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Determining the truth of what purports to be the Catholic Church in this modern world by examining the Four Marks of the Catholic Church. 


            “Recognize and Resist” traditionalists and conservative Novus Ordo Catholics take note. 


            The modern Catholic world is in a heightened confused state due to especially recent disclosures of moral rot within the confines of the modern church, and is living through the greatest deception ever in the history of the Catholic Church.  [See: 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12.]

            We will try to keep this explanation as concise and simple as possible.  To help people understand the real problem which is Modernism that has corrupted the Church we will examine this in a whole new approach – by examining the Four Marks of the Catholic Church and by doing so, see if the Novus Ordo church can qualify as the True Church founded by Jesus Christ.  Here is a brief overview as to what the Four Marks of the Catholic Church are: 


  1. One (unity):  The Church is ONE because all its members are united under one government; are one in the same faith; adhere to the same doctrine; and all join in the same worship.  “Christ Himself declared that the unity of His followers should bear witness to Him.”  [THE CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, Vol. 3, 1913 edition, “Church,” p 759.]  Saint Paul teaches that the Church is “of one body and one spirit.” 


  1. Holy (sanctity):  The Catholic Church manifests her sanctity which testifies to the fact she is not of natural origin, but is a divinely established institution.  The holiness that marks the true Church corresponds to the holiness of its founder, the Son of God; and also to the Spirit Who dwells within it as well as the graces bestowed upon it.  The holiness appears in the doctrine she teaches, in the worship she offers to God and in the fruits which she brings forth.  It appears also in the apparitions of the Mother of God who is Mother of the Church involved very much in the life of that Church.  It also appears in the lives of the Saints and Martyrs of the Church. 


  1. Catholicity (universality):  Christ established His Church for the salvation of the Human race.  He established it so that His revelation might be preserved and to dispense His grace to all nations.  He thus, for this reason, commanded His Apostles to “go and teach all nations.”  There is no other religious body that fulfills this command except the Catholic Church.  No other religious body has this universal mission.  Furthermore, the word “catholic” is derived from two Greek words: Kata and holos.  Kata means “thoroughly” and holos  means “whole.”  When put together you have a universal teaching or doctrine that is thoroughly whole, that is the true Catholic religion. 
  2. Apostolicity (apostolic identity):  The Church is apostolic because it has been established by Jesus Christ on the foundation of the Apostles who He commissioned to carry on His work.  This is the apostolic identity of the Church.  This apostolic identity has been carried on through traditions and teachings promulgated by the successors to Saint Peter, the first Pope.  Since infallibility was promised to the true Church, then it follows that this Church is apostolic in its mission and apostolic in its doctrine.  Apostolicity of mission means the power of Holy Orders and the power of jurisdiction are derived by legal transmission from the Apostles. 


Now, ask yourself, “Does the Novus Ordo church of today have all the Marks of

the Catholic Church?” When you examine all the heretical statements contained in the Vatican II documents and all the pagan ceremonies, interfaith prayers and other shameful practices (visits to synagogues, mosques, temples, rock masses, beach masses, clown masses, etc.) how is this the one, holy Catholic Church?  Various people from Catholic journalists, to secular news reporters, to even atheists recognize that this is not the Catholic Church.  Yet the “recognize and resist” traditionalists and Novus Ordo conservatives have trouble realizing this.  Is there something wrong with this picture?  Just a precursory examination of how the Catholic Church was before Vatican II and an overview of what has happened since should tell you this counterfeit of today is not the Church Christ founded.  Unfortunately, people desire only to “go along to get along” or maybe their elevator doesn’t go to the “top floor” anymore. 

            To help the reader discern the truth of this, we ask that you view this video “The Novus Ordo is not Catholic.”  [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr-Q6oYNQ_k]  (Even if you don’t watch it continuously through, at least watch each clip in it and don’t skip any - you should get the idea). 

            Now after watching this, how can anyone say the Novus Ordo church is ONE in faith and worship?  Is this church, HOLY?  Look at it again and I dare anyone to tell me this is holy!  Understanding what the word Catholic means, is this church Catholic?  Hardly!  Apostolic?  No true Vicar of Christ would promote such apostasy and moral rot within the confines of the true Church. 

            No true Church of Christ promotes, prays with or supports heretical and pagan false religions.  The practices of the post-conciliar “popes” to pray with schismatics, heretics, apostates, and false religions who worship the devil are not true vicars at all.  These post-conciliar “popes” have visited synagogues, mosques, Buddhist and Hindu temples and prayed with them, taking part in their pagan rituals, being “blessed” (actually, cursed) by worshippers of devil “gods’ and worse.  All this praying together, etc. has been condemned by the true Church.  (See quotes at the end of this article.  Also view this video What Does Vatican II Really Teach?” by Father Benedict Hughes). 

            Keep in mind Vatican II and Modernism laid the groundwork for the mess we see now in what purports to be the “catholic” church.  Roncalli’s revolution was key in all of this and led to this false church.  No wonder Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani upon hearing the opening address at the Vatican II Council by antipope John XXIII leaned over to a fellow Cardinal and  stated:  “I hope I die before the council is over.  At least I will have died a Catholic!”  Ponder the significance of that statement! 

            Now this brings up an interesting problem.  We have shown you here and elsewhere in our work the falseness of the Novus Ordo Vatican II church which in reality is a counterfeit church.  If that is so (and commonsense and Church teaching proves that it is), then how is it that he who sits at the head of this false church, namely, one Jorge Bergoglio (a.k.a. Francis) is considered by these “recognize and resist” traditionalists and Novus Ordo conservatives, to be a true pope?  That simply is impossible for one simple reason:  A true pope cannot be the head of a false church anymore than a false pope can be a head of a true church (a pope falling into heresy or apostasy is “ipso facto” excommunicated by divine law.  This is the teaching of the Church.  Don’t believe it?  Then see our article: “Reasons Why Bergoglio is not the Pope” at this link.).  [www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com/articles_archives2017.htm#REASONS_BERGOGLIO_IS_NOT_THE…] 

            But people have shown their ignorance of the true reality which now exists in the modern church – some have shown their willful ignorance.  But for those who would really like to know the truth of this, we reproduce here a small portion of what we wrote in our most recent work, THE CHURCH IN ECLIPSE: THE POPE IN EXILE.  [See: www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com/Church_in_Eclipse.htm.]         


            “Some neo-traditionalists rightfully acknowledge that the Vatican II Novus Ordo sect can‘t possibly be the Catholic Church but yet insist that the Vatican II “popes” are valid, true popes.  They may admit that these Vatican II “popes” are so-called “bad popes,” and that they have departed from tradition.  Some may even recognize them as heretical but only as “material” heretics but yet still hold they cannot be antipopes.  They maintain they are valid “popes” even though they head a new religion in contradiction to true Catholic teaching and doctrine.  Such a absurd position puts a true pope at the head of a false church.  Such an absolutely ridiculous position separates a true pope from a true Church, which is impossible. 

            “Pope Leo XIII on January 22, 1899 stated: ‘Where Peter (the pope) is, there is the Church…’

            “Hence, a true pope heads a true Church and a false pope heads a false church.  To recognize a false “pope” (Bergoglio – a.k.a. Francis; Ratzinger – a.k.a. Benedict XVI) as a true pope means one must also recognize his false church (Vatican II sect) as a true church in its entirety.  This would be contrary to the Catholic Faith. 

            “Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (#5) June 29, 1896: ‘When the divine founder decreed that the Church should be one in faith, in government, and in communion, He chose Peter and his successors as THE PRINCIPLE AND CENTER, as it were, of this unity.’ 

            “Moreover, if you believe that either Bergoglio or Ratzinger are valid and true “popes,” that requires you to have the same faith as they do and are in communion with their apostate Vatican II Novus Ordo sect. 

            “Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (#10), June 29, 1896: ‘For this reason, as the unity of the faith is of necessity required for the unity of the Church, inasmuch as it is the body of the faithful,so also for this same unity, inasmuch as the Church is a divinely constituted society, unity of government, which effects and involves unity of communion, is necessary jure divino (by divine law).’ 

            “This is an extremely important issue because to affirm a particular person is your pope and head of the Church means you, by divine law, share communion and faith with that person.”   [From Chapter 10: “The Great Neo-Traditionalist Façade,” pp. 247-248.]

            The only answer to this dilemma and crisis in the Church is sedevacantism.  To help you understand this, you need to see the video, “Pope Francis and Sedevacantism” by Bishop Mark Pivaranus and also this video, “Answering Objections to Sedevacantism” by Bishop Mark Pivaranus.  There is also a booklet by this title available from this e-mail address:  Sisters CMD Arizona <olsacademy1917@gmail.com>.    

            For even further help in sorting out the truth about this, see the following two very helpful websites: 






            For those who still can’t understand that the Novus Ordo church is a false church and in no way represents the Catholic Church, we present the following quotes and sources for your enlightenment.  Some of you may belong to a so-called “conservative” parish and say that they don’t do extreme things as seen in the videos cited in this article, these sources listed below will help you understand that the whole system is false – no matter if it is conservative or wildly liberal, it doesn’t matter for it belongs to the same  disguised serpent-church.  That’s fact not opinion.  Read the quotes and sources listed below. 


1917 Code of Canon Law: “It is not permitted at all for the faithful to assist in any active manner at or to have any part in the worship of non-Catholics.”  Canon 1258.


Pope Pius XII:  “This being so, it is clear that this apostolic see cannot on any terms take part in their assemblies, nor is it anyway lawful for Catholics either to support or to work for such enterprises; for to do so they will be giving continence to a false Christianity, quite alien to the one Church of Christ.”


            “How does a Catholic sin against faith?  A Catholic sins against Faith by apostasy, heresy, indifferentism and by taking part in non-Catholic worship.”  [Catechism of the Council of Trent, Catechism of Pope St. Pius X, and the BaltimoreCatechism.]


            “There is no greater enemy to the Immaculata and the Knighthood than today’s ecumenism, which every Knight must fight against, but also neutralize through diametrically opposed action and ultimately destroy.”  [Entry of Diary – April 23, 1933, from The Immaculata, Our Ideal – Maximillian Kolbe.]  


            “You hold the ungodly, and you are joined in friendship with those who hate the Lord; and therefore you did indeed deserve the wrath of the Lord.”  [II Paralipomenon 19:2.] 


            “Catholics must not forget that all roads lead to God and they will have to accept that this courageous idea of free thinking, which we can really call a revolution, pouring forth from our Masonic lodges, has spread magnificently over the Dome of St. Peter’s.” [Yves Marsauden, ecumenist and Freemason.]


            “If any eccleisiastic or layman shall go into a synagogue of the Jews or to the meeting houses of the heretics to join in prayer with them, let them be deposed and deprived of communion.  If any bishop or priest or deacon shall join in prayer with heretics, let him be suspended from communion.”  [III Council of Constantinople.] 


            “Cut off from the Church: One must neither pray or sing psalms with those who are cut off from the communion of the Church, whether clergy or layman, let him be excommunicated.” [Council of Carthage.] 


            “No one shall pray in common with heretics and schismatics.”  [Council of Laodicea.] 


            “We decree that those who give credence to the teachings of heretics, as well as those who receive, defend, or patronize them are excommunicated … If any one refuses to avoid such accomplices after they have been ostracized by the Church, let them also be excommunicated.”  [IV Lateran Council.] 


            “Certainly such attempts can nowise be approved by Catholics, founded as they are on that false opinion which considers all religions to be more or less good and praiseworthy, since they all in different ways manifest and signify that sense which is inborn in us all, and by which we are led to God and to the obedient acknowledgement of the His rule.  Not only are those who hold this opinion in error and deceived, but also in distorting the idea of true religion they reject it, and little by little, turn aside to naturalism and atheism, as it is called; from which it clearly follows that one who supports those who hold these theories and attempt to realize them, is altogether abandoning the divinely revealed religion.”  [Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (#2).]


                                                   Other Helpful Sources  



Francis The Demolisher



Or: Is Bergoglio Still Your Pope?

[Author’s Note: This author is thoroughly and completely fed-up with the false reality we live in today, especially on the sick, soft, sodomite society made possible by a counterfeit church and a counterfeit culture as well as man’s gullible stupidity.  They are all part of the Great Apostasy and the Greatest Deception in the history of the Church.]


            This article will be kept short and to the point.  So here goes.  Jorge Bergoglio (a.k.a. “Pope” Francis) is not the pope of the Catholic Church; he isn’t even Catholic or Christian for that matter.  The Vatican II, Novus Ordo sect that masquerades as the “Catholic Church” is a counterfeit church, the whore of Babylon of Apocalypse 17. 


            This is not going to be a long drawn out article with copious amounts of documented sources.  No, do your own research.  We’ve already done ours and we have the proof of what we say here.  If you don’t believe that, look up this source: “THE CHURCH IN ECLIPSE: THE POPE IN EXILE” at www.diamondstarlightbeacon.com/Church_in_Eclipse.htm.  


Jorge Bergoglio:


  1. Denies the divinity of God: Says only the three persons exist; says this “Godspray” does not exist.  Says further that “God is not a divine Being,” etc. 
  2. Denies the existence of God: Says, “God does not exist! Don’t be shocked! So God does not exist.” “I don’t believe in a Catholic God. There is no Catholic God.”  [He doesn’t believe in the God that is taught to us in the Catholic Catechism, but in a pagan or abstract “god.” He approves of the “gods” of other religions which means he sins against the First Commandment “Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.”  Is that plain enough for you?]
  3. Blasphemes the Holy Trinity: Says: “Inside the Holy Trinity they’re all arguing behind closed doors … But on the outside they give the picture of unity.”   (In other words, he is saying the Holy Trinity is a fraud, presenting a false front).  He also blasphemes Jesus Christ (even joking about the crucifixion) and blasphemes Mary, Mother of God saying even that She wasn’t born a saint and has flaws (defects) like the Church. 
  4. Puts man before God:  Says “God cannot be without us. He will never be God without man.”  [So, he is saying there cannot be God without man.  No man – no God.  That’s atheism pure and simple.]  Furthermore, he promotes Earth worship and false environmentalism and pagan religions.  Francis promotes “naturalism” emphasizing the natural over the supernatural as well as anthropocentric (man-centered) religious view rather that a theocentric (God-centered) view. 
  5. Promotes sin, immorality and impurity:  Approves of adultery, cohabitation, sodomy, transgenderism and pervert “lifestyles.”  Says that “Sin is not  a stain I need to clean.”  So much for the Sacrament of Penance. 
  6. Undermines Holy Matrimony: Says: “I’ve seen a lot of fidelity in these cohabitations and I’m sure this is a real marriage; they have the grace of a real marriage because of their fidelity…”  So much for the Sacrament of Matrimony. 
  7. Promotes and approves of false religions as a means of salvation.  He visits Mosques, synagogues, Hindu and Buddhist temples and prays with them (condemned by pre-Vatican II Popes).  Also approves and promotes Shintoism, witchcraft, Freemasonry and atheism.  Says, “God wills the diversity of religions.”  Francis has kissed the Koran and the feet of Muslims and washed the feet of transgenders and more. 
  8. Promotes Protestant religions such as Anglicanism and the Lutheran religion.  The now pagan Vatican says: “Catholics can now recognize Martin Luther as a ‘Witness to the Gospel.’”  A statue of Martin Luther  (who was excommunicated by Pope Leo X in 1520 as a heretic) was enthroned in the Vatican on October 13, 2016, anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.  How’s that for a slap in the face!  This false pope Francis says, “I like the Lutherans who follow the True Faith of Jesus Christ.”  Now all this time this old writer thought it was the Catholic Faith that was the True Faith of Jesus Christ.  Well if you follow Francis, you might as well start converting to Lutheranism. 
  9. Condemns proselytism as “a sin against the path of ecumenism.”  He thus goes against Christ’s command to “CONVERT ALL NATIONS” etc.  He also says you should not try to convince anyone of your faith.  He has condemned proselytism (trying to convert non-believers to the Catholic Faith) at least ten times. 
  10. Condemns Catholic traditionalists as too “rigid.”  Says that Catholics who consider themselves “superior to others because they observe certain rules or remain intransigently faithful to a particular Catholic style from the past.”  He blasts them for their “hostile inflexibility” for failing to allow themselves to be “surprised by God.”  To young Catholics who like the traditional Latin Mass he asks, “Why so much rigidity?”  He disdains Catholic traditionalism, the Latin Tridentine Mass, and those orders of priests, brothers or nuns who try to adhere to more traditional devotions.  He has suppressed and “modernized” such orders of brothers and nuns, saying they pray too much!  He doesn’t like the counting of rosaries, etc.  So according to him, we must not pray too much, attend the Latin Tridentine Masss all the time; and for pete’s sake, not so much rigidity – he just can’t stand that traditional and devotional rigidity!  He wants youth to be rebellious and mess with the diocese.  He wants chaos!  According to him we must pray with non-Catholics and leave theological differences aside.  Furhmore, he openly rejects the papacy and says the Catholics of the past like Pope Pius V and the Council of Trent are “possessed by the Devil.”  So much for tradition.


So there you have it.  Is Jorge Bergoglio still your “pope”?  After all the above and he

is still your pope?  Oh, I get it – it’s because he hasn’t been declared a non-pope by a council of cardinals.  Well guess what this reason and all the lame-duck (or should we say lame-pope) reasons still doesn’t get it.  Can you see a council of Masonic cardinals calling for him to step down?  (In the quotes below it is proven the Church teaches that a pope that falls into heresy is deposed by God, ipso facto (by the very fact).  Now let’s get this straight – for the following reasons this one Jorge Bergoglio is most certainly not the pope, never was, isn’t now nor will ever be for several reasons, only some of which I will list as follows: 


            “In the case in which the pope would become a heretic, he would find himself, by that fact alone and without any other sentence, separated from the Church.  A head separated from a body cannot, as long as it remains separated, be head of the same body from which it was cut off.  A pope who would be separated form the Church by heresy, therefore, would by that very fact itself cease to be head of the Church.  He could not be a heretic and remain pope, because, since he is outside of the Church, he cannot possess the keys of the Church.”  [Summa Theologica, cited in Actes de Vatican I.V. Frond pub. St. Antoninus – 1459.] 


            “Further, if ever it should appear that any bishop (even one acting as an archbishop, patriarch or primate), or a cardinal of the Roman Church, or a legate (as mentioned above) or even the Roman Pontiff (whether prior to his promotion to cardinal, or prior to his election as Roman Pontiff), has beforehand deviated from the Catholic faith or fallen into any heresy, We enact, decree, determine and define:  Such promotion or election in and of itself, even with the agreement and unanimous consent of all the cardinals, shall be null, legally invalid and void… Those so promoted or elected, by that very fact and without the need to make any further declaration, shall be deprived of any dignity, position, honor, title, authority, office and power.”  [Bull: Cum Ex Apostolatus (16 February 1559) – Pope Paul IV.] 


            “The Pope should not flatter himself about his power nor should he rashly glory in his honour and high estate, because the less he is judged by man, the more his is judged by God. Still the less can the Roman Pontiff glory because he can be judged by men, or rather, can be shown to be already judged, if for example he should wither away into heresy; because he who does not believe is already judged.  In such a case it should be said of him: ‘If salt should lose its savor, it is good for nothing but to be cast out and trampled under foot by men.’”  [Si Papa (1198) – Pope Innocent III.]


            “If indeed such a situation would happen, he [the Roman Pontiff] would, by divine law, fall from office without any sentence, indeed, without even a declaratory one.  He who openly professes heresy places himself outside the Church, and it is not likely that Christ would preserve the Primacy of His Church in one so unworthy.  Wherefore, if the Roman Pontiff were to profess heresy, before any condemnatory sentence (which would be impossible anyway) he would lose his authority.”  [Institutiones Iuris Canonici (1950) – Coronata.] 


            A Pope who is a manifest heretic automatically ceases to be a Pope and head, just as he ceases automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church.” [St. Robert Ballermine (1610) – Doctor of the Church who specialized in Papal matters.]



            “Now when the Pope is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church.”  [St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church (1622).]


            “If, however, God were to permit a Pope to become a notorious and contumacious heretic, he would by such a fact, cease to be Pope, and the Apostolic Chair would be vacant.”  [St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori, Doctor of the Church (died 1787 A.D.). Verita della Fede, III, VIII, 9-10.] 


            Through notorious and openly divulged heresy, the Roman Pontiff, should he fall into heresy, by that very fact (ipso facto) is deemed to be deprived of the power of jurisdiction even before any declaratory judgment by the Church … A Pope who falls into public heresy would cease ipso facto to be a member of the Church; therefore, he would also cease to be head of the Church.”  [Canon Law – (1943) – Wernz-Vidal.]


            “Not a few canonists teach that, outside of death and abdication, the pontifical dignity can also be lost by falling into certain insanity, which is legally equivalent to death, as well as through manifest and notorious heresy.  In the later case, a pope would automatically fall from his power, and this indeed without the issuance of any sentence, for the first See (i.e., the See of Peter) is judged by no one … The reason is that, by falling into heresy, the pope ceases to be a member of the Church.  He who is not a member of a society, obviously, cannot  be its head.”  [Introductio in Codicem (1946) – Udalricus Beste. ]


            “At least according to the more common teaching the Roman Pontiff as a private teacher can fall into manifest heresy.  Then, without any declaratory sentence (for the supreme See is judged by no one), he would automatically (ipso facto) fall from power which he who is no longer a member of the Church is unable to possess.”  [Epitome Iuris Canonici (1949) – A. Vermeersch.] 


            “For, in the first place, it is proven with arguments from authority and from reason that the manifest heretic is ‘ipso facto’ deposed. The argument from authority is based on St. Paul (Titus 3:10), who orders that the heretic be avoided after two warnings, that is, after showing himself to be manifestly obstinate – which means before any excommunication or judicial sentence.  And this is what St. Jerome writes, adding that the other sinners are excluded from the Church by sentence of excommunication but heretics exile themselves and separate themselves by their own act from the body of Christ.”  [St. Robert Ballermine, De Romano Pontifice, II. 30.] 


            “…For men are not bound, or able to read hearts; BUT WHEN THEY SEE THAT SOMONE IS A HERETIC BY HIS EXTERNAL WORKS, THEY JUDGE HIM TO BE A HERETIC, PURE AND SIMPLE, AND CONDEMN HIM AS A HERETIC.”   [St. Robert Ballermine, De Romano Pontifice, II, 30.] 


            “There are certain causes which effect the tacit (silent) resignation of an office, which resignation is accepted in advance by operation of the law, and hence is effective WITHOUT ANY DECLARATION.  These causes are … (4) if he has publicly fallen away from the faith.”  [Canon 188.4, 1917 Code of Canon Law.]  


            “For not every sin, however grave it may be, is such as of its own nature to sever a man from the Body of the Church, as does SCHISM OR HERESY OR APOSTASY.”  [Pope Pius XII – Mystici Corporis Christi (#23), June 29, 1943.] 


            There you have it!  THAT IS THE TEACHING OF THE TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH!  Take it or leave it!  It’s your choice.  

            Now for those that think this means the Gates of Hell have prevailed, let me make one thing clear:  According to Saint Pope Leo IX, there is no doubt as to the identity of the Gates of Hell – They are “the disputation of heretics.”  Pope Vigilus has told us that the Gates of Hell are “the tongues of heretics.”  For those that think if we don’t have a pope in office means the Gates of Hell have prevailed are wrong.  They have it backwards.  If Jorge Bergoglio is the pope then the Gates of Hell have certainly prevailed for the Gates of Hell are “the tongues of heretics” and Bergoglio is most manifestly a pertinacious heretic.  Father Paul Kramer does get this much right: He says “Jorge Bergoglio is absolutely and most certainly a formal heretic.”  He goes on to say, “That Jorge Bergoglio is a manifest formal heretic IS PLAINLY DEMONSTRATED BY HIS OUTRIGHT AND EXPLICIT REJECTION OF SOME OF THE MOST BASIC DOGMAS OF CHRISTIAN BELIEF – notably his rejection of Christ’s explicit teaching on evangelizing and converting all nations; his rejection of the dogma of absolute necessity of faith for justification; his pagan notion of ‘God’ which explicitly rejects the dogmatic Christian doctrine of God as distinct from and infinitely transcending the created universe; which he contemptuously dismisses as a ‘vague ideas in the clouds,’ a ‘god spray,’ and a ‘Catholic God.’”  [“The Third Secret of Fatima,”- Part III.  The Servants of Jesus of Jesus and Mary, Issue 3, December 2017, p 1. Emphasis, author’s.] 


            So for those who can’t stand the sedevacantist position, you need to face the real truth as it exists:  The Vatican II Novus Ordo sect is not the Catholic Church and Jorge Bergoglio is not a pope.  Even Remnant editor, Michael Matt says,  “Our Pope has lost the faith.”  Well, Mr. Matt, if he doesn’t have the faith then he is an apostate and he can’t be the pope.  This false pope has an agenda: To destroy what’s left of Catholicism and prepare for the coming of the Antichrist.  Oh, one more thing: Your false pope Francis says, “The least serious sins are sins of the flesh.” Our Lady of Fatima told Jacinta Marto, “More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than any other sin.”  Now who’s moral advice would you rather follow?  Enough said!  Below are some helpful sources for you to do your own research. 




Article: “St. Robert Ballermine’s Teaching on Resisting the Pope” – www.novusordowatch.org. 


www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com.   [Note: while there are a number of good articles and videos exposing Francis, Schonborn, Cupich, Martin, Timothy Dolan, Vatican II etc., we don’t agree on their stance on the End Times nor their position against baptism of desire and of blood.  But it is a good resource site.]




Also see our other article: “Is the Novus Ordo Church the Catholic Church?”




The end of this corrupt civilization is close at hand.  Our Lady of La Salette warned us the Church would be eclipse and the world in dismay.  Well, take a look around  - we’re there!  The Earth is experiencing unprecedented floods, storms, seismic activity, volcanic activity, fireballs and strange phenomenal events: mass animal deaths, waters (rivers, lakes, seas, even tree sap) turning blood-red; sink holes and landslides; wet and flooded deserts while at the same time forests extremely dry with wildfires out of control (some natural, some man-induced); strange skies with strange sounds; king tides and extreme never-before-seen low tides and a whole lot more.  Things are escalating and will continue to get worse.  We are nearing the seven years of tribulation for both the Church and the world. 

            In the meantime society has only gotten more corrupt and rotten, more now than its ever been.  It is causing God’s wrath to come as the signs in the heavens and on Earth are now indicating.  Add to this the fact we live in a false reality with the truth being blacked-out or being attended by a bodyguard of lies.  But of this false reality most all people are unaware.  The economic system is false with a devalued and electronic “currency.”  The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor a reserve.  The healthcare system is a fraud – it’s really a sickness-management industry; history has been blacked-out with propaganda and revised “history in its place; science is based on false theories and fabricated experiments, etc; the educational system has become an indoctrination system; the media creates contrived stories and fake news; and a lot more.  Most of what you hear and see (and are taught cradle to grave) is propaganda or biased news, whether secular or religious. 

            In short, we are being treated like mushrooms: Kept in the dark and fed crap!  (By the way, the slang definition of the word, “crap,” means, “nonsense, junk, misleading statements.” 

            Now on top of all that we have a false or counterfeit church masquerading as the Catholic Church, complete with a false pope.    Jorge Bergoglio is the worst of the false popes ever, who seems to be frantically preparing as much as he can for the arrival of the Antichrist.  This man is not only an apostate and heretical antipope but is antichrist for what he is doing is not for Christ but against Christ.  What he is doing is apocalyptic and indicates the END is very near.  See this video: “The Youth Synod and the Millstone – End of Days.

            There is evidence this man is the false prophet and very diabolical.  He is not the Vicar of Christ but the Vicar of Satan as the following video indicates: Francis’ Witching Staff, Occult Vatican Ritual.”  [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC_402p6jGI.] 

            Satan has ascended to the top of the Church as prophecy has indicated.  See this video: “Padre Pio: ‘Satan’ Would ‘Come to Rule a False Church. 


            Furthermore, La Salette has warned that Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist!”  Believe it or not – we are there!  Now take the following quotes to heart:


            “To adhere to a false bishop of Rome (a false pope) is to be out of communion with the Church.”   - Saint Cyprian. 


            “Not to oppose error, is to approve of it, and not to defend the truth is to suppress it; not to confound evil men when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them.”  - Pope Felix III.


            “He that sees another in error, and does not endeavor to correct it, testifies himself to be in error.”  Pope Leo the Great. 


            This is the final article in this trilogy of articles.  You either understand what is given here and in the links provided or you do not.  Don’t follow the “recognize and resist” crowd.  Try THINKING FOR YOURSELF FOR A CHANGE AND GET OUT OF THE NOVUS ORDO  - that is, the NEW WORLD ORDER CHURCH NOW FORMING IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES! 

            One last thing:  Consider the words of Pope Pius XII: 


            “Actually only those are to be included as members of the Church who have received the laver of regeneration and PROFESS THE TRUE FAITH…”


-       Mystici Corporus Christi (#23) June 29, 1943. 


Now tell me, does Jorge Bergoglio profess the true Faith?  All the evidence says NO! 


Our Lady of La Salette and Saint John, the Apostle, both have warned that Rome

would become pagan again.  In Apocalypse 17:8, it states, “And the dwellers on earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world shall wonder when they see the beast that was and is not and is to come.”   This is referring to Rome which was pagan, then became Christian, and finally now, has become pagan again.  See this video, “This Explains the Post-Vatican II Confusion and Crisis.”  [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5w9RvyvI44.]  



"The False 'Peace' Sign: A Symbol of Death"


 In our article on cultural corruption, “Punishment or Peace?,” we pointed out that the true sign or symbol of peace has always been the Peace Dove which represents the Holy Ghost.  True peace can only come from God.  We said that the so-called “peace” sign of the Revolting Sixties was actually the Broken Cross.  In that article, we explained: 


            “It is important to understand what this symbol of the revolution meant.  The conspirators took the Latin Cross and turned it upside-down to symbolize the overturning of Christian values and customs, making what was once considered indecent and abnormal appear ‘normal’ and ‘accepted.’  Thus, what was once considered normal and decent, was to be considered abnormal and passé.’  The upside-down Cross then had its cross-arms broken to symbolize the fragmentation and breaking (or breakdown) of Christian society according to the Tavistock plan.  Lastly, the Broken Cross was put within a circle symbolizing the final goal of the cultural revolution, the total fragmentation and thus the complete destruction of the Christian order of society.” 


            While the above is certainly true, there is an even deeper hidden meaning behind this false “peace” sign.  A brief history of its origins is in order. 

            This symbol first came into use in 1958 during a demonstration by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) against Aldermaston, a British research center for the development of nuclear weapons.  The militant atheist, Bertrand Russell, who was president of the CND at the time commissioned Gerald Holtom to design it.  Bertrand Russell was extremely liberal in politics and morality.  In fact, he “was so liberal and immoral that he was fired from one of the most liberal and immoral colleges in our country (City College, New York) on the grounds that he was too liberal and immoral.” [“The Peace Sign” June 27, 2005.]

            This false “peace” sign has been also called “the broken cross,” “witch’s foot,” “raven’s foot,” “sign of the broken Jew,” “Nero’s cross,” or “symbol of the anti-Christ.”  It is actually a death rune.  What is a death rune? 

            First of all a rune is figure or character of the runic alphabet (which used straight lines) that was used in the years 200 to 1200 AD by the Germanic people especially in Britain and Scandinavia.  The death rune is actually a life rune that has been inverted (turned upside down to symbolize death instead of life). 

            In Germany it is known as a “todersrune,” or death rune.  It was ordered by Hitler’s National Socialists to appear on all German death notices.  It was part of the official inscription prescribed for the gravestones of Nazi officers of the dreaded SS.   

            Though the inverted cross was originally used to signify Saint Peter’s Crucifixion, in modern times it has been used as an anti-religion symbol or an anti-Christ symbol.  What is so ironic about this, is that the people using this inverted rune in a negative vein, are actually just using a Saint’s cross – that of Saint Peter’s, who felt too unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as Christ.  

            The very deceptive use of this symbol or sign used to signify “peace,” a false peace, however, actually is a symbol of death.  It furthermore, means “the death of man,” and a “gesture of despair.”  So today it is used to signify the death of Christian culture which is the goal of the Zionist-Judeo-Freemasons. 

            This symbol or sign is not to taken lightly.  The fact that this particular symbol is placed within a circle denotes completeness or totality.  In fact, this “Man-rune” – a figure encircled is a common sign used by Communists and Satanists.  Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, used this false “peace” symbol as the backdrop for his altar. 

            A former witch makes the following comments about the false “peace” symbol: 


            “It is an ancient and powerful symbol of the Antichrist.  During the dark ages it was used in Druid Witchcraft and by Satanists of all sorts during the initiation of a new member to their order.  They would draw the magic circle and give the initiate a cross.  The initiate would then lift the cross and turn it upside down.  He would then renounce Christianity in all three dimensions of time (past, present and future) and break the horizontal pieces downward forming the design of the ‘Raven’s Foot.’  This ugly symbol is nothing short of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.  For one to wear or display this symbol is to announce either knowingly or unknowingly that you have rejected Christ.  Remember, symbolism is a picture language, and a picture is worth a thousand words.”  {As quoted in “The Peace Sign and Satanism.” www.jesus-is-savior.com.  Emphais, ours – Diamond Star Research.] 


            This is a very serious matter, as you can see, so it behooves us to warn our family and friends who may innocently and naively wear this symbol on clothes or in jewelry.  This sign or symbol is also used in the ecology movement and in Masonic lodges and by the Marxists.  It is related to certain hand signs (some of which have been used as symbols of Satanic benediction) which have become common in today’s deceived and decadent society.  We will cover these hand signs and symbols in another article.