A major solar storm would cause the failure of electric power in most parts of the world. The above cited report of the National Academy of Science claims that this would have catastrophic consequences. People in high-rise apartments, where water has to be pumped up, would be cut off immediately. For most others drinking water would come through the taps for about half a day, but the flow would then cease without electricity to pump it from reservoirs. Transportation systems directly or indirectly dependent on electric power (which means practically all systems) would come to a standstill. Back-up generators would operate at some sites until their fuel ran out. For hospitals that would mean about 72 hours of essential care only services. Without power for heating, cooling and refrigeration, and with a breakdown in the distribution of medicines and pharmaceuticals, urban population would begin to die back within days.
     Scientists forecast yet another disruptive event for the end of 2012: breaches in the Earth‘s magnetic field. In the past this field protected living systems from the effects of solar storms and coronal mass ejections. Lately the magnetic field has diminished in intensity and holes and gaps have appeared. Scientists in South Africa measured cracks in the magnetic field the size of California, and in December of 2008 NASA announced that its Themis Project had found a massive breach that would allow a devastating amount of solar plasma to enter the Earth‘s magnetosphere.
     The fluctuation of the magnetic field could also lead to the reversal of the planet‘s magnetic poles. During the course of reversal the magnetic field would become still weaker, and the danger to life from solar and stellar radiation would greatly increase.
     Another scientific report of relevance concerns the entry of our solar system into a highly energized region of space. This turbulent region is making the Sun hotter and stormier and has already caused climate change on other planets. According to Russian scientists the effects on Earth will include an acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, the vertical and horizontal distribution of ozone, and an increase in the frequency and magnitude of extreme climate events.
     This is solid scientific evidence backing up the prophecy that the end of 2012      This is solid scientific evidence backing up the prophecy that the end of 2012 will be a turbulent epoch. The recent and current seismic events indicate Planet X is making its presence felt. The Earth is now undergoing tectonic plate stress with cracks appearing in roadways and parking lots that after patching continue to reappear or come very soon thereafter; several crevasses have opened up across the New Madrid fault zone and elsewhere even as far as the northeastern states; sinkholes have opened up in Texas, Wisconsin, and several in Pennsylvania. These are stress indicators on the North American tectonic plate.



     Information on Planet X is a mixture of truth, distorted or half-truths and deliberate disinformation as well as falsehoods. The Planet X deception is that this story of Planet X started with a Zeta channeler, Nancy Liederman. (See: Appendix A. Backwoods Home Letter to the Editor). The other falsehood being purported is that Planet X will crash into the Earth.
     A great organized effort by New World Order paid disinformants has been put forth over alternative media (especially on the internet) to deceive truth seekers concerning Planet X. These End Times deceptionists often masquerade as simple you-tubers on the internet or even credentialed investigators, journalists, and/or whistleblowers, talk show hosts, etc.
     In 2011, there was a great deal of hype and hoopla over Comet Elenin. First, as the hyped story goes, Elenin was making its way through our solar system, making certain alignments with the Sun and some of the planets on certain dates. These alignments were said to cause great earthquakes on these dates. Elenin was said to be Nibiru (Planet X) and to be very large causing great changes and catastrophes on Earth in late 2011.
     Others claimed Elenin was a harbinger of Nibiru and that the word E.L.E.N.I.N. meant “Extinction-Level-Event-Nibiru-Is-Near.”
     Comet Elenin was to cause three days of darkness approximately on September 26-27-28. As with other claims, this claim proved to be false as well – nothing happened.
     Then along came author and researcher, Richard C Hoagland who made the outlandish claim that Comet Elenin was not a comet, but an intelligently controlled spacecraft. He was interviewed on Coast-to-Coast radio with George Noori as host. This is one of the first public explanations of his ideas.
     Then something unexpected happened: Comet Elenin broke up into fragments! Oops! No more Comet Elenin! So what happened with all the theories? They went “poof” along with Comet Elenin.
        So first you have: “Oh, you know what? Elenin is really Nibiru! It’s really BIG! It’s gonna cause three days of darkness!”
     Then you have: “Comet Elenin is really a spacecraft!” So as in the Wizard of Oz: “Oh my! Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my!” Etc, etc. ad nauseum.
     All of this is so much hype and rubbish for public consumption. When Comet Elenin did the unexpected, it took all the theories with it. There was one researcher on the internet whom, before it happened, said that a break up of Comet Elenin was very possible and that said it was a small comet.
     The truth of the matter was that this was a deliberate disinformation campaign put on by the “Powers-That-Be” to “cry wolf” and an attempt to obscure the Planet X approach scenario. Comet Elenin was a small comet and had minor if any effect on Earth. A trusted source, astrophysicist James McCanney who has studied the true nature of comets in-depth (including Planet X), stated at the time, “Comet Elenin IS NOT A THREAT to Earth.” (See: www.jmccanneyscience.com).
     Another distraction and obfuscation of the truth came in July of 2012. This was of a different nature. On July 11 John Moore of www.libertyman.com on his internet radio show reported that whistleblowers (in this case military intelligence contacts – John, himself has a background in military intelligence) had revealed to him that the military and their dependents were given evacuation “bug-out” briefings that involved a Nibiru (Planet X) flyby of August 17- September 26. Researcher, Mike Harris also had whistleblower informants (one was a foreign contact) testifying a similar story, thus confirming John Moore’s sources.
     Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot confirmed the authenticity of some of these sources such as Mike Harris’ foreign contact. Through Kerry’s diligence in pursuing this story further, the truth became clear, especially regarding certain details. She raised certain questions as did another investigator, Cliff High, who along with Mike Harris and John Moore were interviewed on Kerry Cassidy’s Whistleblower Radio Show program on July 26, 2012. These questions brought to light certain details that contradicted some of the claims given by the whistleblowers.
     If Planet X was doing a flyby in the August 17 – September 26 window – it contradicted the projected window of December, 2012 to June, 2013. (There are others who claim a window of July, 2013 to July, 2014). For Planet X to be that close, it would have to be causing great disturbances, greater than the current seismic activity, volcanism, and geomagnetic disturbances that was happening at the time. This clearly was not happening.
     As this story was scrutinized, it began to change. According to some whistleblower testimony, it wasn’t Planet X but a moon-sized planetary object that was passing through. This later got downsized to an asteroid-like object that was the size of two football fields. So, in a matter of days, it went from Planet X to a moon-sized planetary object to an asteroid the size of two football fields.
     Also the military personnel and their families involved in these evacuation briefings turned out to be only those military and dependents directly connected to continuity of government. Later, on the John Moore shows claims of evacuations occurring were said to be at bases such as Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia, Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg and on the West Coast, Camp Pendleton, California. All these claimed evacuations were unconfirmed, however.
     Later, there were videos of military tanks, trucks and other military equipment moving across the country on trains and in convoys. These military movements were in the southern states and in California and Nevada. No reason was ascertained as to why these military movements were being conducted.
     While such people as John Moore and Mike Harris appear to be well-meaning folk, it is to hoax or to falsify true information through whistleblower “plants” or misinformants. While we believe a certain amount of falsification took place here, it does appear something authentic is taking place – but just what is taking place, is hard to determine. Clearly Planet X is not coming through at this time.
     Such obfuscation of the truth only serves the interests of the New World Order elite while making the whole subject of the Planet X flyby look ridiculous. That is the purpose of it: to confuse and misdirect the public while hiding the real truth. In fact, such things often serve as a “cover story” for the real truth behind it.
     The reality is that the Planet X flyby has to be obscured and falsified by officialdom as much as possible. Planet X is not some myth put out by Zetatalk website purporting that it was discovered in 1995. The truth is that Planet X was discovered in 1983 by IRAS (infra-red astronomical satellite) telescope. NASA issued a press release and then denied it in subsequent years, burying the whole subject of Planet X. Later, when Planet X became more visible to midsized and small telescopes in 2001-2002, a campaign of disinformation was launched to keep the lid on it assuring that if the story leaked a false “cover story’ was given for public consumption, not the real truth.
     There is real credible information out there if one wants to take the time to look for it, sift through the findings, discern the truth of it and then assemble the true facts after removing the errors that are always inherit in such research. (We have gleaned through a number of internet videos which one can view at our website).



BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE                         February 20, 2012
P. O. Box 712
Gold Beach, OR 97444

Dear Editor:

     I was introduced to your magazine a few years ago. I subscribed because of some of the practical, down-to-earth articles on gardening, survival preparedness, etc. But with this issue of Backwoods Home – March/April, 2012 – I find two very disturbing articles that I feel do your readers a disservice. I head up an End Times Research organization that I founded in 1980. This organization’s mission is to research apocalyptic phenomena and End Time events to specifically sort out the confusion separating truth from error thus arriving at the true reality of our world. I feel it is my responsibility to point out some important things to you.
     To me this issue of Backwoods Home went too far. I have never seen such a distorted, faulty treatment of a most serious subject with mainstream media disinformation and half-truths gathered all in one place as you have in this issue. Obviously, your two contributing writers, Claire Wolfe and John Silveira, are students of mainstream official sources such as NASA which they apparently consider as trustworthy and the “gospel” truth. But really these sources have not proven trustworthy in several very important areas – one of which is End Time events and the Apocalypse, etc. (See enclosed APOCALYPSE BEACON article). NASA is actually controlled by the NSA. (Note: There is an inside joke amongst those who work for these agencies that that NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) means Never-A-Straight-Answer and that NSA (National Security Agency) means “No Such Agency.” The NSA actually denied its own existence in the early years). The above control of NASA has been
documented by scientists (such as astrophycisist James McCanney) and others who have worked with this agency.
     The Apocalypse and all that goes with it is a subject most people find mysterious and confusing and either dismiss it altogether (calling it “doom ‘n gloom”) – or give faulty interpretations of it. That includes also journalists, scientific “experts,” and religious “experts” as well. Author, Bonnie Gaunt has said that the Apocalypse of Saint John “is the most un-understood book of the Bible.” It most certainly is! I have never seen a subject such as the Apocalypse (or the End Times in general) so badly treated: distorted, falsified, misinterpreted and otherwise ill-treated. Easily, it can be said that most journalists who write on such a topic do not really have a grasp or an in-depth understanding of it to properly discern the truth of such a deep, all-encompassing multi-faceted subject. I can say that because I have devoted most of my life to the in-depth study of this important area of research. I realize most people, including journalists, do not have the time to devote to such a study. I hate to see such a very all-encompassing heavy, serious subject treated so superficially and/or with such incomplete research, or research based on faulty information that has been “put out there” by the “Powers-That-Be.”
     From years and years of research, I have come across several faulty apocalyptic end-time viewpoints, theories and proposed scenarios – some due to honest mistakes or erroneous and/or incomplete research; others because they were deliberately put out by “The-Powers-That-Be” through “official” sources to confuse the whole subject and throw researchers off the track. This particular fact has been documented several times.
     It is done to deceive the masses. You either believe this or you don’t. That is why it is very important to be very discerning in sifting through various pieces of scientific data or purported “truths” to separate fact from fiction. In this particular case (Apocalypse and End Time events) the truth is often stranger than fiction. In some cases, what has been accepted as fact turns out to be fiction and vice-versa. Truth most often, is mixed with error and separating the two without “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” can be a meticulous job. I have made it my objective to carefully penetrate the prevailing “fog of confusion” that has been generated by the controlled media (and even government agencies), and to document what is the true reality. It is not easy, but it is most important it be done RIGHT.
     From the various tell-tale statements of both your writers, I can tell they accept fully the disinformation and faulty “facts” (which are really theories) that have been put out by those forces wishing to control public opinion. There is a reason for this, but that is another subject. (See enclosed APOCALYPSE BEACON article). You need a reality check as to what is truly happening in our apocalyptic world. Your writers also cite some very poor sources that they debunk but that serious researchers don’t even bother with because such sources are simply not trustworthy and are usually mixed with either faulty theories and /or deliberate disinformation. Take the Planet X subject, for example. In Claire Wolfe’s article, A Brief History of the End of the World - the section Planet X aka Nibiru, it is said, “The story originated …” with “Nancy Lieder who … claimed … she was contacted by aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system…” No doubt, Claire Wolfe got this from one of the Zeta-talk websites. Serious researchers on this subject (Astrophycisist James McCanney, Marshall Masters, etc.) don’t bother with such fraudulent material. As for myself, I don’t touch any of the Zeta-talk websites because their information is faulty and seems to be deliberate misinformation put out to confuse and to deceive.
     Furthermore, the Planet X “story” did not “originate with Nancy Lieder” but first broke into print shortly after NASA discovered it in 1983 via IRAS (infra-red astronomical satellite). In following years the story was “buried” and officially denied.
     One more thing on Planet X: You have a drawing on page 10 that depicts Planet X crashing into the Earth. No serious researcher of the subject has ever claimed such a crazy scenario. We are talking about a fly-by, not a collision. Planet X can effect the Earth (and the Sun) at a distance. Here we are talking about millions of miles - from this distance it can cause a lot of interference between magnetic fields. (This has been recorded in history by ancient cultures).
    There is so much more to this, but this letter is already too long. I have some websites and other sources to check out in this regard that is enclosed with this letter for further reference.
     It seems your whole point is not only to debunk Planet X, galactic alignment, pole shifts, etc., but the whole subject of the Apocalypse and the End Times. While I agree that some claims to the above subjects are erroneous and need to be debunked, there are those true claims that deserve a fair hearing. Saint Hierom said it best:

     “The truth has set bounds. But evil and falsehood multiplies without end; and the more those evils are pursued, the more errors they produce. We seek no conquest over our adversaries; but only that truth may overcome falsehood.”

     While it is true that it is not the end of the world, it is also true that it is the end of an age and a transition into another. (One could say however, that it is the end of the world as we know it – meaning there will be great changes coming – but yes, the world will still be here on December 22, 2012 and long after.
     So what I’m saying is that while some claims need debunking, not all fall in that category. (Often the true claims are suppressed by official agencies and have a hard time seeing the “light of day”). This is true of not only Planet X but the long-count Mayan calendar, the galactic alignment (actually it is not so much an alignment that matters but our solar system’s passing through the galactic gravitational plane), gamma ray bursts (the role of gamma rays covered very well by scientists Paul La Violette) and a great deal more. There is a fair amount of credible information out there, but it takes hard work and long hours to find it, sift it, discern it and remove fact from fiction or truth from error. This is a serious, hard process that takes experience as well as discernment. The importance of this should be apparent to the real truth-seeker in this age of confusion. This process is based on a simple principle best expressed by Father Hecker:

     “Seek for truth amidst the error, establish its existence, applaud it, and endeavor to make it a basis for further truth and a fulcrum for the overthrow of the error connected with it.”

     2012 is not like the Y2K of 2000 except to say that yes, the world will still be here in 2013 but in what condition? (In fact the years 2012-2019 could prove very interesting in regard to end-time apocalyptic events). True, the world is NOT going to end, but with the entire solar system will begin a crossover into a very dense area, the gravitational plane known as the galactic equinox. This will only BEGIN to happen in late 2012 into 2013 and last several years to make the complete crossover. It is a transition that will be accompanied by several apocalyptic events (i.e. geomagnetic pole reversal, planet X fly-by (the reason why it’s known as the “Planet of the Crossing”), solar storm maximum in 2013, seismic upheavals increasing, weather extremes getting even more extreme, etc.).
     As to where we are on this apocalyptic cosmic clock – read Mathew 24:3-14 to get an approximate idea. It’s all happening now!
     I do hope you take this seriously for we are facing something as a civilization, we have never faced before in our history – and so much more could be said about that, but you need to do your own research. I have provided you with a few of the best sources – there are others of course. Of course if you are really not interested in the true evidence but only reacting to all the hype about the “end of the world” falsehoods, then you may not care about the deeper aspects of this End of Days closing age. I would hope that your magazine is about helping people with the truth and not just out to “sell a lot of magazines.”
     I can’t just sit by and see such confusion on this subject continue. For this reason I have written numerous articles, six books – five of which belong to a complete 5-volume set called The Apocalypse Unfolds which contain very in-depth research on all facets of this End of the Age Apocalypse. I hope in some way my effort has aided your understanding of this very important and serious subject. (Note: Gaining knowledge is one thing but gaining an understanding of that knowledge is another). I hope this letter is of some help in this regard.

Sincerely for the truth,
Diamond Star



     It has been confirmed that a Brown Dwarf comet-like object with six or seven moons has broken through the oort cloud ( a cloud of comets, asteroids, etc. approximately one light year from our Sun beyond the Kuiper (asteroid) belt at the edge of our solar system). In 2010 Planet X passed between Jupiter and Mars (no doubt picking up asteroids from the asteroid belt along the way, adding to its space debris). It has been reported that Planet X is traveling with a debris field a quarter of a million miles wide.
     The search for Planet X has been going on for decades (since the 1950s) and was first detected by NASA in 1983 using a infra-red (IRAS) telescope. The Vatican, the European Space Agency (ESA) and other space agencies have joined in the search, tracking and monitoring this “Wormwood” comet of the Apocalypse. All space agencies across the world have spent billions of dollars in this effort. They have built telescopes and observatories specifically for this purpose.
     The most notable of these are the following: Hubble Space Telescope due to be abandoned was refitted and upgraded instead; the South Pole Telescope (SPT) was flown to Antarctica in parts by a C-130 cargo plane and assembled to specifically track Planet X as it came in from the South; the Spitzer telescope launched on August 25, 2003 by NASA in a unique Earth-trailing orbit around the Sun; the International Concordia Explorer is a robotic telescope located at the Concordia Base in Antarctica since December 1997; the Pan-Starrs (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) is a planned array of cameras and telescopes that began operation on May 13, 2010; the SOPHIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infra-red Astronomy is a joint effort of NASA and the German Aerospace Center and began operation mounted on a 747 jumbo jet on May 26, 2010; and the Chandra infra-red telescope that began operation on July 23, 1999 and has used in addition to infra-red capabilities, the capability to detect X-ray emissions from nebulas, stars including Planet-X, etc.
     In addition to the above infra-red telescopes, the Vatican has its own observatories and telescopes, some of which were built with Wormwood or Planet X in mind. There is of course the official Vatican Observatory Foundation located at Castel Gandolfo, Italy. Then there is the telescope named SILOE which is sponsored by the Vatican, a space probe specifically built to locate and track Planet X. It was built in Area 51 (approximately in 1990) and orbited by space-flight capable top-secret Aurora. It was built with a radio telescope capable of detecting anomalous celestial bodies approaching our solar system. .
     Also specifically built to track Planet X was the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) located at the Mount Graham International Observatory in Arizona and started operation in 1993. This telescope is said to be a joint operation between the University of Arizona and the Jesuits from the Vatican, but the Vatican clearly runs the operation according to Father Malachi Martin.
     There is still another large telescope that the Vatican appears to be involved in running and that is the one called L.U.C.I.F.E.R. (an acronym for Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extra-galactic Research) set up by a consortium of astronomers from Germany, Italy and the United States and located on top of Mount Graham, Arizona, right next to the Vatican’s observatory.
     All these observatories and telescopes with billions and billions of dollars spent to locate and track Planet X and its mini solar system as it travels inbound. All this, but nothing admitted publicly as to what the real purpose is of such expensive space programs.
     Nibiru or Planet X is a large Brown Dwarf and is extremely dense, has a very strong magnetic field that is definitely affecting the planets of our solar system as it passes through on its way around the Sun. The Sun is being affected by this rapid approach and in turn is affecting the weather of all the planets. (Note: In addition, our solar system is passing through the gravitational plane (the dark rift) or equinox of our galaxy. This is a denser area of cosmic dust and debris that is also affecting our Sun causing great changes in radiation and energy output. It is increasing the densities and brightness of the atmospheres of the planets including our Earth).
     As Nibiru passes by the Earth (which could be as early as very late December, 2012 or the early part of 2013), it will cause at least a partial pole-shift. There are sources that say this passing of Planet X and partial pole-shift won’t occur until sometime between July, 2013 and July, 2014. A geomagnetic pole reversal is also possible. A marked increase or “spike” in seismic and volcanic activity can be expected along with even more extreme weather.


     Introduction to the Brown Dwarf/Planet X System. The public at large for the most part have not heard of Planet X. Often when someone does hear of it they dismiss it because it is made to look ridiculous and confusing by the mainstream media (if and when they do speak of it). As we shall see this is done deliberately by the Powers-That- Be for they do not want anyone to become aware of the truth concerning this subject.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


    As the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system draws ever nearer, the disinformation campaign has climbed to never before seen levels. New technology exploitation has made it possible to falsify as never before, images of the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system. According to www.yowusa.com the number of reports has increased considerably and flooded the internet. Two-thirds of these reports are of hoaxed images and/or disinformation. This has been occurring from November, 2014 throsugh to late January, 2015. Such reports have since dropped back to normal levels.
     It was in November, 2014 that the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system went into conjunction directly opposite of Earth on the other side of the Sun, well beyond the orbit of Jupiter. You can see Marshall Masters’ video at www.yowusa.com  Planet X System Update No. 1
     Also go to www.yowusa.com  Planet X Forshadowing to gain an insight on how the media are using certain literary devices to foreshadow the coming of the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system.
     Also go to www.bobfletcherinvestigations.com underground webpage to see how the New World Order elite have prepared their underground sanctuaries for this coming cataclysmic event.
     A recent video on this incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system has been posted on the internet. You can see it below. More Planet X videos can be seen here.