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Building a Christ-Centered Community

Our Heavenly Mother and the Celestials have asked us to become true Christians; to become self sufficient religious as well as lay communities; communities that are Christ-centered.
     This Christ-centered community at the Shrine is to be Benedictine.  The Celestials have asked us "to live a true Christian life and be the teachers for the rest of the people and ... the children." (Feb. 24, 1978).  They warned "Time is short; to bring our pepole in as true Benedictines, all of the true Shrine people."  They further admonished us to "live the St. Benedictine rules," for then we could count on support from others and that possibly a priest would come to help establish it.
     In order to bring such a thing about one must become a true Christian; "They must become true Christians and be an example for this community and the surrounding area so that they all look upon you people in astonishment instead of criticism.  Live a true christian life, which means a complete change over of you lives.  Your own lives have to be put back of you and live a new life...  Now become true christians and live that life with your whole heart and soul." (March 3, 1978).
     Through a Christ-centered community where Christ sacramentally dwells such a true christian way of life can be established.  But this means one has to completely change his life.  Though he is in the world he should not be of the world.  he must put the spiritual life of his soul ahead of material or worldly desires.
     It is time for a CALL TO HOLINESS for the religious and the laymen through the Eucharistic Lord and through the consecration of one's life to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  We as Christians should also seek to sanctify our lives by a special devotion to the Holy Ghost who, as Pope Leo XIII put it', "is the never ceasing Fount of Light, Strength, Consolation, and Holiness."

Enthrone Your Home To The Sacred Heart

     Heaven has asked that we enthrone our home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It is especially important now during these perilous apocalyptic times.  St. Joseph says:
     "There must be more unity, devotion between the families and the homes.  All homes should have the enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which has been asked for many, many years ago.  It is not for just a few chosen ones, but it's for all men, the sinner as well as the good.  It's not for the good alone that He pleads: it's for the sinner that they rejoice when they enthrone themselbes to the Heart of Jesus with true humility and devout prayers.  Then Heaven rejoices when the greatest sinner comes forth" )June16, 1970 - Feast of the Sacred Heart Anniversary.)

     Enthronement Kit available: contains Enthronement booklet, 2 pictures (Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart), registration form, explanation of enthronement and prayers.  $7.50 each.

The Medal Cross of St. Benedict

     The medal of St. Benedict is the most highly indulgenced medal in the Catholic Church.  When the exorcism blessings are applied by a Benedictine Priest, the medal has power over evil: storms, poisons, pestilence, the Devil's legion, etc.  You must use the medal by calling down the intercession of St. Benedict.  (Use by dipping in liquids, placing on/in important machinery, structures, etc.).
     It is possible to gain a plenary or a partial indulgence on many Feast days of our Lord, the Blessed Mother, the Apostles and many Saints, by carrying or wearing the medal; invoking the intercession of St. Benedict; and, praying for the abolishment of heresy.
     While blessing the St. Benedict medal, the priest places the exorcism blessing of St. Benedict and St. Maurus on the medal.  St. Maurus is a great Benedictine Saint.

     FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL PROTECTION AND STRENGTH:  Pray the Rosary daily!  Wear a wool brown scapular and the green scapular!  Wear a crucifix and St. Benedict medal!  Each day while praying, ask for all indulgences that you may or may not know about.  Indulgences are numerous and applied to almost every prayer or good work, and may be applied to those in Purgatory.


     Heaven here at Necedah pleaded with us many times to "become true Christians."  We need to get to basics concerning our Catholic Christian faith.  We need to examine simple, often over-looked or taken for granted, principles that for the most part have been forgotten in today's hectic, materialistic modern world.  These simple principles involve what it means to be a Christian; what the term, "catholic" really means; why "to know, love and serve" is so important; and the five virtues of Christian perfection and what they mean to our sanctification.

The True Catholic Christian

     The term "Catholic Church" was first used in a letter of Saint Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans about the year 110.  The modern use of the word "catholic" as applied to the Christian Church as part of its title did not come about until after the Protestant revolt in the mid sixteenth century.
     The word "catholic," according to the Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language, Catholic Digest Edition, comes from two Greek words: "Kata," thorough, and "holos," whole.  When the truths of God and of our Christian religion are thoroughly (kata) comprehended by the mind, and when these truths are basically whole (holos) or complete, they are then considered universal.  This concept of our Christian Faith is termed "catholic."  So the term "catholic" does not designate a religion per se, that is it is not a name of a religion, but it is an appellate to the term, Christian, denoting what type of Christian or Christian Church.  So the one true religion is named after Christ, being called Christian and is Catholic in nature as opposed to Protestant, etc..  (Other Christian denominations though Christian being named after Christ are not whole or thorough in concept nor whole in doctrinal truths and therefore not catholic.)
On this point as to what makes our religion, Necedah revelation cautions, "The word 'catholic' does not make the religion.  It is you as an individual that makes that religion true or false.  It is up to you to follow Christ or follow Satan.  Get your mind clarified. (July 22, 1979)  So what does it mean to be a true Christian?  A Christian is a person who (1) professes a belief in Christ who is the Son of God; (2) follows the teachings and doctrines of Christ; and (3) manifests the Spirit of Christ through the love of God and his neighbor with his whole mind and sould with all his strength.

To Know, Love, and Serve God

     However, for one to profess a belief in Christ, he must first come to KNOW Christ, and second, for one to follow the teachings of Christ, he must first LOVE Christ with his whole heart and soul; and third, in order to manifest the Spirit of Christ, he must first SERVE Christ through word and deed.
This point brings us to the question asked in the Baltimore catechism:  "Why did God make us?"  "To KNOW, LOVE, and SERVE God in t his world so that we can be happy with Him in the next."  So it stands to reason that in order to be happy with HGod in the next world (Heaven), then we must first come to KNOW, LOVE, and SERVE God in this world (Earth).  This is the reason we exist.  Note the order given: First, to KNOW; second, to LOVE; and third, to SERVE.  It also stands to reason that we don't serve someone we don't love; and we don't love someone we don't know.  So therefore to the degree we KNOW God (and His Creation) to that degree we will LOVE Him and to the degree we LOVE Him to that degree we will SERVE Him.
So it behooves us to do our best to learn all we can about God, His Creation, His teachings, His Word, His Law, etc.. so that we come to love and serve Him better in this world so that we can be happy with Him in Heaven.  In so doing we will be fulfilling the two Greatest Commandments: First, though shall love they Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole sould, and with they whole mind, and with thy whole strength; second, though shall love they neighbor as thyself.
 It is through such an understanding of these important truths that we shall perfect ourselves as true Christians with fortitude and perseverance.

The virtues of True Christian Perfection

+     PATIENCE:  This is the quality or virtue of bearing pain or trial without complaint.  One is able to sustain afflictions with fortitude.  A person who is patient is calm and collected.  He is submissive to the will of God and is diligent, long-suffering, and persevering in his station in life.
+      PENANCE:  To do penance is to subject oneself to suffering in the repentance of sin and in the course of his duties as an expression of his love and dedication to God.
+      PRUDENCE: 
This is the quality of being cautious, provident, and using practical wisdom, good judgment, discretion in thought and action.
+      PURITY:  Purity is irradiated from the mind and the soul and thus affects the quality of purity throughout creation.  It is the quality of being pure, that is, a quality of being stainless, chaste, clean, innocent, genuine, unpolluted, and thus free from anything that would impair or defile.  (The purity of science is directly affected by the purity of the light irradiated from the souls of individuals that make up that society).
+      PIETY:  The fact of being pious causes a soul to reach its highest perfection in his spiritual qualities.  One has reverence for God and all that is sacred and noble.  He exhibits truthfulness and fidelity to God, country and family in his conduct, obligations, and duties.
     When taken together these five virtues form a means by which one's character and spirituality is strengthened.  When one is patient in bearing trials and tribulations, being submissive to the will of God, he opens himself up to God's grace to work within his soul.
     He is then able to do penance in the course of his duties in life and through these repetitive and devotional acts is drawn closer to God and therefore is an influence for good in his community.  This leads to prudence, for now he is able to perceive more truthfully using good judgment and practical wisdom in his daily affairs.
     As the Christian perfects himself, he seeks only that which is of a Godly purity; a purity that has a healing effect upon his souls so that only goodness, truthfulness, and holiness shines forth.
     When reaching this state of perfection, he develops a piety that imparts nobleness, honorableness, and a strength of character so profound it is rarely seen on Earth except in the greatest of saints.  They do everything for the greater honor and glory of God and for the benefit of mankind.  Such Christian perfection is not impossible but certainly difficult especially when the social and cultural climate of one's environment has become so polluted with the evilness so prevalent today.
     Christian perfection is the key to strengthening ourselves, the true remnant Church of these End Times, against the great tribulations about to befall us.  Down through the centuries the Christian has been called unto his sanctification by the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  As darkness falls, time is growing ever shorter to answer the call to Christian perfection.


added 9/22/2012

As dark clouds gather on our immediate event horizon and troubles of all kinds affect us (drought, floods, storms, earthquakes, wildfires, financial difficulties, etc.), people are naturally becoming more concerned, upset and desperate about facing an uncertain future.  With economic collapse, war, civil strife and Earth changes intensifying, this is a time to turn to God and His Holy Mother.

     There is a whole historical record of miraculous happenings wrought through prayer, especially the Rosary and the intercession of angels.  We turn first to miracles or victories gained through the power of the Rosary.




1214:  The Rosary and Saint Dominic’s Defeat of Heresy.  In the twelfth and thirteenth century France, a group of heretical Albigensians were teaching erroneous ideas that undermined the faith and destroyed the minds of the Catholic faithful.  These heretical ideas encouraged suicides, self-induced starvation – all because the Albigensians believed the body was intrinsically evil and the soul had to be liberated from it at all costs.

     At such times Divine Providence raises up great saints.  God raised up Saint Dominic, born of noble lineage, who received the Rosary from Our Lady in the year 2014.  Our Lady gave the Rosary as a weapon to combat the awful Albigensian heresy.

     “The Rosary as we know it today took some time to develop.  After Saint Dominic died in the year 1221, the Rosary was almost immediately forgotten.  However, in 1464 Our Lord, Our Lady, and Saint Dominic appeared to Blessed Alan de la Roche, a Dominican friar, after which he preached the Rosary until his death in 1475.  This tremendous apostolate by Blessed Alan de la Roche, through the direct intercession of Our Lady, made the Rosary a widespread devotion.  The fifteen mysteries as we know them came about through the many confraternities founded after Blessed Alan de la Roche’s preaching, and were formalized with Pope Saint Pius V’s encyclical.”  (“Miracles Linked to the Rosary” – America Needs Fatima website).


1571:  The Battle of Lepanto.  This battle was a crucial conflict between the Christians and the Ottoman Turks, one of the greatest naval battles of all time.  The Christian lands around Greece and the Mediterranean were constantly getting sacked by Muslim pirates and Imperial warships were ravaging the land.  It was at this point in time when Pope Saint Pius V saw the great need to raise a Crusade against these heathen Muslims.

     The Battle of Lepanto took place on October 7 (Feast of the Most Holy Rosary).  “At the end of the Crusades, Catholic naval forces, in a battle with Muslim forces, were at a decided disadvantage in numbers and resources.  Knowing the odds for victory were poor, St. Pope Pius V requested all of Europe to pray the rosary.  While performing his duties in the Vatican miles away from battle, the good Pope is said to have suddenly stood up at the moment of victory, gone over to a window and exclaimed, ‘The Christian fleet is victorious!’ while shedding tears of gratitude to God.  Through the power of the Rosary, the Catholic forces soundly defeated the Muslim Turks.  In another point of interest, Admiral Andrea Doria commanding the Catholic forces carried a small image of Our Lady of Guadalupe into battle.  This image is now venerated in the Church of San Stefano in Aveto, Italy.”  (“Miraculous Rosary” – Famous Rosary Miracles, pp 2 & 3).


1945:  Rosary Miracle at Hiroshima.  Even in the midst of a powerful nuclear bomb blast the Rosary can protect those consecrated to Christ and His Holy Mother.  Such an event happened on August 6, 1945.

     “There was a home eight blocks from where the A-Bomb went off in Hiroshima, Japan.  This house had a church attached to it which was complexly destroyed, but the house survived, and so did the eight German Jesuit missionaries who prayed the rosary in that house faithfully every day.  These men were missionaries to the Japanese people, they were non-military, but because Germany and Japan were allies during WWII they were permitted to live and minister within Japan during the war.  Not only did they all survive with (at most) relatively minor injuries, but they all lived well past that awful day with no radiation sickness, no loss of hearing, or any other visible long term defects or maladies.  Naturally, they were interviewed numerous times (Fr. Schiffer, a surviver, said over 200 times) by scientists and health care people about their remarkable experience and they say ‘we believe that we survived because we were living the message of Fatima.  We lived and prayed the rosary daily in that home.’  Of course the secular scientists are speechless and incredulous at this explanation – and they are sure there is some ‘real’ explanation – but at the same time over 55 years later the scientists are still absolutely bamboozled when it comes to finding a plausible scenario to explain the missionary’s unique excape from the hellish power of that bomb.”  (“Rosary Miracle – Safe in the Midst of Hiroshima Nuclear Blast!’ – Holy Souls website).


1955:  The Rosary Frees Austria From Communist Rule.  “After World War II, Austria was divided between four countries:  America, France, the United Kingdom, and Russia.  At the time, Russia was still communist.

The section of Austria controlled by the communists was the richest, and included the city of Vienna.  The Viennese were subject to all the atrocities and tyrannies of communism.  However, in 1946, Fr. Petrus Pavlicek, after making a pilgrimage to Mariazell, the principle Marian shrine in Austria, was told by an interior voice: ‘Do as I say and there will be peace.’”

     “To obey this inspiration of Our Lady, Fr. Pevlicek founded the Holy Rosary Crusade of Reparation in 1947.  This Crusade consisted of the Viennese faithful coming out of their homes in order to participate in a public Rosary procession in the streets of the city.

The intentions of the Rosary were for the end of communism in their country and in the world.  At first, the processions were miniscule, but in time they grew to staggering proportions.  In 1955, after eight years spreading the word about the Crusade throughout Austria, the Rosary processions would reach sizes of half a million people, about

1/10 of the Austrian population.”

      Although Austria was of great value to Soviet Russia, because of its strategic location and rich resources, on May 13, 1955 the anniversary of the first appearance of Our Lady at Fatima, the atheistic regime, in an unprecedented move, signed an agreement to leave Austria.  Not one person was killed and not one shot was fired.

Through the help of Our Lady, the Russian Soviet forces finally pulled out of Austria in October of 1955.  Today, historians and military strategists still cannot explain how or why the Russians pulled out of Austria.

1962-1964:  The Rosary Saves Brazil From Communism.  Impoverished nations at this time in history were easy targets for communist takeover.  Cuba had just fallen to the Soviets in 1960.  President of Brazil, Joao Goulart, was pushing for a communist form of government.

     With Catholicism still strong in the country, Cardinal de Barros Camara told the people in a weekly radio broadcast to follow the directives of Our Lady of Fatima – to say the Rosary and to do penance to thwart the communist threat.  Of course, President Goulart mocked the Rosary, saying government control, not saying the Rosary would save Brazil from economic collapse.

      A woman named Dono Amelia Bastos was concerned about the communist threat (her husband was a member of the Anti-Reds) and formed a group called Campaign of Women for Democracy and started to recruit as many women as possible to say the Rosary.  In a town called Belo Horizonte a group of 20,000 women saying the Rosary aloud broke up a pro-communist rally.

     “With the help of heaven and the strong influence of Archbishop Cardinal de Barros Camara, Dona Amelia recruited an amazing 600,000 women who marched in Sao Paulo to pray the rosary for peace.  They called their protest, ‘March of the Family with God Toward Freedom,’

under the declaration, ‘Mother of God preserve us from the fate and suffering of the martyred women of Cuba, Poland, Hungary, and other enslaved nations.’  Leone Brizola, a Communist high government official, left in a rage when his planned speech was thwarted by the rattling of 3,000 rosaries and the murmuring of prayers in the assembly hall.  Not one life was lost in this most amazing peaceful anti-Communist protest, which is described by many witnesses as, ‘One of the most moving demonstrations in Brazillian history.’  Many more rosary rallies were held in major cities in spite of threats of military action against the crusading women.

     “Under this mounting pressure, on April 1, 1964 President Goulart fled the country along with many members of the government.”

(“Miraculous Roary” – Famous Rosary Miracles, p 7).


 1986:  The Rosary Defeats a Philippino Dictatorship.  “The citizens of the Philippines were poor and starving while President Marcos and his wife Imelda lived in lavish luxury.  To this day people make jokes about Imelda Marcos’s shoes because she had 3,000 pairs, along with 15 mink coats, 1,000 purses, and 508 fancy gowns.  The people wanted to elect a new president, Bennigno Aquino, nicknamed Ninoy.  He was assassinated right in front of this wife and family as he stepped off a plane to run for office in Manila.  After this brutal murder, Ninoy’s wife Corazon ‘Cory’ Aquino became active in protests against the Marcos regime.  The people clamored for Cory to run for President, and when they presented her with one million signatures urging her to do so, she fulfilled the people’s wishes.  Marcos called a snap election day on February 7, 1986 which turned out to be a bloody, violent and fraud-filled event.  President Marcos, declared the winner by his corrupt government, took control of the media and sent out the military to quell any protests.  Cardinal Sin of the Archdiocese of Manila urged a peaceful protest and the Catholic people came out in droves.  They surrounded the military tanks and armed soldiers, prayed the rosary, and sang religious and protest songs.  Holy Masses and prayer vigils took places in churches.  This prayerful protest continued for almost a week when unexpectedly, the soldiers stepped away from their tanks, put down their guns, and joined the peaceful crowd.  President Marcos fled the country on February 26, 1986 and the whole nation took to the streets in celebration.  Prayers of thanksgiving and holy masses were held in gratitude to God.  As the new President, Cory Aquino made sweeping changes and the Philippines became a free and democratic country.  To this day people are in awe that the evil, corrupt regime of Marcos was completely overturned through peaceful means.”  (Ibid, p 3).


     To this point we have presented cases where the power of the Rosary said by thousands saved a nation, etc. from war, revolution, etc. of the Evil Forces.  Below we present cases of individuals who received protection and help in time of threat or crisis.


1978:  The Rosary Stops Serial Killer.  “At 3:00 am on January 15 Bundy entered the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University and murdered two girls before heading off to search for more victims.

When he entered a third girl’s room with a bat for a weapon, he saw a rosary clutched in her hand, dropped the bat and fled.

     “Later the girl told authorities that before she left for college she had promised her grandmother that she would pray the rosary every night for protection, even if she fell asleep in the process.  This is what she had done that night, and she was still holding the rosary when the murderer entered her room.  Bundy later confessed to over thirty murders.

     “Father Joseph M. Esper says in his book With Mary to Jesus, ‘Ironically, when Ted Bundy was on death row, awaiting execution for his crimes, he asked Monsignor Kerr to serve as a spiritual counselor, and the priest took the opportunity to ask about that terrible night.

Bundy explained that when he entered the girl’s room, he had fully intended on murdering her; some mysterious power was preventing him.’

     “Father Esper adds, ‘And not only does it (the rosary) aid our own spiritual growth – it also undermines the kingdom of Satan.  The famous Vatican exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth testified, ‘One day a colleague of mine heard the devil say during an exorcism, ‘Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head.  If Christians knew how powerful the Rosary was, it would be my end.’  (“Miraculous Rosary” – Famous Rosary Miracles, p 5).


2001:  Rosary Saves Man’s Life on September 11.  A man from New York who had fallen away from the Catholic Church and had not gone to confession in years, attended a Fatima presentation.  After the presentation, the New Yorker took home a rosary and a rosary guide and started praying the Rosary and going to the sacraments.

      Months later he was in the World Trade Center at the very moment the attacks took place.  When the fireball erupted, the man fled his office and tried running down the stairs to safety.  However, he met a big obstacle.  The fire doors had locked and he was trapped in the stairwell, listening to screams of those people burning inside the building.  He tried to pry the heavy doors open with his hands but it was futile.

     Instead of panicking, he felt calm.  He grabbed his Rosary and prayed to the Blessed Mother for help.  Within minutes, firemen reached his floor, broke down the fire doors and set him free.






     There are countless true stories of the Angels of God intervening and helping people in time of need and distress.  One could cite the case of a young woman walking home alone at night where on a street a man loitering watched her.  It was discovered later he was a known rapist but yet made no attempt to harm her.  As it turns out he testified later, after being caught by police, that he saw two large men (angels) which she didn’t know she had, walking beside her.

     Then there is the case of a family who were on a camping vacation.  The family was approached by six men on motorcycles who demanded their wallets and valuables.  They then ran to their motorcycles and left in a big hurry, leaving behind what they had intended to steal.  Photographs taken at the time that were later developed, showed angels around the family protecting them.

     We could go on and on citing case after case but there are simply too many to recount here.  The fact of the matter is angels play an important role in our lives, guiding and protecting us.  Angels are mentioned more than 300 times in Sacred Scripture, acting alone or in groups, forming heavenly courts, bringing messages to mankind and protecting individuals, organizations, churches and nations.

     Joan Wester Anderson, Catholic researcher and author, has investigated numerous accounts of angelic encounters.  She noted how accounts fell into one of several groups: those who saw angels in human form; those who had seen a light or lights, heard a voice or felt a touch; and still others who “felt” a presence.  There are yet others who do not see or hear nor feel a presence of angels, but others see angels around those being protected.

     Joan Anderson tells us, “Theologians maintain that although angels can and do appear as humans, their image is not necessary for their presence to be there; God and His messengers are just as close to those who do not see them as to those who do.  Certainly there must be times when we never realize that an angel ministered to us.  We feel a nudge, a mysterious urge to do something a bit out of character.  Or something is, oddly, taken care of for us.  Perhaps a sudden flash of insight is actually a spirit interceding to keep us safe and healthy.”

     Anderson notes also, in studying cases of angelic encounters, that “there does seem to be one common denominator.  Author and angel scholar Betty Malz notes that angelic protection never seems to occur when people are deliberately breaking the laws of society or even the natural law – for example, taking risks by speeding down a highway, or stealing from or abusing others.  Following one’s own headstrong will or charging into danger waiting for God to rescue us, says Malz, apparently moves us out of the ‘safety zone’ in which angels operate.”

     She notes further that, “Many of these stories confirm Malz’s

observation:  Contributors were asking for assistance or somehow ‘tune in’ to the heavenly realm when help occurred.  Some suggested a similar theory:  Unless we deliberately invoke their aid, angels can help only in a limited way.”  (WHERE ANGELS WALK by Joan Wester Anderson – pp 18 & 20).

     Angels are given to us to help lift our souls heavenward, to protect and guide us, especially in time of need or tribulation.

Angels have made a great difference in the lives of many, but it is important to stay in the grace of God to be found worthy of this angelic protection and guidance.

     So as we face a very uncertain and confusing apocalyptic future, it is time we had better all get our “spiritual houses” in order, frequent the sacraments, make use of sacramentals, and pray the Rosary daily for our Divine protection and guidance in the dark and perilous days ahead.

     It is important to enthrone our homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to consecrate ourselves to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.

     Our Lady at Fatima gave us the last two remedies in this time of the decisive battle between this Woman of the Apocalypse and Satan:

the Holy Rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Sister Lucy told Father Augustin Fuentes this very thing in the last interview granted on December 26, 1957.  Lucy further commented on this.  “And being the last remedies … the final one means that there will be no others.”

     Sister Lucy further stated that “Prayer and sacrifice are the two means to save the world.  As for the Holy Rosary, Father, in these last times in which we are living, the Blessed Virgin has given a new efficacy to the praying of the Holy Rosary.  This in such a way that there is no problem that cannot be resolved by praying the Rosary, no matter how difficult it is – be it temporal or above all spiritual – in the spiritual life of each of us or the lives of our families, be they our families in the world or Religious Communities, or even in the lives of peoples and nations.

     “I repeat, there is no problem, as difficult as it may be, that we cannot resolve at this time by praying the Holy Rosary.  With the Holy Rosary we will save ourselves, sanctify ourselves, console Our Lord and obtain the salvation of many souls.”  (“Sister Lucy’s Last Public Interview in 1957” by Father Augustin Fuentes.  Tradition In Action website).

     The Blessed Virgin Mary at Necedah (June 16, 1950) further emphasized the Rosary but also to live clean lives and to live the Ten Commandments:

     “You must live clean lives – live the Ten Commandments.  They are not impossible to live up to as some of you seem to think.  God does not make laws that are impossible.

     “Don’t hide and do evil things in the darkness of the basement, then come up and pretend to your neighbors that you are holy.  You must keep the Commandments of God.  God would not have given them to you, if you could not keep them.  You can, and you must!

     “You children of God who are sick and crippled, you must pray with your hearts; have wholehearted faith and you will be helped.  You must not only try to pray, but you must pray the Rosary daily, do penance, make sacrifices daily to convert Russia.  You must pray yourself.  Get on your knees and pray hard yourself, and you will be heard.”