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We are soon to enter the 7 year period of the Tribulation. There are increasing signs that this period is very close as Earth changes (seismic disturbances and extremes in weather) are increas­ing in frequency. There have been great fluctuations and a weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field. Mysterious animal deaths (especially birds and fish) are occurring across the globe. Scientists are track­ing a large cometary object that is now entering the core of our solar system. Scientists have been tracking this via the large infra-red South Polar Telescope located in Antarctica. They have been tracking this object continuously now for several years and plotting its course on their astronomical charts. Much of the Earth changes we are now experiencing are a result of the affects caused by this close inbound cometary body.

Many years ago Mary Ann Van Hoof on February 10, 1978 revealed to her family what Heaven said would be the sequence of events in the End Times tribulation/chastisement period. The tribulation period would most likely begin by a man-caused chastisement enabling the New World Order forces to bring about their “Ordo-ab-chaos” (Order-out-of­-chaos) plan. Judging by the imminent planned world financial collapse and police state measures now being put in place in light of the close proximity of the incoming cometary body scientists are tracking, we are very close , at the cusp of the tribulation/chastisement period. It is about to unfold upon us VERY SOON! TIME HAS RUN OUT!

Heaven here at Necedah warned us of this coming and gave instruc­tions for survival - spiritual as well as physical (food, water, etc.). (See SHRINE NEWSLETTER, Summer 2008 - “Are You Prepared For the Coming Tribulations?”). As a community we need to come together spiritually as well as to prepare in a practical way for it is now coming upon us.

* FOR MORE INFORMATION: See the book THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS: Volume 4. “The Apocalypse in Perspective.” $25 postpaid. Order from the Shrine or from DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH, N110319 22nd St. E, Necedah, WI 54646.




     { AUTHOR”S NOTE:  Every attempt has been made to make the phenomenon of the Great Warning as understandable by the average person as possible.  For this reason we have extracted portions of the sub-chapter on the Great Warning as found in THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS: Volume 4. THE APOCALYPSE IN PERSPECTIVE.  This information has been correlated with new research on the subject and with new discoveries incorporated into it.  This subject is covered from a prophetic and spiritual perspective as well as giving a scientific basis for such phenomenon.   A special emphasis is placed on how a person’s attitude should be towards such phenomenon and how to prepare for it. ]   
All indications are that the time for the Great Warning is now at hand..  This event is imminent and may be the most important and decisive event to happen in our generation.  This will affect every single living human being on the face of the planet.  It will be a worldwide occurrence that will not necessarily cause physical harm (directly) but will cause a shift in consciousness never before felt or experienced by humanity. 
The World Banksters, the New World Order elite, know this great Illumination (a shift in consciousness and awakening) is coming.  They also know there is a major geophysical event to follow shortly thereafter.  They are nervously hurrying to put final police state measures in place to ensure their New World Order will be complete before these geophysical events occur.  The window of opportunity for them to do this is fast coming to a close.
A worldwide financial crisis is now developing with the devaluation of national currencies all across the globe, especially the euro and the dollar.  The world elite are deliberately creating a financial crisis to bring all this about and to put the world’s population under their dominance.  This agenda is to be complete (so they hope) by the end of 2012. 
This financial crisis and depression will lead to a breakdown of society and civil disorder and chaos.  Out of this chaos, the elite plan to build their “utopia” with them in full control and with a world currency backed by gold.  This short-lived currency as well as smart-card financial controls will lead to a cashless society and to the Mark of the Beast.  (The New World Order target year to have everyone chipped and marked is 2017).

     What has this to do with the Great Warning?
Author, Jeff Moynihan, husband of Jacinta, one of the four visionaries of
Garabandal, has stated that before the Warning, there will be a sudden crisis in the entire world.  There will be civil unrest in the streets, the Church will be persecuted, and priests will go into hiding. 
As noted above, the afore mentioned worldwide crisis will lead to civil unrest in the streets, bloodshed, strife, and war – and to the formal set up of Global Governance.  After this has occurred, a great comet is due to pass by the Earth creating great seismic upheavals as well as extreme atmospheric conditions.  This is also when the Powers-That-Be will most likely trigger earthquakes in the New Madrid fault zone and in the San Andreas fault zone to add to the chaos and confusion.  In this most serious situation, things will seem hopeless.  It is at this exact time when the Great Warning is most likely to occur. 



We have been warned of a Divine Chastisement and a purification by fire of all mankind through the apparitions of the Mother of God at Fatima, La Salette, Akita, Necedah,  and through Father Gobbi as well as several other more recent Marian apparitions.  But there is a specific “Warning” also prophesied to occur before the Divine Chastisement itself.  This precursor or minor chastisement has been prophesied primarily through the Garabandal revelations but has also been described by more recent prophesies as given through Father Gobbi, John Leary, Christina Gallagher and others.  (Actually, the Great Warning and related events were prophesied 130 years ago as we shall see later on).
We begin with the Garabandal mystics who gave these revelations on the Great Warning in the early 1960s.  At Garabandal, the Mother of God told of four great events yet to come.  The first was to be the Great Warning followed by the Great Miracle which in turn would leave a Permanent Sign (this being the third event).  These events would be followed by a Divine Chastisement.  The Great Warning would be a worldwide event.  The Great Miracle and the Permanent Sign would be made manifest at the Garabandal apparition site and at all true apparition sites being visible to everybody but cannot be touched..  The Divine Chastisement would be the final purifying event and occur worldwide.
The first three prophecies given below are from the Garabandal mystics.

  • Conchita:  “Our Lady said a Warning would be given to the entire world before the Miracle in order that the world might amend itself.  It will come directly from God and be visible throughout the entire world.” 
  • Jacinta:  “The Warning is something that is first seen in the air, everywhere in the world and immediately is transmitted into the interior of our souls.  It will last for a very little time, but it will seem a very long time because of its effect within us.”
  • Mary Loli:  “Everyone will experience it wherever they may be, regardless of their condition or their knowledge of God.  It will be an interior personal experience .  It will look as if the world has come to a standstill, however, no one will be aware of that as they will be totally absorbed in their own experience.  It is going to be something like an interior feeling of sorrow and pain for having offended God.  God will help us see clearly the harm we are causing Him and all the evil things we do.  He will help us to sense this interior pain because often when we do something wrong we just ask the Lord’s forgiveness with our lips, but, now He will help us sense physically that deep sorrow.” 

      Then came later prophecies:

  • Father Gobbi:  “Your liberation will coincide with the termination of iniquity, with the complete liberation of all creation from the slavery of sin and evil.  What will come to pass is something so very great that it will exceed anything that has taken place since the beginning of the world.  It will be like a judgment in miniature, and each on will see his own life and all he has done, in the light of God.” (Oct. 2, 1992).
  • Christina Gallagher:  “There will come a sign, which everyone in the world, in an interior way, will experience – and it is not far away.  Everyone will experience an inner awareness and they will know that this is from God.  It is up to each one of us to help as many people as we can by our prayers, so that when this supernatural sign comes, they will change, and will be able to respond to that sign and be saved by God.” 

       Some prophecies have given some insight as to the nature of the Great Warning.

  • Sadie Jaramillo (locutionist):  Sadie describes three visions given to her by Jesus on August 18, 1994.  Vision #1:  “I saw a large ball of light with a tail.  This ball of light is located far out in the blackness of the Galaxy.”  Vision #2:  “It, the ball of light is still far from Earth but now the Earth is visible.”  Vision #3:  “This ball of light, is now about to hit the Earth.”

       In yet another vision, Sadie sees “a bright flash of light and a man who is running in terror and then falls on his knees.” 
Another modern mystic, Jennifer, was gieven several prophecies on the One World Government, fire falling from the sky, seismic upheavals, etc.  On June 29, 2004, Jesus told her about the Warning:  “I will shine My light into each and every human being on the face of the Earth.  No man, woman, or child will be spared the enlightenment of their soul for mankind has fallen down such a grave path toward eternal darkness.”  (SIGNS OF THE TIMES APOSTOLATE – Catholic Prophecy Updates: The Global Warning).
Other modern mystics were given other details on cosmic events associated with the Warning:  “Two heavenly bodies will collide with much noise and light.  It will be a day of thunder.  At that moment, every man, woman and child throughout the world will see his or her own conscience.”  (Book Review: THE GLOBAL WARNING:  An Illumination of Conscience of Mankind compiled by Maureen Flynn.  Signs of Our Times Apostolate, 2011).
Yet other details were given that state part of a comet breaks off and hits the Sun.  This event also being associated with the Warning. 
As we can see, much of these more recent prophetic revelations seem to be either unclear as to the cause of the Warning or even contradictory.  So it pays to be discerning and to realize that such revelations are not necessarily wrong but conditional meaning the outcome or circumstance can change before the actual event plays out or comes to pass.  Another aspect to realize, is that mystics are often given only part of the overall picture and they themselves can misinterpret what they see.  The full meaning of the message is not always fully understood.  These prophetic revelations must be put together in context with other prophetic revelations to form a complete composite whole.  Furthermore, they must be documented with scientific evidence to give them a solid basis of proof thus bringing out their true meaning.  With this in mind we proceed with a final look at prophetic revelation on the Great Warning.
We return to yet another Garabandal mystic.
“When the Warning occurs everything will stand still, even planes in the sky, but just for a few moments.  At the moment everything stops the Warning will occur.  The Warning will last just a few minutes.  It is very close and it is important we prepare ourselves for it is a terrible thing.  It will make us feel all the wrong we have done.”
From the above Garabandal message, it seems that time somehow comes to an abrupt stop.  We know from past research that time is magnetic and magnetism does affect how fast time moves.  Something involving an electromagnetic pulse of light is involved in bringing on the Warning.  This pulse of light, as stated in Garabandal prophecy, reaches into the interior of our souls and our invisible auras of light are brightened and made visible.  It also appears from the time stoppage that a magnetic pole reversal (where the Earth stops spinning for a time) is also involved.  We will examine this aspect as well as the cause for the Great Warning in the next two sections. 


       A great deal of misinformation and faulty information has been given concerning the Warning and other End Time events including dates for the Warning which never materialize.  On the other hand, some have not put much stock in prophecy about such events.  Is there a scientific basis for the Warning?
While Marian-oriented Catholics are expecting the Warning, there are the New Age types expecting a shift in consciousness coming very soon – possibly in 2012 or shortly thereafter.  This is also the same time-frame that the Warning is expected to occur.  At the same time, scientists are indicating 2012-2013 to be the period of peak Sun activity  and galactic changes ,etc.  They all indicate the same time-frame.  Coincidence?  We think not!
This brings us to the cause of the Warning considering both its physical and spiritual aspects.  We find in studying this closely that there is a scientific basis for both the Great Warning and a shift in consciousness.  We find as a result that these two events are one and the same.  Whether you view this phenomenal event as the Great Warning coming from God (a spiritual experience), or whether you view it as a shift in consciousness for all humanity worldwide, we are talking about the exact same event.  There is corroborating evidence for this as we shall see.
In order to answer the above questions and points further, we need to explain the nature of the Warning and what causes it.  This is where we need to examine the research of astrophycisist, Paul La Violette on his superwave theory.  There is ample evidence for the fact that energy superwaves come from the galactic core explosions that are now occurring.  These superwaves it turns out are the cause of all Earth changes, the changes in the solar system, and could very well be the cause for the Great Warning as well.
In the early 1980s, this unassuming, soft-spoken dedicated scientist, Paul La Violette first advanced his superwave theory and predictions.  At that time astronomers believed that the core of galaxies including our own, become active and explode about every ten to 100 million years or so.  However, in 1977 astronomer Jan Oort cited evidence that our own Milky Way galactic core has been active for the past 10,000 years.
In subsequent years the prevailing theory of astronomers as outlined above has been disproven by La Violette’s work.  Furthermore, La Violette’s superwave theory predictions have been verified in the last 30 years or so.  This includes his predictions concerning galaxy core explosions, cosmic ray propagation, cosmic ray bombardment, cosmic debris and cosmic dust influx, isotopic anomalies, prehistoric global warming, prehistoric solar conflagration, geomagnetic reversals, radio-carbon date anomalies, glacial drift deposits, gamma ray bursts, galactic morphology, and archeoastronomy.  These concepts and their subsequent verification as well as other information on Paul La Violettes research work can be examined at www.etheric.com/LaViolette/Predict.html.
What is the nature of a superwave?  Superwaves result from galactic core explosions.  There may be a volley of core explosions resulting in several superwaves.  A superwave radiates outward from the center of the galaxy in all directions.  The superwave consists of the initial explosion shock wave, called the gravity wave, and the gamma ray burst wave consisting of cosmic rays with both electrons and protons.  (However, the protons get filtered out along the way leaving the electrons as the primary cosmic particle in the gamma ray burst reaching our solar system).
The gravity wave portion is at the leading edge of the superwave and arrives first about a day ahead of the gamma ray portion of the superwave.  The gravity wave can cause seismic upheavals while the gamma ray burst wave causes disturbances in the electromagnetic fields of the Sun and planets.  The gamma ray burst wave is invisible and can cause electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that can shut down all electronic devices of any kind except those that are “hardened” or shielded in some way.  (The New World Order has provided their agencies with lap-top computers and other electronic devices that are “hardened off” or shielded in case of just such an eventuality).
It is important to realize that the galactic superwave is a triggering mechanism for solar activity (i.e. solar flares, coronal mass ejections, solar novas, etc.).  They also cause magnetic disturbances, seismic activity, extreme weather, the brightening of planets, increases in densities of planet atmospheres and more.  All planets of the solar system are experiencing the aforementioned conditions as well as global warming.  The Sun has increased energy output.  All of this increased solar activity as well as increased climatic and seismic activity is due to a series of superwave volleys now entering our solar system. 
One more thing to understand about the superwave, relative to the causes of the above solar system changes:  superwaves push ahead of them cosmic dust and even debris .  Normally the Sun’s solar wind is able to keep this cosmic dust at bay at the edge or outer limits of the solar system.  But these large superwaves are able to overcome the solar wind and send an influx of cosmic dust and possible debris into the solar system.  This is what is happening in our solar system now.  (It is even possible that in an extra large superwave event, asteroids or comets could be pushed in or have their orbits altered and thus enter the solar system).
It is important to understand that most all the Earth changes now occurring (except those artificially induced by New World Order technology), the changes on other planets, and those changes now taking place in the Sun, are due to the galactic superwaves pushing this cosmic dust into our solar system.  (It has been said that more effects are from the cosmic dust than from the cosmic ganna rays themselves).  Paul La Violette states, “Observations have shown that the solar system is presently immersed in a dense cloud of cosmic dust, material that is normally kept at bay by the outward pressure of the solar wind.  But, with the arrival of this galactic cosmic ray volley, the solar wind was overpowered and large quantities of this material were pushed inward.
“The Sun was enveloped in a cocoon of dust that caused its spectrum to shift toward the infrared.  In addition, the dust grains filling the solar system scattered radiation back to the Earth, producing an ‘interplanetary hothouse effect’ that substantially increased the influx of solar radiation to the Earth.”  (“Galactic Cosmic Ray Volleys” by Paul La Violette, p 2.  The Starburst Foundation.  No date). 
So what has all this to do with the Great Warning?
As noted above. The superwave volleys now coming from the core of our Milky Way Galaxy are currently triggering great changes in and on the Sun and the entire solar system.  As indicated in previous research, the Sun may be triggered to send a pulsed burst of light towards the Earth and cause what has been called the Great Warning.  Or, a superwave itself may cause such a phenomenon.   Already, a cosmic explosion has occurred that was the brightest in recorded history.  According to a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) news release:  “Scientists have detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our solar system and lasted over a tenth of a second.  NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004.”
The report also said, “The light was brightest in the gamma ray energy range, far more energetic than visible light or X-rays and invisible to our eyes.”
Whatever the cause for the Warning, we know that the galactic core superwave volleys with its gravity wave and gamma ray burst wave is the triggering mechanism for all the solar system changes now occurring and for those prophesied to happen including the Great Warning. 


      Through the gleaning of the many prophetic revelations given by several mystics we come to understand that the Great Warning is a great light that will illuminate the atmosphere across the entire world.  This great light then, as the Garabandal mystic Jacinta says, “will be immediately transmitted into the interior of our souls.”  This great illumination will first occur when the Earth’s aurora “lights up” from an incoming galactic superwave or more likely by the Sun’s burst of pulsed light.  This invisible light will when manifest in the aurora of the Earth and in the aura of our souls, become immediately visible and seen by all. 
This great illumination of our souls will cause us to see our souls as God sees them.  It will also produce other effects.  According to another      Garabandal mystic, Conchita, this penetrating illuminating light will not burn our flesh, but we will feel it bodily and interiorly.  Although it will feel like fire, it will not burn, it will be as the Necedah mystic Mary Ann Van Hoof has indicated, more of an electrical nature.  It will be a pure white light that lights up our aura – our souls making them visible. 
At the time of the Warning, there will also be certain other effects on time and motion.  Everything stands still, even planes in the sky.  It would appear that the Earth stops spinning momentarily or that the flash of light produces magnetic effects that stop time and motion itself.
From the above descriptions of everything “at a standstill,” it appears that at the time of the Warning the Earth is in the midst of a geomagnetic pole reversal.
What causes a geomagnetic pole reversal and what are its effects?
It is apparent that the Earth’s magnetic field is not only influenced and interconnected with the Sun, but can be influenced by a larger comet-like body passing by.  A large comet or planet the size of Jupiter or greater (such as Planet X – Nibiru) would have sufficient mass to affect the Earth’s magnetic field and rotational spin.  A Planet X type comet would have enough gravitational and magnetic “pull” to overpower the Earth’s magnetic field and halt its rotation for a time causing a magnetic pole reversal.  Magnetic North and South poles would change places abruptly.  When this reversal of the magnetic poles (not the geographical poles) occurs, the Earth would stop spinning (maybe for several hours) and then resume spinning most likely in the opposite direction.
There are those who say this is not possible, but historical evidence bears out the fact that such magnetic pole reversals have occurred before including biblical evidence of such an event. 
“Then Joshua spoke to the Lord, in the day that he delivered the amorrhite in the sight of the children of Israel, and he said before them: Move not, O sun, toward Gabaon, nor thou, O moon, toward the valley of Ajalon.
“And the sun and the moon stood still, till the people revenged themselves of their enemies.   Is not this written in the book of the just?  So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down the space of one day.” 
(Joshua 10:12-13).
Immanuel Velikovsky states that this event described in Joshua is confirmed in the Mexican Annals of Cuauhtitlan – the history of the empire of Culhuacan and Mexico, written in Nahua-Indian in the sixteenth century.  He explains, “The biblical narrative describes the Sun as remaining in the sky for an additional day (‘about a whole day’).  The Midrashim, the books of ancient traditions not embodied in the Scriptures, relate that the Sun and the Moon stood still for thirty-six itim, or eighteen hours, and thus from sunrise to sunset the day lasted thirty hours.
“In the Mexican annals it is stated that the world was deprived of light and the Sun did not appear for a fourfold night.  In a prolonged day or night time could not be measured by the usual means at the disposal of the ancients. 
“Sahagun, the Spanish savant who came to America a generation after Columbus and gathered the traditions of the aborigines, wrote that at the time of one cosmic catastrophe the Sun rose only a little way over the horizon and remained there without moving; the Moon also stood still.”  (WORLDS IN COLLISION by Immanuel Velikovsky, pp 61 & 62).
Further testimony to these facts comes from Dan Sewall Ward who stated:
“The critical factor, of course, is that the Sun standing still ‘in the midst of heaven’ over Israel would correspond to an extended night on the other side of the world.  Thus the Annals of Cuaulititlan version of a brief but aborted sunrise in the Americas corresponds to the Sun being overhead in Palestine (with 6:00 AM in Central America corresponding to 2:00 PM in Israel).  In describing the same event, but coming from different sides of the Earth – and thus providing an alternative viewpoint in describing the same event – attests strongly to the potential accuracy of each of the traditions.  Furthermore, the distinct nature of the descriptions reduce the likelihood of ancient Meso American civilizations borrowing from the folklore or traditions of the Mideast…”  (“Sun, Stand Thou Still” by Dan Sewall Ward, p 2.  Library of Halexandria.  1995).
At this point when the Earth is standing still, it is very possible that a pulse of light from the Sun or other magnetic disturbance in the Earth magnetic field could cause the Warning.  We do know that when Planet X makes its close approach, considerable magnetic exchanges with great lightning bolts and thunder will occur between the atmospheres of Planet X and the Earth.  Judging by the prophetic descriptions of this event, this most likely will be ongoing at the same time. 
After the magnetic pole reversal, when the Earth begins to spin again, most likely in the opposite direction making it a true magnetic reversal, it could be that the rotation will be at a faster rate thus making time shorter.  Instead of 24 hour days, time could be shortened by one third making 16 hour days as indicated in Apocalypse 8:12 and in Mathew 24:22.
There is verification of magnetic pole reversals that have occurred in past history.  This is revealed in rock strata as evidenced in magnetic material found in the rock that are oriented towards the magnetic North.  These orientations have been discovered in various sedimentary and volcanic rock with the direction of orientation being at opposite angles in the various layers of rock strata.
As the time draws near for this magnetic pole reversal to occur, the Earth’s magnetic field begins to weaken (this is happening now) and the magnetic poles begin to wander or move (also happening now).  This has been happening since the last decade of the twentieth century (about the last 15-20 years).  Also at the same time the combination of magnetic energy vibrations occurring in the Earth’s energy field cavity (area between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface) called the Schumann resonance , has been steadily increasing.  These various magnetic energy vibrations have a combined frequency of about 7.8 cycles per second.  This “heartbeat” of the Earth has been increasing in recent years after having been constant for several decades.  By 2003 the frequency reached 12 cycles per second and now it is more than 12.  It is said that when the frequency reaches 13 cycles per second the Earth would stop spinning resulting in a magnetic pole reversal.
Recent research indicates that all life vibration frequency rates are increasing.  It is claimed that this increase in frequency rates will result in a “shift in consciousness” and even change our DNA upgrading it to a 12 strand.  This author at one time thought such claims were so much New Age hype or “poppycock” – but after studying the scientific basis for the Great Warning and the phenomena associated with it, has now come to a very different conclusion.  There is definitely a shift in consciousness coming.  Whether one calls the coming event the “awakening,”  the “illumination of conscience,” or the “enlightenment” – all alternative names for the Great Warning; or, whether one calls it a ‘shift in consciousness,”  it is all the same event.
Related to the above and to the most likely cause of the Great Warning is the following information:
“There is some very interesting research going on by a group of scientists at the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, headed by Dr. Alexei Dmetriev.  Our Sun is surrounded by a magnetic field known as the heliosphere.  The glowing plasma at the leading edge of this heliosphere, they say, has increased in luminosity by 1000% in the past few years, from 100 astronomical units to 1000 Astronomical Units.  The conclusion they derive is that we are moving into a region of space where the energy is more highly charged.
{AUTHOR”S NOTE;  This region of space “where energy is more highly charged” is due most likely to the galactic superwave  pushing cosmic dust into the solar system affecting the Sun – and also due to the gamma ray bursts. ]  
“This highly charged energy is exciting the plasma, which is affecting the radiations within the Sun, which in turn is affecting all the planets in our solar system.  They predict this is all working up to a crescendo where there will be a sudden expansion in the basic wavelength emitted by the Sun, which in turn will cause a sudden shift in the consciousness of all life in the solar system!”  (“Research on Planetary Awakening” – selected from Fire From Heaven: Dawn of a Golden Age” by Kiara Windrider.  Sept. 2005).
Paul La Violette says that our solar system will soon experience the next pulse of this superwave as “Russian scientists were noticing the dramatic increase in the intensity of our (Sun’s) heliosphere.”  (Ibid). 



      Now that we have somewhat established the scientific basis for the Great Warning, we can then ask:  When is the Great Warning to occur?
Revelation was given by Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny regarding when the Warning is to occur:  “I forewarn you, a day will come when in the early hours of the morning there will be little light from the Sun, or from the stars; it will be in the early month of the year.  There will be insufficient light for people to leave their houses.  It will not be in midsummer; not during the longest days, nor during the shortest ones.  It will not be at the end of the year, not in December but rather when the spring wheat will not quite have reached its third notch of growth.  It will be a day of continuous thunder and lightning and terrible upheavals in the atmosphere.  It will signal the commencement of the Chastisement of the Earth.”  (June 15, 1882).
Concerning the continuous thunder, other mystics confirm this as well.  According to several mystics, just preceding the Warning there will be thunder without rain and without ceasing.  This thunder without rain and without ceasing is due to the known fact (as recorded in ancient cultures of previous cataclysms) that this is the exchange of lightning bolts between the Earth and whatever large comet is coming within range and influencing the Earth’s magnetic field and disrupting its atmosphere.  In other words, there will be a great electromagnetic disturbance between the atmospheres of the Earth and a great comet (Planet X – Nibiru).  The passage time for the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is most likely during the Spring (March - April passover period) anywhere from 2016 - 2020. The most likely years for passage are 2016, 2017, 2018. Only the world's elite k now what year the passage occurs but they will never tell the public.
All prophecies on the Warning indicate its occurrence anywhere from extreme late winter to early spring, roughly very late February through March into April – or as mentioned in the above 130 year old prophecy, “when the spring wheat will not quite have reached its third notch of growth.”   
We also have to consider the fact that the 7 year tribulation period could very well be between now and 2020.  This would be the approximate beginning of the three and a half years of the Great Tribulation.  So 2016 could be the year of the Great Warning.  We really don’t know when to expect the Great Warning except that the signs for this to occur are very ripe now.  We know too, that the Great Warning comes amidst economic collapse, war and strife, civil disorder and seismic upheaval when things seem hopeless.  Such conditions must prevail before the Warning comes to pass.  The bottom line is, as we have often said, ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TIME AND THE HOUR – we do not.  We can only read the signs and the signs are very ripe for the Warning to occur.
The  Great Warning will be, as the alternate names for this phenomenon suggest, a great awakeningity; an enlightenment of the mind and an illumination of conscience – or as the new agers say, a shift in consciousness.  It will be a time when one’s soul will be lit up to the degree that one will see all his faults and imperfections.  One will be able to evaluate his or her own spiritual condition realizing the wrong he or she has done.  For this reason the Warning is also called the judgment in miniature.  Also, it will be a time when the soul bathed to its interior with a purifying white light will be cleansed and strengthened to a higher vibratory rate causing it to be known as the minor purification.  Lastly, it will be a time when as Conchita of Garabandal said, that if she did not know what the Chastisement was, she would say that the Warning was worse than the Chastisement. Hence, the Warning is also known as the minor chastisement.
On this last point, the minor chastisement, the Evil Forces will capitalize on the Warning event and induce people to believe that the Great Warning (or minor chastisement) is the Divine Chastisement; and that the lull (a false peace – really a time for conversion) is the New Era of Peace; and that the AntiChrist is Christ.  During this Great Tribulation period that follows the Warning will be a time when the AntiChrist comes to power and carries out his Grand Delusion on those thus influenced and lead them astray.
God will use the Great Warning to awaken, enlighten and convert man from his sinful ways.  The Warning will break the bond of sin.  But at the same time, the Evil Forces will counteract to use the Warning to pull off the greatest delusion and deception of all time as indicated above.  This Warning will also signal when mankind enters into a time of great evil, the Great Tribulation.  One needs to seek God’s mercy and grace to carry out His Will.  We need to convert our lives and get our “spiritual houses” in order.
Another clue as to the time of the Great Warning comes from certain “psychic” predictions.  There are those who would like to dismiss such psychic abilities but there is evidence that such abilities are for real.  There are those who have been trained in such clairvoyant abilities that have a proven track record and should not be discounted.
Such people are called “remote viewers” and being trained by U.S. Defense Intelligence agencies report some very interesting things about 2012 and the nature of the coming change in time itself. 
A Global Shift Now report states:  “Edward Dames was in charge of a U.S. Defense Intelligence team of remote viewers.  (Remote viewing is another name for clairvoyance – the ability to ‘see’ events that are not available to direct observation.  It’s closely related to precognition – the ability to foresee events that have not happened yet).  Dame’s remote viewing team was not able to see events past the year 2012.  Their conclusion was not that the world was going to end but that there would be a global shift so large that the remote viewers could not get a clear picture of what the Earth would be like post 2012.  Dames believes that the nature of time itself changes after 2012, saying:  ‘Something happened on Earth that affects the entire Earth in the future, all at once, and when we look around everything is different.’  Other psychic predictions, some by well known author/speakers such as Dannion Brinkley, have been made about an enormous change in 2012, including a dramatic expansion of consciousness and, once again, a change in the nature of time.”  (Global Shift Now: 2012: Fact and Fantasy, p 3.  Emphasis ours – DSR).
     [ Author’s Note:  Remote viewers such as Major Ed Dames have noted that pinpointing when events or when this change in the nature of time occurs is extremely difficult like judging how far distant an object is from you with no means of practical measurement.  So the “change in the nature of time” could be in any year the Great Warning occurs.  For sure the nature of time will change when the Great Warning occurs, whenever that should be. ]
From the above report and from gleaning pertinent prophecies as well as scientific facts relative to both the nature and the time as to when the Great Warning is to occur, we can come to a better understanding and prepare ourselves physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually fit for the greatest shift in human consciousness ever to occur in ages. As noted elsewhere the likely time for the great warning to occur is from 2016 to 2020 during the March, April passover period.  (It is important to keep in mind only God knows the time and the hour for this event to occur).
As noted before, the One World Advocates know this event is coming and are time/sequence driven to complete their plans in time to have their New World Order ”utopia” in place before the mass awakening  (See:  THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS: Volume 5. Apocalyptic Climax; Chapter 15: End Times Scenario).
Our attitude towards this great event is very important.  There will be many so frightened by the experience of the Warning that they will die, not from the event itself, but because of their fear.  Then there are those, who because of their pride, will not see the event for what it really is, a time for conversion, and will turn away from the mercy and saving graces of God.
God wants our salvation.  The Warning will be a time when we will see the state of our souls as God sees them; a time when our powers of consciousness will be raised to a new higher level; a time to turn to God’s mercy in humble submissiveness.  Those who are in the state of grace and are humble before God will fair the best when experiencing this heaven-sent event. 


1.  Go to Confession monthly or more often.  At Necedah and other apparition sites our Blessed Mother has long requested monthly Confession.  In some of Her recent apparitions She requests even weekly Confessions due to the urgency of our times.  Consider makeing even a general Confession if possible, in which one confesses anything from the past that weighs on one's conscience.  The more completely and honestly you have confessed your sins, the less painful the Warning will be.

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