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The Apocalypse Unfolds - Apocalytic Twilight Zone

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In these End of Days worldwide spiritual darkness fell,
As across the landscape tolls the apocalyptic bell.

As ominous signs show the coming death knell,
Most people much too busy to even tell.

But mad scientists are using CERN to open the Gates of Hell,
Sick men violating God’s Laws of Nature wherein He dwells.

Already the Earth is quaking causing strange tides and sea swells,
Gone rampant are wildfires, floods and drought causing dried up wells.

Morally depraved people everywhere flaunting God’s Laws,
In their sick behavior they can’t see their own corruptive flaws.

But God is merciful – He’s sending them so many signs,
Too bad the people are too preoccupied to see; too much on their minds.

But people sensing something “BIG” is about to unfold,
But what that is they don’t seem to know and aren’t being told.

Nonetheless, on and on goes the killing of the unborn,
With families in disfunction; their relations torn.

The U.S. Supreme Court legalized being a sodomite,
Final nail in the coffin, have Christians lost the fight?

The family and society have sunk to new moral lows,
Bringing on God’s wrath with dreadful and fearful woes.

All the portents and signs of the End are there,
Yet people too busy; too preoccupied to care.

The weather has gone wild with drought, flood, and superstorm,
Records everywhere high or low, being broke; nothing is the norm.

Last century volcano eruptions were 35-40 a year,
Now it’s 35-40 a day signaling the End is near.

Earthquakes for 3 months now double what use to be in a year,
People told it’s just over-reporting; there’s nothing to fear.

Sink holes, landslides and more in record numbers; the Earth’s cracking,
But people told it’s just caused by heavy rains or gas well fracking.

Fireballs, meteors and asteroids – once rare and hardly seen at all,
Now number yearly in the thousands, yet even more do they fall.

Marine life and the oceans too are dying,
Yet about these things Officialdom keeps lying.

Fish and fowl, animals of every kind dying in record numbers,
Of these events too, people are told lies; on and on the populace slumbers.

Increased and more severe are rip currents, tidal surges and flooded coastlines,
But all this is evidence of portents and signs of the End Times.

Ocean waters heating up like never before,
Caused by hot magma surging forth from Earth’s core.

Magnetic field fluctuating and weakening causing pole migration,
Bringing on disoriented birds and whacky compass readings; even more consternation.

The North Pole now moving 12 times the normal rate,
At 579 feet per day, it doesn’t seem to abate.

All planets by a strange force now affected,
Orbital discrepancies, atmospheres changing and more being detected.

The outer planets have had definite perturbations,
Far more asteroids and comets coming; what must be their final destinations.

Scientists have found probing inner Earth at this late date,
Earth’s shape changing – it’s now more oblate.

Eskimos say the stars are out of place,
The Moon too has shifted; doesn’t always show the same face.

Sun does not rise or set as it normally once did,
So things are not at all like when most were a kid.

From the Sun we get much more ultraviolet radiation,
Its been measured like all other strangeness; it’s not your imagination.

Skies, rivers, seas, even waterfalls and tree sap all turning blood red,
Over all the Earth is seen – oh what woe and dread.

The Earth now has a bow-shock on its night-side,
That it’s a second solar wind, Officialdom to us won’t confide.

Methane release and ground pressure surpasses all recorded historical values,
Ocean waters acidifying causing hypoxia in all sea animal tissues.

Obviously, things are getting stranger it certainly does seem,
But what does all these signs and portents mean?

Has now arrived the Great Comet of prophecy?
A great terror of the skies, our nemesis for all to see!

Into our solar system another has come called Planet X,
But don’t stare in disbelief as over all this you vex.

Planet X system now incoming – seen as a second sun,
When it gets between us and our star, civilization will be over and done.

You may think this is fear-mongering and fable,
But straight forward I lay my cards face-up on the table.

Why else are all officials prepared to cower in their dens,
If you don’t believe – look underground and you’ll see through a different lens.

They have there virtual cities and bases; silo and bunker,
It’s even in the Bible that in the End that’s where they’ll all hunker.

Officialdom, whether secular or religious know what’s coming you see,
They’ve been tracking it for over 50 years, so they know it better than we.

NASA, ESA, and the Vatican all sent out probes to see what they could find,
They give us disinformation and denial about what they know so we’ll pay it no mind.

We are treated like mushrooms – fed crap and kept in the dark,
Because of this, our future seems bleak and very stark!

Over Planet X disclosure scientists have died,
While Officialdom to us has continually lied!

When it arrives, all will crap their collective pants as into the heavens we stare,
For we’ll know we’ve been had; oh woe and dread, how will we fare?

Old man carrying a sign that says, “The End is Near!”
But if you’re right with God, what have you to fear?

The End Signs have escalated to the extreme, but people still can’t tell,
The End is here; God’s Chastisement now upon us - so tolls the apocalyptic bell.



In the March 5, 1999 issue of Entertainment Weekly, was a picture in their Book Review Section which depicted a skeleton wearing a red cape and on his head was a party-cap with the year 2000 /span> printed on it. In his bony hand he held a quill-pen and in his other arm he was holding the globe of the world. The caption read: "APOCALYPSE NOW - It's the end of the world ! Or at least that's what these three unnerving but mordantly entertaining doomsday books would have us be­lieve." This Book Review by L. S. Klepp mentioned three books: The End of the World edited by Lewis H. Lapham is a mostly first person account of world-class disasters throughout history; A Portable Apocalypse by Allan Appel and Apocalypse Pretty Soon by Alex Heard. Both later books treat the subject in either a light-hearted manner or with joking sarcasm or so it seems based on the review. Though the first book seems to treat the subject seriously it presents a false concept (the end of the world rather than the correct one, the end of an age). All three books, as do many in this day and age, present a distorted view of the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse is very much misunderstood either not taken seriously or considered "doom 'n gloom." When the year 2000 came and went and prophetic events did not erupt on the scene as expected or anticipated, people became disillusioned and began to doubt whether such prophecies were even true. There was neither world-wide chaos nor apocalyptic natural catastro­phes. The scoffers could boast, "See it didn't happen.!"

The above expectations and conclusions came from a faulty view of and an erroneous concept about the Apocalypse. When the attacks 9/11, 2001 happened a new insecurity and uncertainty of the future set in. It was in a word, as some people expressed it, "apocalyptic." New interest and data on various apocalyptic phenomena and developing events began to be manifest. Earth changes in subsequent years (2002-2007) increased in frequency and intensity due in large part to increased solar activity affecting the magnetic fields of all planets in the solar system. Simul­taneously during this same period strange events were taking place (i.e. large numbers of birds mysteriously falling to Earth dead, honey bees mysteriously disappearing (called Colony Col­lapse Disorder, etc.). At the same time, the New World Order was (and still is) advancing its po­lice state agenda, pushing for a North American Union, and increasing surveillance with Mark of the Beast technology (RF1D, vera-chips, etc.) coming dangerously close to completion.

Though we still have some of the extreme views and faulty conceptions of the Apocalypse across the spectrum, we now have serious research being done that has uncovered very credible facts concerning how and when this apocalyptic scenario of the End Times will play out. Solid, well documented research into this End Times scenario with its strange and mysterious happenings is extremely important now more than ever to dispel the erroneous views of the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse has been made sensationalist by some while others have dismissed it as being para­noid or having happened already. False visionaries and self-proclaimed prophets along with tab­loid journalism have thrown the whole subject into a "fog" of confusion.   (Some have even claimed the Warning (also known as the Minor chastisement, the Awakening, the Illumination, the Minor Judgment, etc.)  was going to happen on such and such a date, etc.).  With apocalyptic signs and portents increasingly becoming more pronounced every day it becomes even more imperative that this subject be put into proper perspective so the one knows what to expect and how to prepare  in these uncertain times.  As the saying goes, "Don't be scared, be prepared!"



Originally published:  SHRINE NEWS, Vol. 7, Issue 6, Nov. 2005 "Decoding the Apocalypse" - Unpublished

Apoc. 1:9-11 "I, John, your brother and partner in the tribulation and kingdom and patience that are in Jesus, was on the island which is called Patmos, because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus.

"I was in the spirit on the Lord's day, and I heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, "saying, what thou seest write in a book, and send to the seven churches, to Ephesus, and to Smyrna, and to Pergamum, and to Thyatira, and to Sardis, and to Philadelphia, and to Laodicea."

Bonnie Gaunt, End-Times researcher and author, has said the Book of the Apocalypse "is the most un-understood Book of the Bible."  Indeed it is!  This is partly due to the symbolic and coded passages found within this Book of Revelation, and partly due to faulty interpretations of it as well.  Consequently, to most people, this most important Book of the Bible is more a book of mystery than one of revelation. 

The Apocalypse with all its visions and portents was given to St. John the Divine on the Island of Patmos about the year 96 A.D.  He was commanded to write "the things that are, and the things that are to come hereafter."  (Apoc. 1:19).  Therefore Catholic scholars have told us the Book of the Apocalypse is a revelation of things that were, that are, and that will be.

The writer of the Apocalypse arranged the scenes of these apocalyptic visions in a sevenfold structure; even in subordinate visions the writer keeps this structure.

The Book of the Apocalypse has its own literary form separate and distinct from all others.  This very unique form of writing has encoded within it hidden meanings and symbolic numbers.  Father Shamon tells us, "It grew out of times of persecution.  It was resistance literature, seeking to give hope to the persecuted.  So, it was coded, to keep the persecutor in ignorance."  (APOCALYPSE: THE BOOK OF OUR TIMES by Rev. Albert Shamon, p ix).  Hence the need for this unique form of writing with its coded messages encrypted into its passages.

There is a hidden coded message in the numbers, symbols, and images used as well as a numerical code (called the Gematria).  This type of structured communication is called a cipher.  Several students of the Bible not realizing the foregoing will give faulty interpretations of these encrypted passages.  If we take the literal meaning of a symbol or image used, then we will end up with all kinds of interpretations.  The multiplicity of translations of passages of this enigmatic book has led to all kinds of errors and to the general confusion on the subject.  Hence the need to fully understand the literary form used and the context in which it was written. (The true mean­ing of these coded passages is not to be interpreted but like other revelation, DOCUMENTED with historical facts, scientific data, and Christian doctrine. In addition, Marian revelation, very much so, reinforces what is said in the Book of the Apocalypse.)

Another aspect of the literary form of the Apocalypse that must be comprehended, if one is to truly understand what is being conveyed, is the fact that such writing is cyclic not linear. Western writers think in linear fashion, in a straight line — whereas, Eastern writers think in a cyclic manner. Western writers develop their goal or plot point by point in straight-line progression un­til its conclusion. On the other hand, the Eastern writer presents his message in cyclic fashion repeating the message or what was said just before but in a completely different way. This repeti­tion in cyclic form is called "parallelism." The Hebrews used it in the Book of Psalms. But unlike the Psalms, the writer of the Apocalypse used this repetition not only once but SEVEN TIMES. 

The Book of the Apocalypse then, is a series of ciphered messages describing "End-Times" vi­sions of events and so-forth that were, are, and will be, using various symbols and images in a sevenfold cyclic pattern. Each message given is repeated seven times but in seven completely different imaginative and creative ways. As noted before, the reason for this unique pattern of writing is that the encoded truth is hidden from those of evil intent (and even from those of worldly ways) yet revealing it to those holy souls perceptive and discerning enough to decipher it. 

Keep in mind the context in which this Book was written. It was written during the Christian per­secutions by the Roman Empire where everyone was to owe their allegiance to Caesar as their "Lord and God." One has to understand the Empire of Rome in the early Christian era. covered 21/2 million square miles and encompassed people of different races and religions. Though no religion was universal at the time Caesar was. So, the citizen regardless of his religion or beliefs, had to burn incense before the statue of Caesar once a year and say, "Caesar is Lord and God." Obviously, the Christian could not give the title, Lord and God, to anyone but Christ. Hence, the persecutions of Christians. It was in this "climate of fear" and persecution that the Book of the Apocalypse was written. 

So this most mysterious Book of the Bible was written during a time of great persecution when Caesar was declaring himself God. He was in effect, an anti-god or an anti-Christ, one of several manifesting himself at the time (i.e. Appollonius born in Cappodocia the same year as Christ). There were several more Anti-Christ types yet to come down through the corridors of time to our own End-Times Anti-Christ Lord Maitreya in our present day. 

Another factor to consider regarding this enigmatic book: Several of the visions dealt with events far in the future or "End-Times." Imagine seeing things of a highly technological culture far in advance of one's own! How would he describe it? What words would he use? Thus words chosen (inspired by the Holy Ghost) often had several meanings which transcended through time to de­scribe events and things seen in vision that were beyond normal human understanding. 

The Book of the Apocalypse needs to be taken with all the above in mind with additional help in explaining our End-Time Age coming from the Synoptic Apocalypse of Jesus Christ in the Gos­pels of Mathew, Luke, and Mark. Additional help is gained from what lias been referred to as the Apocalypse of Daniel. The focus of these synoptic texts is on the future apocalyptic events in our time.

One last point to consider concerning this Book of End Time events: Catholic scholars tell us this Last Book of the Bible is one of hope, for it assures the Church of Christ's Coming Victory even though the precise nature and time of this victory is hidden with God. This Book is also one of warning, that because of sin the attainment of this victory will not be without struggle against evil forces; and not without sufferings and sacrifices of God's End-Time apostles, His chosen in the Remnant Church on Earth.

In addition, we have the Woman of the Apocalypse appearing all over the globe for the past 150 years or so adding this Virgin of Revelation's own messages of hope and warnings.

So the Apocalypse need not be all "doom 'n gloom" but is a time of hope and great expectations. Though there are ominous events of great portent taking place, there are also incredible and fan­tastic discoveries and wonders being uncovered. Even though we know we will face persecu­tions, tribulations and hardships, there will also be great promises fulfilled and graces and protec­tions afforded the End-Tunes Christian. Though the Apocalypse has its dark and foreboding side, it also has its hopeful and glorious side.

So there is a great need to study the Apocalypse in proper context; to put it in proper perspective so as to gain a greater understanding of the End-Times in which we now live.

"Read the Apocalypse for most of it is true today. Just as we are in the Fifth Siege now ...   drawing to a climax."                                                                   Necedah, December 4.1959

"Study the Apocalypse. It is as true now as at anytime."        Necedah, February 26,1966

"Much of the Apocalypse is in force right now."                  Necedah, September 29,1970



APOCALYPSE 12:1. "And a great sign appeared in heaven; A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon was under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars."

The Woman of the Apocalypse as described above applies to the Church on Earth as "Children of Light" united under the Blue Mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary engaged in the ongoing conflict with the ancient Serpent.  In Genesis 3:15 God said to the Serpent, "I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed; she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." This ancient prophecy has yet to be completed. Final victory over the Serpent will only come to pass after man heeds the warning of the Mother of God. Through Her intercession Christ will crush the Serpent and chain him to the bottomless pit.

It is important to the study of the Apocalypse to understand the role the Woman of the Apoca­lypse. the Blessed Virgin Mary's role is in this End Times scenario. This Virgin of the Revela­tion through Her Apparitions on Earth for the past 150 years "is being sent by God to open this book" (of the Apocalypse) as given to Father Gobbi by Mary, #366; for it has been entrusted to Her by the Most Holy Trinity. It is this Virgin of Virgins Who through Her many prophetic vi­sions and revelations, is imparting an understanding of the secrets, the mysteries, and the enig­mas contained in this last book of the Bible. It is the Blessed Virgin Mary Who is giving true meaning to this book. It is Her messages given at many apparition sites around the world through the centuries that is decoding the cryptic codes, unraveling the enigmatic mysteries, and shedding light upon the secrets of the apocalyptic age in which we now live. By doing so She will crush the head of the Old Serpent and triumph victorious with Christ and the Saints of the Latter Days as this ultimate cosmic conflict of the ages between Good and Evil comes to a cli­max. 

"I am the Virgin of Revelation. I will bring you to the full understanding of Sacred Scripture. Above all. I will read to you the pages of its last book, which you are living..."

Virgin Mary to Fr. Stefano Gobbi, April 24, 1980, #198.

"I have wanted to enlighten you concerning the pages of the Apocalypse which refer to the times you are living through. This is to prepare you with me, for the ... great struggle which is on the point of being fought out between your heavenly Mother and all the forces of evil..."

Virgin Mary to Fr. Stefano Gobbi, June 17, 1989, #407.



     As this End Time Apocalypse comes to a climas, four great fo4ces are converging and carrying mankind into the "End of Days."  Two "parallel" forces are involved in setting up an Evil World Empire, a revised Roman Empire.  One is a religious but diabolical force that is called the "Black Beast of Freemasonry" by the Mother of God, and this force has within it the Carbonari's Alta Vendita plan to set up a World Church.  this force has invaded and ascended to the top of the power structure of the Vatican, the institutional government of the Roman Catholic Church.  This force has invaded and ascended to the top of the power structure of the Vatican, the institutional government of the Roman Catholic Church.  The plan is to set up a One World Religion made up of the world's religions, a pantheistic entity under the control of the Bahai World Faith.  The Second force, a secular New World Order force through a systematic plan intends to depopulate the Earth and enslave and genetically modify what's left into a prison-planet nightmarish "utopia."  This secular force is working "hand-in-glove" with the Black Beast of Freemasonry in setting up a One World Government complete with surveillance state and martial law.  These two forces working together, are the most visible forces and are preparing the world for a one world dictatorship under the Antichrist.
     A third, more covert and occult force, is that which directs the above two forces and consists of the very secret Secret Societies, the Brotherhood of the Snake, the Great White Brotherhood, the Black Lodge or Brotherhood and others, as well as the Learned Elders or Grand Masters of Zionism, the Illuminati, etc.  This third force entwines intself into the above two "surface" forces directing their activities from within  a covert manner.  Thus, the "surface" forces (the religious and the secular) are united into a dual force to set up a grand deception for the "End of Days" so as to draw in as many followers as possible in accepting the transforming Mark of the Beast, the coming "arrival" of the alien "extraterrrestrial gods" and their false peace.  This greatest deception of all time is to take the unwary into the servitude of the Antichrist and his Black Pope.
     It would appear that these three combined forces of evil directed by Satan are plunging the world into darkness and that the combined overall picture is a very bleak one.  However, there is a fourth force, the God-ordained Force of Nature that involves both space and time superseding the aforementioned three Evil Forces.  This fourth force is directed and its course predetermined by God Almighty Himself.  God has set the forces of Nature and of Time in motion; has set the chronological outcome, and has by His Divine Providence unfolded the Scroll of the Apolalypse by unsealing the Seven Seals, one Seal at a time.
     Mankind is caught in this corridor of time, this ongoing time-stream, and so are the Evil Forces working against him.  Events are happening rapidly as time begins to speed up leading to an imminent climax.  The New World Order forces are feverishly and nervously preparing las minute plans to facilitate their hidden agenda to takeover of this planet.  Even the common person is "feeling" the urgency of these End Times.  This God-driven force is carrying mankind as well as the Fallen Angels arrayed against him into the vortex of time culminating and converging into a Divine Chastisement that will result in the complete annihilation of the Evil Forces and the purification of mankind.
     As this apocalyptic climas approaches, the Mother of God, the Mother of Mankind, our Mediatrix, appeals to God the Father and His Divine Son, Jesus Christ on our behalf.  As time draws near the "runs our," the Blessed Virgin Mary appears in various places all over the Earth warning and admonishing Her children to heed Her messages of instruction.  The time to take our Heavenly Mother's advice is fast coming to a close as the End of Days come to their cosmic climax.

   "And there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and upon the earth distress of nations bewildered by the roaring sea and waves;"
     "Men fainting for fear and for expectation of the things that are coming on the world; for the powers of heaven will be shaken."
                                                                                 -St. Luke 21:25,26



     According to the Mayan long-count calendar, the fifth mayan cycle (solar system cycle) is supposed to end on the winter solstice, December 21, 2012.  This date is mentioned in the Mayan, Egyptian, Aztec, Olmec, and other ancient records and prophecies.  Modern interpretations are using this date to mark the time when it is believed a great cataclysm will occur wiping out almost all of civilization.  As most of us know by now, there has been much hoopla, hype, and hysteria generated about this "end date," saying it is the "end of the world."
     Many books heretofore have been written and several websites set up to give study to the issues surrounding the Mayan long-count calendar.  This includes of course, End Time catastrophes, including the passage of Planet X, prophesied or predicted to happen at this time.  There is now even a movie produced, released in November, 2009 that is titles "2012."  Thus more interest in this topic has been generated amongst the general public.  Unfortunately, more confustion has also been generated as well.  Actually this subject, like that of Planet X, is being treated with a negative attitude, scoffing and deliberate disinformation.  We give an example of one of these distorted views of the subject.
     According to Chircago Tribune reporter, John Johnson, Jr., "Normally, sober scientists regard incidents of Internet hysteria with nothing more than a raised eyebrow.  But a few scientists have become so concerned that they decided not to remain silent.
"'Two years ago, I got a question a week about it,' said NASA scientist David Morrison, who hosts the Web site, 'Ask an Astrobiologies.'
     "Now I'm getting a dozen a day.  Two teenagers said they didn't want to see the end of the world, so they were thinking of ending their lives.'
     "Morrison said he attributes the uptick in excitement to the fact that several items have become conflated into one mega-myth.  One is the persistent Internet rumor that a planet called Nibiru, or Planet X, is going to crash into the Earth.
     "Then there's the fact that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, suggesting that the Mayans knew something we don't.  Finally, end-of-the-worlders have seized upon the hubbub about the 2012 date to proclaim that end times are drawing near.
     "According to Rosemary Joyce, a professor of anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, the Mayans never predicted anything.
     "'Though the 2012 date is approximately when the ancient calendar would roll over, like the odometer on a car, it did not mean the end, merely the start of a new cycle.
     "'Some authors have tried to merge the idea, 'Joyce said, 'with Mayan mythology that said the Earth had gone through ages of creation, each ending in a disaster.'
     "'But there's no prediciotn,' she said.  'They did not predict the end of the world.'"
(CHICAGO TRUBUNE, OCT, 21, 2009.  "'2012' is Big Business for Film, Big Headache for Academics' by John Johnson, Jr.).
     Though bits and pieces of this article are true (such as 2012 not being the end of the world but a beginning of a new cycle), the general tone and treatment of this topic is a curious blend of truth and falsehood garbled together to give a distorted view of the subject.  While it may be true that the Mayans never "predicted anything," (they actually calculated it astronomically and very precisely), the Mayan idea the Earth has gone through ages (cycles) of creation each ending in disaster, is not a Mayan myth.  Also "Never-A-Straight-Answer" NASA scientist, David Morrison's statement that several items have been "conflated into one mega-myth" and that "the Internet rumor" that Planet X supposedly "going to crash into the Earth" is simply more disinformation put out to further confuse and complicate the issue.
     So what is the real truth about the Mayan long-count calendar and the cycles of ages that the Mayans calculated?
     The Mayans had a very precise understanding of our solar system's cycles around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and believed that at the transition of one cycle into the next, a period of approximately 20 years, a rise in catastrophic events took place along with a spiritual and collective change in consciousness.  These beliefs, but more importantly, these precise calculations are backed up in the records of other cultures mentioned earlier.  In fact, several investigations carried out in the past 20 years by several investigators of the 2012 transition period, have come to the conclusion these beliefs, calculations, and prophecies are highly accurate.  This is especially true when Biblical prophecy and Marian prophecy indicate that at the end of this age (the end of this cycle of time) we are due for a catastrophic divine chastisement of fire.
     There is astonishing evidence that has been compiled by Patrick Geryl, Geoff Stray, John Major Jenkins, and others that the Mayans and other ancient civilizations had a system of incredibly exact astronomical numbers for calculating solar system cycles.  For example:  "The evidence given ... of their knowledge of this Earth's orbit around the Sun conclusively shows that they had unbelievable clever equipment at their disposal!  With this equipment, they were able to calculate the period of orbit up to a frction of a second.  Our super computers and atomic clocks cannot do any better!"  (THE WORLD CATACLYSM IN 2012 by Patrick Geryl, p 213).
     The Mayans knew that our Sun, which they called "Kinich-Ahau." was synchronized with the enormous central galaxy by means of what they called a "spark of light" bursting out from the central galactic core.  This very much sounds like the galactic light energy burst resulting in a galactic wave that was discovered by scientist, Paul La Violette.  (See Vol. 4 - "The Apocalypse in Perspective," Chapter 1, the sub-chapter, "Earth Changes").
     The Mayans calculated the great solar systems cycles with the present cycle (the fifth) starting in 4 Ahau, 8 Cumku which is 3113 B.B. and ending on December 21, 2012.  There are 5 great cycles of the solar system, each one lasting 5,125 years.  An article on the 2012 Warning web site explains how these cycles of the solar system work.
     The first prophecies were attained by their study of our Sun.  The Mayans discovered that the entire solar system moved.  That even our universe has its own cycles.  Repetitive periods which begin and end like our day and night.  These discoveries lead to the understanding that our solar system rotates on an ellipse that brings our solar system closer and further from the center of the galaxy.  It takes 25,625 years for our solar system to make one cycle on this ellipse.  One complete cycle is called a galactic day.  The cycle is divided into two halves similar to our day and night.  The half closest to the central light, is our solar system's 'day' and the half furthest away is its 'night.'  Each day and each night lasts 12,800 years.  which is to say, the central galaxy is the Sun for our entire solar system.
     "The Mayans discovered that every grand cycle has its minor cycles, that carry the same characteristics.  One galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into five cycles of 5,125 years.  The first cycle is the galactic morning.  When our solar system is just coming out of the darkness to enter the light.  The second cycle is the mid-day.  When our solar system is closest to the central light.  The third cycle is the afternoon, when our solar system begins to come out of the light.  The fourth cycle is the late-night, when our solar system has entered its furthest cycle from the central light.  And the fifth and last cycle is night before dawn, when our solar system is in its last cycle of darkness before starting again.  This is the cycle we are currently coming out of.
     "The Mayans prophecy tells us that in 1999, our solar system began to leave the end of the fifth cycle which started in 3113 B.C. and we find ourselves in the morning of our galactic day, exiting darkness and on the verge of being in plain day of our central galaxy in 2012.  They say that at the beginning and end of these cycles, galaxy emits a ray of light so intense and so brilliant that it illuminates the entire universe.  It is from this burst of light that all of the Suns and planets sync.  The Mayans compare this burst to the pulse of the universe, beating once every 5,125 years.  It is these pulses that mark the end of each cycle and the beginning of the new.  Each pulse lasting 20 years, a Katun."  ("Mayan Prophecy 2012: Entering Our Galactic Day," p3.  www.december212012.com).
     We are now in a transition period between ages.  This is the period of great catastrophic changes that escalate to a peak diring the seven years of the Great Tribulation which may vary well begin in 2012 or shortly thereafter to end in approximately 2020.  The Mayans have a transition period of 20 years and, as we have seen, Christian researcher Bonnie Gaunt calculated through the Bible Gematria code a period of 33 years.  It appears that the Mayan transition period, "the Time of No Time," is actually the last 20 years of the fifth cycle which started in 1992 when our solar system begaon to leave the fifth cycle and ends in 2012 when it begins to enter the next cycle.  The 33 years of transition of the Bible Gematria code appears to be a period that overlaps the two cycles as one phases out and the other phases in.
     From the records of the ancients we can see that these cycles of the solar system are marked with catastrophic events, solar novas, magnetic polar reversals, orbit changes, and rains of fire, etc., all which seem to be caused or triggered by galactic core lifht energy bursts.  There are historical records of ancient civilizations being wiped out with only a mere remnant left to "seed" a new civilization in the new time cycle.  This is a ever repeating process that is part of the grand design of the universe ordained by God.  This is God's cosmic calendar.  It is part of the cosmological order of creation; a part of the testing of mankind by God to see what spiritual choices he makes.
     The choice is ours as to what path we take:  Will we take the way this is according to God's Word and His Law so as to fulfill His Divine Will for us on this Earth?  Or, will we take the path of sin and selfish indulgence?  The more in line we are to God's Natural Law, the better we will fare in the coming chastisement.  However, this civilization has so very much transgressed God's Divine Law that a catastrophic punishment is inescapable.  Now is the time to prepare for time has about run out.  (See Vol. 4 - Appendix B).

*   *   *

*  The Calculated End:  So just when does our cosmic calendar end?  In Vol. 4, chapter one, "Time Scenario For the End Times," we explained in detail that God has a plan for Mankind lasting 6,000 years.  By various calculations based on the Early Church Fathers, the research of Bonnie Gaunt using the Gematra Code, and Marian prophecy, we come to an approximate ending period as outlined elsewhere in this book.
     There have been other calculations which come close to our approximate ending date of 2012 or 2020 with the Great Tribulaton beginning 7 years before that in 2012 or 2013.  One is of the Living Church which did use Old Testament and New Testament prophecies as well as several Catholic prophecies to come up with the date of creation being in 3983 B.C.  Adding 2009 A.D. to this they campe up with a total of 5,992 years.  That would leave 8 years left to go.  This would place the final end around 2017 or 2018.  This is close to ours.  (We do not know whether this calculation includes the 33 years for the life of Christ between the Before Christ (B.B.) period and the After the Death of Christ (A.D.) period or not).
     Next, we turn to one Catholic monk, called "the venerable Bede," who indicated that the creation was in 3952 B.C.  If we take 3952 years, add the years of the life of Christ (33 years) plus the years of A.D. 2009 we come to a final total of 5,994 years.  This would bring the end of 6,000 years to the year 2015.  The Great Tribulation would begin 7 years before this or in 2008.  This seems a bit early, but not far from the other two calculatoins including ours.
     Depending on what calculation you choose you have the 6,000 years ending either in 2015, 2017, or 2020.
     The bottom line is:  We really do not know in what year the 6,000 years are up.  We reiterate, ONLY GOD KNOWS.  We do know we are very close.

*   *   *

     FINAL WORD.   A great deal of study, long hours of research, and correlating of prophecies, scientific date, and other pertinent infomation have gone into this work on the End Times Apocalypse.  Through both Biblical prophecies and Marian prophecies as well as scientific documentation of these prophesied events, we do not know the date it will happen.  This automatically rules out the so-called "end date" of December 21, 2012.  Heaven does not give dates except in rare cases and then only in a general way as a reference or guide.  This has been our use of them also.  Remember, only God knows the time or the hour.  We do not.
     Though several things seem to be coming together for the 2011-2013 time period as we have made mention of, there is likely nothing specific to happen at this so-called "end date" except what the New World Order elite have planned.  What could this be?  As with the Y2K deception in 2000, something will be planned, just not exactly what we had expected or what is purported to happen.  It will be a grand deception on a global order.
     After presenting all the documented evidence we could about these prophesied apocalyptic events, we now give our educated opinion on what could unfold in our immediate future.  We give three different possibilities for the 2012 scenario.
1.      2012 will come and go like the Y2K event of 2000 with nothing catastrophic happening except the continued increase in world tensions, leading possibly to a World War III type evetn.  We will see the completion of the police state totalitarian world government and its attendant world church.  Also an increase and a peaking of Earth changes will no doubt occur during this period.
2.      The New World Order elite will create a man-made cataclysm of earthquakes, tidal waves, storms, floods, and other sdo-called "natural" disasters through use of their seismic/weather warfare technology and thus pass it off as a "chastisement from God."  This totally man-made "chastisement" will bring such chaos that martial law will be declared and their "order-out-of-chaos" plan implemented to usher in their New World Order utopia.  (Necedah revelation actually prophesied that a man-caused "chastisement" was in the planning by the enemy of God).  Also, research findings indicate the New World Order elite have something "Big" planned for 2012, possibly even on the 12/21/12 so-called "end date".  Another designation for this date 11:11 Universal time and we know this number (11) signifies destruciton.  This number figures in the Masonic code (remember the 9/11 attacks?) and the forces of evil do not do anything unless its according to the numbers.
3.      The New World Order knows the approximate time of the passage of Planet X and plans to augment its effects with their own set of "natural" disasters as indicated in number 2 above.  The New World Order elite will rude out the chaos in their well prepared underground sanctuaries and everything else will proceed as outlined in number 2 above.
     It is the opinion of this author, that number 3 is the most likely to happen, but number 2 is also a very distinct possibility.  Or, we may see an event that has elements of all three possibilities mentioned above.  All Marian apparitions, especially the most recent ones, indicate the time is VERY SOON for this to happen and this is backed up by a considerable amount of documentation.  So if you haven'y yet, PREPARE NOW both materially and spiritually for what is about to unfold upon us.
     Forget about the so-called 12/21/12 "end date" for only God knows the time for the "beginning of the end."  Watch the "signs on Earth and in the Heavens" so you will not e caught unaware, for these signs are the TRUE indicators.
     *For Further Information:  See Vol. 4 "The Apocalypse in Perspective."  $25 postpaid.  Write: Diamond Star Research, N10319 22nd St. E, Necedah, WI 54646-7850



“The first four seals are broken at once; and they present one picture: the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.”
                                                                                     – Rev. Albert J. M. Shamon, author of “Apocalypse:
                                                                                        The Book For Our Times.”

 “...The literal, chronological application of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:1-8) when properly understood as the prelude to Daniel’s Seventieth Week (Daniel 9:27). The Horsemen parallel the ‘beginning of sorrows’ in Matthew 24:4-8; Mark 13:5-5, and Luke 21:8-11. The ‘four beasts’ of Daniel 7:1-7 also parallel the horsemen; the modern-day activities of the Illuminati leading to the reign of the Anti-Christ began first in England and Europe (lion), then the U.S. (eagle’s wings), followed by Russia (bear). Germany’s Third Reich (leopard) began the black horse, and was the model for the ‘fourth beast,’ Fascist Totalitarianism, currently represented by the U.N., but likely to morph into The World Parliament and Constitution Association ... after the Fourth Seal.”
                                                                                     – Wendy Wallace author, “The Four Horsemen of the
                                                                                         Apocalypse and the New World Order.”