We owe our start to these apparitions and our work is very much interwoven with these revelations.  We have studied these Marian Apparitions much more in-depth than any other apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  We have just recently published an in-depth study and defense of this apparition entitled, TRIAL BY DECEPTION:  THE TRUTH DENIED by Kenneth G. Van Hoof.  (See our Publications Catalog).



In 1950 the Mother of God appeared to a simple and poor farm woman, Mary Ann Van Hoof, in sandy central Wisconsin warning of a great conspiracy of Satan to subvert American, the Roman Catholic church and society in general.  rned of a great chastisement and admonished people to mend their ways and to return to a more devoted and holier way of life. She asked for a Constant Vigil of Prayer to save America. This Woman of the Apocalypse asked for us to in­vestigate our laws, to be villigent and to save the unborm. She also asked for a House of Prayer to be built on the apparitions site. A great deal of revelations and prophecies were given through the years (1950-1984) concerning history, government, the Church, society, health and much more. (Much of this documented revelation was written up in MARIAN APPARITIONS AND APOCALYPTIC RESEARCH - see Publications Catalog). 

The Catholic Church did much to suppress this apparition as did the Men-In-Black. Therefore an independent organization, For My God and My Country, Inc. was set up to run the Shrine and to publish the revelations. This effort was formally organized in 1958 when this organization was founded.

In the 1970s a more serious effort was made to study these revelations and what they pertained to. DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH was founded in 1980 to fulfill this need and to do in-depth documentation as well. This research was not only undertaken to study and document these revelations but to correlate them with other revelations of Mary's apparitions. 

The Necedah Apparitions are one of the most suppressed apparitions in history but at the same time Necedah's revelations are the most hard-hitting and timely messages of all time. The full magni­tude and importance of these revelations has yet to be fully realized.


The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Mary Ann Van Hoof over a period of 34 years as the Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace, Mediatrix Between God and Man. The shrine She founded bears this title.

Mary Ann was born on July 31, 1909, was the wife of Godfred  Van Hoof and the mother of eight children.  They lived on the outskirts of Necedah (an Indian name meaning "Land of Yellow Waters"), on a small, sandy, dairy farm in central Wisconsin. 

It was here where she was favored with Heavenly visitations starting November 12, 1949. Other important anniversary days, of these appearances of the Mother of God are April 7, May 28, 29, 30, June 4 and 16, August 15, and October 7. Other appearances occurred in following years be­ginning with December 8th. 

She also has had visions of the Nativity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ on the last Friday of Advent before Christmas; visioned and suffered the Passion of Our Lord on Fridays of-and Lent; and visioned the Last Supper on Holy Thursday and the First Mass on Good Friday. In addition to this she visioned the Iron Gates of Russia opened as well as traveling in vision to the subterranean arse­nal under the ice in Siberia. 

In this 34 year period she received many dire warnings of the enemy of God, the Serpent's plan of destruction and the coming chastisement from God.

In addition to suffering the passion for 30 years (suffering the wounds of the Crown of Thorns -visible in 1951-52 afterwards inwardly only), she endured sufferings from 1954 to I960 which made her an invalid in a wheel chair. This was followed by a miraculous cure by St. Joseph and she was able to walk the rest of her life

Her husband Godfred died of leukemia in I960 but it wasn't until 1977 that she was remarried to Ray Hirt. During the late 1970s to the time of her death on March 18, 1984 she endured extreme sufferings, becoming confined to a hospital bed the last I to 2 months of her life.

During her life as mystic she was favored with the gift of bi-location and of prophecy. She could tell if a visitor was a priest even though he was in disguise as a layman and gave no indication in conversation.

She received relentless persecutions and threats since the apparitions began. Strangers in black would prowl about her home at dark often threatening to do her bodily harm or to hurt her fam­ily. There were two attempts to kidnap her and she was shot at in her home at least once. Her home (the old farmhouse) burned in 1959. All of this was done by the same sinister forces. 

At the other end of the spectrum she was given many privileges by Heaven of visions of the Holy Trinity of God, the Nativity of Christ, the Assumption of the Mother of God plus other privileges previously mentioned. She has had many visitations by the Holy Mother, Christ as well as countless angels and saints. She was also given a most important vision and revelation by an angel (the secret of Necedah - which has never been released) about the universe, the Chas­tisement, and the renewal of our earth after the period of the Chastisement.

As to why she was chosen: The Mother of God explained to her that she was an unhappy child, always abused and misunderstood. "You took punishment for others to protect them. You received no love, which you longed for in your home. You always worked hard and were honest to your family. Yes, you committed sins, but have been forgiven for them long ago. At the time of your sins, your surroundings were more to blame than you. 

"You faced death four times. The sister who took care of you in the hospital, she is with us now. You felt very close to her during her devotion and her tireless effort and vigils to keep you alive.

"From childhood on, until today, the Stations of the Cross have made your heart heavy, and you shed tears because My Son's sufferings grieved you. This is why I chose you. My child."


Revelations, apparitions, visions and miracles have been occurring since the time of Adam and Eve. Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible contain accounts of such events. Accounts of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of angels and other celestial beings have been occur­ring with increasing frequency in recent times. 

As of 1990 over 300 apparitions of the Blessed Virgin have occurred in the 20th Century according to Marian Communications, Ltd., Lima, Pennsylvania.  The increasing frequency of Marian apparitions has prompted
Cardinal Ratzinger to state: "One of the signs of our times is that the announcements of 'Marian Apparitions' are multiplying all over the world." (The Ratzinger Report)

From 1923 to 1975 according to the study of theologian Bernard Billets, 232 separate Marian apparitions were reported in 32 countries. The many reported apparitions have presented a pastoral problem for the Church.  (Knowing the subversion that exists within the Church complicates matters even more.) Yet the proper treatment of these  appearances of the Mother of God is the great and heavy responsibility of the Church Authority.  Apparitions or visions of any Celestial visitation is more often than not, accompanied by revelation in the form of instructions, warnings, etc., to an individual chosen to carry forth those reve­lations. The person chosen for this is known as a seer (if a man) or a seeress (if a woman) and is also referred to as a mystic. The Blessed Mother has referred to such a person as "Chosen Child." 

The Catholic encyclopedia refers to the two kinds of revelations:

(1)      Universal revelations, which are contained in the Bible or in the depositum of Apostolic tra­dition transmitted by the Church. These ended with the preaching of the Apostles and must be believed by all;

(2)      particular or private revelations which are constantly occurring among Christians. When the Church approves private revelations, she declares only that there is nothing in them contrary to faith or good morals." (Catholic encyclopedia, Vol. XIII, p.5)

Furthermore we have the decree approval by Pope Paul VI concerning private revelations and on publications which deal with accounts, etc. of private revelations. This decree took/effect on October 14, 1966 and reads as follows:

"The Canon 1399 forbade by right the publication of certain books such as those that deal with revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles.

"This Canon has been repealed. This means that as far as these publications are concerned, the prohibition is lifted as to their being bound by ecclesiastical law.

"This means that henceforth Catholics are permitted without need of Imprimatur or of Nihil Ob-stat, or any other permission, to publish accounts of revelations, visions, prophecies and mira­cles. Of course these publications must not put in danger the Faith or the Morals: this is the general rule which every Catholic must follow in all his actions, even journalists, especially journalists.

"There is hence no longer any prohibition concerning the narrative of seers, be they recognized or not by ecclesiastical authority.

"All the more reason is it permitted for Catholics to frequent places of apparitions, even those not recognized by the ordinaries of the dioceses or by the Holy Father: Granted that the Catholic visitors who frequent these places must respect the Faith and the Morals. However, they are not subject to any ecclesiastical discipline, not even for their public prayers. Permission is required only for the celebration of Holy Mass or any other religious service.

"Canon 2318 carried penalties against those who violated the laws of censure and prohibition. /This Canon is abrogated since 1966. None can incur ecclesiastical censure for frequenting places of apparitions even those not recognized by the ordinaries of the dioceses or by the Holy Father.

"Also, those who would have incurred the censures treated in Canon 2318 will be like absolved by the very fact of the abrogation of this Canon.

A. Cardinal Ottaviani, Pro-prefect P. Parente, Secretary

Diamond Star has researched this decree on private revelation In the early 1980's. A member of Diamond Star Re­search went to Rome and obtained three official copies from the Vatican. Although the three copies were in three different languages (English, Italian and Latin) all said essentially the same thing, attesting to the authenticity of the text.

In the matter of the discernment of apparitions, Father John Koza of St. Andrews Byzantine Catholic Church in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, puts it this way:

"The discernment of apparitions has always presented the church with a challenge. The report of a person being able to see something invisible, such as an apparition, generally puts the church in a dilemma which it must try to face when these apparitions do occur. Nevertheless ... 'the Church has always dealt with these concerns. It does so, after all, with faith. The same Lord who creates apparitions has also fashioned the institution that must sometimes measure them.'

"Miracles, apparitions and other supernatural manifestations have been recognized and are wel­comed by the Church. However, the acceptance has always been accompanied by a built in pru­dence; a caution which the Church believes, and should be, its responsibility." (The Discernment of Apparitions by Fr. John Koza, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Spring, 1992, p 5.)

However, one must realize that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated to a marked degree by the Yiddish Zionists and Masons who do not want the truth of the Blessed Virgin's message to reach the faithful. Therefore it must be recognized that there is a conflict within the Church itself as to how to deal with apparitions. Church authority may be used as a two-edged sword, either to prudently investigate to discern and ascertain the truth, or to stamp out the apparition and sup­press the truth.

With this in mind, we continue with the Church's guidelines which in prudence have been laid down concerning apparitions and revelations. From Father John Koza's research we learn:

"Approved apparitions should exhibit certain characteristics... if they truly sprang from a Divine source, they would: manifest a hidden presence of God, renew community life, convert hearts, reawaken and stimulate faith, and renew hope and dynamism in the Church.

"Generally, experience proved, there were categories into which studied apparitions eventually fell. The lowest category of evaluation labeled a reported apparition as 'not worthy of belief!' It did not, according to the judges, exhibit the characteristics which are anticipated characteristics or hallmarks of an apparition of supernatural origin.

"The second category assigned a somewhat neutral judgment to the event - 'nothing contrary to the Faith...' The local church, in its own best lights, suggested that the reported event might or might not be the result of supernatural intervention.

"The third category included the apparitions which are today called 'approved' or 'recognized' by the Church. These, it is said, were 'worthy of belief by the faithful and showed the distinguishing traits of an occurrence arranged by God." (Ibid)

This brings us to what His Excellency, the Bishop of Liege, Belgium, had to say in regard to private revelation (those of the Most Holy Virgin at Banneux from January 15 to March 3, 1933). We quote in part:

"In the first place, it is not necessary for us to have an authentic judgment of the Church in or­der to admit the truth of the apparitions; we can accept them either on the basis of personal study of the fact themselves, of their development and their effects; or on the authority of persons whose knowledge, prudence and piety we know; or on the basis of special favors which we might have received... This personal conviction may be expressed in private acts of piety. Do not forget that the most important final decision must be pronounced by men. These men will be enlightened regarding these facts more quickly and more fully, and their sentence will be prompter and more explicit. Prayer can obtain for them the light they need to lead their investiga­tions in the best direction, to furnish them with even miraculous favors, capable of removing the least doubts." (For the complete text see vol. I of "My Work With Necedah" by Henry Swan.)

We note that the Bishop of Liege refers to the personal study of the facts and also to enlighten­ment through prayer. We need to have documented facts concerning private revelation which will bring scientific evidence in to support or discern the truth of such revelation (the religious aspect) on the one hand and the documentation (the scientific aspect) on the other. This will help us to arrive at the ultimate truth.



The Necedah Secret Revealed

[AUTHOR'S NOTE:  In this volume we reveal that  an angelic Nordic race has made contact with the Vatican, specifically Popes Pius XII and John XXIII and also with at least three mystics at three apparition sites in the United States of America.  One of these, we believe, was in Texas.  Another was revealed to this author, his mother, and Raymond Pritzl by Father Rockicki as being in Maryland.  The third, however, was in the state of Wisconsin, namely, the Necedah apparitions. This contact between this angelic Nordic race and the mystic, Mary Ann Van Hoof, took place some 30 years ago.  This contact, along with the other contacts in Texas and Maryland as well as those of the Vatican (see chapter 9) constitute proof of life on other planets; and of a angelic race of men that live in perfect harmony with God's laws. This is essentially what we call the "Necedah Secret."  We reveal this "secret" now because more evidence has come out (i.e. the extraterrestrial contacts) concerning these beings.  There has been a concerted effort by the shadow government to keep evidence of this from the public.  There is evidence that the evil forces on this Earth have gone so far as to shoot down the craft of these beings - killing some of them or imprisoning some on this Earth.  There is a another Necedah message (not the one included here) that is yet to be transcribed, that details evidence of this nature.  This message in turn, is supported by documentation in Diamond Star Research files that confirms the above facts.  What follows is a general synopsis of these Necedah contacts along with pertinent excerpts of the May 31, 1977 Queenship of Mary message that reveals important information relative to our End Times study.]

Contact Synopsis.  During a Lent Friday suffering period of Mary Ann Van Hoof Hirt in 1977, a strange voice was heard to speak through her. This strange voice turned out to be not that of a saint nor a demon but that of a living "extraterrestrial" - an alien being from another planet.  The actual recorded transcripted message was lost (though others were preserved).  However, in this message this voice explained who he was - that his position on his home planet was that of Emperor and Pope combined.  There was no separation of Church and State but a union of both spiritual and temporal powers.  He explained that two of his people were killed, their spacecraft being shot down.  His people are blonde and blue-eyed, about four feet tall or so and live to be thousands of years old though they look young, as if they were in their late twenties or early thirties.  He explained that they looked this way and lived so long because they lived according to God's law.  Everything was done in accordance to God's Law.  There was no sin and suffering on his planet because there was no Original Sin; they had not fallen as Adam and Eve had done on our planet so they lived in a state of perfection as Adam and Eve had done before the Fall.

In this message and subsequent messages that followed, similar information was related.  This stranger from another planet was referred to as "the White Knight" as his name was too hard to pronounce. This was in the beginning.  He then explained that his name meant "Joseph" in our language and said, "You may call me Prince Joseph." Prince Joseph often came at night and there were several short exchanges between him and the mystic.  Unfortunately many of these short exchanges that were recorded were lost in the upheaval that followed in the Shrine community in the mid 1980s after the mystic's death.

During these "visits" his space ship would hover at a high alti­tude and he would communicate telepathically with the mystic.  Other times he would come during the night and hover at a lower altitude and descend to the top of the house to her upper story and speak directly with her.  The space ship was seen on several occasions to hover at night near the Sacred Spot of Apparitions at a rather low altitude, sometimes at tree-top level.  It was low enough to clearly see it's "saucer" like shape outlined with a greenish-white glow all about. On a particular occasion the Van Hoof family was "escorted" home by two of these greenish-white spacecraft all aglow, pulsating and exhibiting red and white flashing lights.  They traveled at low altitude just a short ways above the tree tops and turned with the car as it went down the long driveway.  They continued on into the western night sky after the family reached their house.

Prince Joseph gave warnings concerning Christianity on Earth; the plans of the enemy and the dangers to our planet.  At times Mary Ann would go with Prince Joseph in his space ship and on one time even went to his space station.  This was not done physically by Mary Ann but by bi-location.  One such time was on May 31, 1977 after she

had a vision of Christ the King, the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven and the Holy Trinity of God. 

May 31, 1977 - The Queenship of Mary - Message Excerpts.  "We are out of the Earth's gravitation, the ride is smooth, but yet we have not reached our destination. We are traveling faster than the speed of sound.

"St. Joan, St. Therese (who accompanied Mary Ann on the trip), why do I see those different colors?  It's the sun's rays shining on the different (word not understood).  I see, first a pinkish and then such a beautiful blue and now the blue is fading.  Is that where we are going?"

[Note:  The above excerpts are from the period when Mary Ann was enroute to the space station.  She explained that all the planets seem to have a rainbow of colors surrounding them.  The following excerpts are from when Mary Ann arrives at the space station and shown some of their advanced technology used to see on Earth, even through solid rock, etc.]

"... And now, Mary Ann, follow me...   These are some of my workers.  You will be able to see them.  You can see them approaching you. Thirty of us are here right now.  Only the men - you see someone has to maintain the space ship that you are in now.  Here are some of the panels, you see I will show you how we can commute right down unto your Earth.  You see that little, small ball down there, where we focused the instrument on it.  Now watch.  You see, there is your state of Wisconsin ... And there is your shrine.  All your people are standing and praying...

"Now we will take you to some arsenals of your enemy.

"It's frightening Sister Mary Ann, isn't it?  But that is what is aimed towards your country.  They will fight you with germ warfare. All these canisters you see here that we have our instrument focused on, you see it's in a cave but this instrument goes right through granite, and you can see the interior.  We have to be careful that we do not put too much pressure on it or it makes a flash which we do not want them to know.  There was a plan, that was the reason for this inoculation to spread more of this more intense.  They feared the harm that might come from it.  Thousands would have died so they held it a little off, but you see Sister Mary Ann, thy own government is betraying you people.  We can watch all of this here.  Now I am going to take this off of there and show you what the ozones are doing to your planet.  Come over here, Sister Mary Ann, this is a different instrument.  Look through here, now, you see the Earth again.  You see the complete orbiting movement.  You can see how the Earth is slightly tilted.  This other grayish-bluish-blackish-bluish - that is the ozone around your Earth."

Mary Ann states,  “Our Earth looks blue."

Prince Joseph explains, "That is your water.  Yes, take a good look, study it slowly so you can get the whole picture.  Can you see it or should I put it brighter?"

Mary Ann answers, "I think I can see it.  I don't really know what I am looking at."

Prince Joseph explains, "You are looking at the Earth, the atmospheric conditions around it plus the rim of the ozone.  All around your Earth.  As your Earth orbits, the ozone orbits with it.  That is why we have come down to your Earth to warn you.  We can see what is being done to your Earth.  Now we will show you the sun, but first let me place these powerful lens over your face to protect your eyes. Come here Sister Mary Ann.  Now look through this instrument.  We have to reduce the power now because the sun is so bright...

"Now we will show you which is the nova in progress.  You see this is the sun.  [Mary Ann stated the fiery manifestations around the sun "look more like a furnace.]  Yes, looking into a furnace but there are millions of furnaces all around the sun.  Wait "til this moves a little and you will see the sun.  It is clean and clear but this about it, these strange looking, oh I could call them in our language but you wouldn't know it.  We'll just call them furnaces, but each one of them, oh better give it to you in a small language. Let's say each one of these furnaces is about five miles.  That would be a better and more accurate for you.  And those are - watch how they boil, and how it spins about within themselves, the white light, and here is a greenish light and here in the orbit is a blue light, and here is a grayish, ugly looking light ...

"Here is some more now.  Now this is all in this one place, one of the furnaces we'll call it.  All the different movements and there are so many of them.  The sun itself is the largest.  Well, we will call them all planets, the sun is the largest planet in God's universe. All these others are around the sun, and if they explode [Author's Note: "if they explode" has possible reference to the "furnaces" surrounding the sun.]  ...your Earth will fall into darkness because of the particles bursting away, it will darken and you will have from three to four days of darkness.  And when this falls upon your ozones those gases from the ozones will come down upon the Earth and if you people go outside your homes during that period you will die, well, you will just drop like a fly would when you spray a fly with some poison, it will be poison.  It will burst your lungs.  There are some that might survive, depending on the individual and how much they consume.  Our best advice for you at that time would be stay in your homes.  Seal all cracks in your homes.  Have water in your homes because your elec­tricity will not work.  Remember, electricity will not work.  We can­not tell you here when God the Father in Heaven will permit this. You see one of the things your scientists on Earth do not count on is that God the Father in Heaven - He is our God too, not only yours. When this will take place.  But that it WILL take place. Sister Mary Ann, you can rest assured on that.  So that is why we are trying to warn you people to quit using your spray cans of every size and vari­ety.  Quit your underground missiles.  They are damaging your Earth to a severe (degree)."

Mary Ann then asks, "Is there something about the story about the in­terior of the Earth being (inhabited)?"

Prince Joseph replies, "Yes Sister Mary Ann, that is true.  But even that will be destroyed by underground missiles your government is experimenting with.  They don't know what is inside of the Earth. They are guessing from what they see on the surface but what is on the surface doesn't always follow through underneath.  You in a vision, Your Heavenly Mother permitted you to watch it when Henry (Henry Swan) was still with you.  You watched them shoot down planes and suddenly they disappeared.  The planes were never found.  Oh they found them all right, in the interior of the Earth.  Some of those men are still alive in there.  And he was right - what was his name, Colonel Byrd or something like that."

Mary Ann says, "Yes, I believe it is Admiral Byrd or something like that."

Prince Joseph continues.  "Well they disposed of him, you know that, don't you?  They thought he was becoming loony by telling of what he saw.  He himself was in it.  And they let him go out.  And they placed him in an institution.  Your government is so afraid, like the anniversary of Colonel Lindbergh.  Now they are playing it all up. He was a fine man.  He was an honest man.  He was a good man.  But they would not let him speak.  Why is your nation so afraid to hear the truth?  Oh yes I know they talk about us ...

"... You see, your world has mostly the fallen angels; our planet has the good angels.  That is why our faces are so different from yours. Your face is blemished with the strife and struggle and pain of the Earth.  You see our hair are not gray.  You probably think I'm a young man.  I'm not, I'm close to two thousand years old, that is your years. ... We are not worried about over-population on our planet.  We eat well.  We live like some of you live but we have no envy in our hearts, no hatred.  We love one another.  We don't envy our brethren.  When God permits us to have a child, we have it.  We don't destroy it like your world does...

"... None of you can outsmart our God, which you are foolishly trying to do.  Now going back ... when this nova takes place, and these cosmic things take place and different things about the Earth, when your Earth tips there will be the biggest flood that your world has ever experienced and when the ice melts on what is called your North Pole and your South Pole there will not be much visible.  And then when God punishes you on the Earth, and as you Sister Mary Ann, saw that white fire, you were shown - I'm not going to show you the picture but you have it, what it'll be like.  [AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Concerning the White Fire - please see Volume 4, chapters 4 and 7.]  There will be only a few people on each individual continent that will survive as far as we ourselves are in the know.  We are not too sure where the most will be left.  Don't make the mistake and throw your Earth out of orbit.  You have smart scientists.  There are scientists that know about it but yet nobody believes them.  Oh we ourselves have been called everything.  Your government doesn't want any part of us. Everyone that saw some of us, they hushed them off.  Some of our people have come down but there are others from different planets that have also come down.  They call us UFOs and they are wondering about different things happening in different parts of your states.  The one they call 'Bigfoot' - there is such a creature.  Not only one but several. You have strange things happening on your Earth."

Prince Joseph before the visit was over explained their spaceship and how it worked.  It ran on something similar to atomic power.

Just before leaving on the return trip, Mary Ann asked, "Do you take the helmets off in here sometimes?"  Prince Joseph responded, "Oh yes, I take mine off."  He then did so and revealed his golden blonde hair and blue eyes. He explained, "We are all like that." Mary Ann asked, "You mean everyone of you have blue eyes?" "Yes, we are all blue-eyed and golden-colored hair. Like your Holy Mother. It seems we are molded after Her." was the reply. Mary Ann said, “There are no wrinkles in your faces." "No, it's the purity, it keeps your face unblemished..." was the answer.

They then made the return trip. The visit including the round trip lasted approximately two hours.

Conclusions. This visit with Prince Joseph on his space station was proceeded by a message from the Blessed Mother and a vision of the Holy Trinity. Parts of what was said by Prince Joseph covered similar subjects as has been covered in other Necedah messages. Still other parts contained aspects that we have yet to analyze in order to understand exactly what is meant.
     Mary Ann later described the vision of the Queenship. She saw God the Father dressed in white, with God the Son at His right hand dressed in a red robe, Holy Mother Mary on His right dressed in blue. It seemed that Our Lord and His Mother were seated on large chairs. Our Lord and His Mother wore crowns. The Blessed Mother's crown had a star in the front center with a ruby red stone. There were seven angels present, one angel brought forward a beautiful blue velvet-like garment which he later took back to Holy Mother and another angel helped place it around Our Holy Mother. The color of the velvet was the blue that She wears when She appears. to Mary Ann. Along the edge was wide gold braid. The dove, the Holy Ghost, fluttered His wings, catching the rays from God the Father's hands, which the Dove then showered down upon the people there at the time.
Subsequent visits by Prince Joseph and two other aliens (these two had been killed in a UFO crash on Earth) gave additional counsel, warnings, and messages through Mary Ann. Though some of these messages have been lost, an important one giving extensive details has been preserved on tape and as yet needs to be analyzed and documented.

was one of the names given to one of the aliens killed in the UFO shoot-down by our government. He came in spirit to Mary Ann and gave important information. Prince Joseph himself, in subse­quent visits encouraged Mary Ann to see his home planet but realized she was not quite able to because of her poor health. Only one other mystic we know of - though not by name, has been contacted by these same people from the same planet - though not by Prince Joseph himself. We were informed of this by Father Rockicki in 1985 or 86. (This author feels Prince Joseph's people (the angelic blonde Nordics) are the same extraterrestrials that made contact with Pope Pius XII - see chapter 9).
A drawing of Prince Joseph's space ships, both the scout ship and the mother ship was made in the late 1970s by one who faithfully fol­lowed the description given by Mary Ann Van Hoof. It is feared too, that this drawing also has been lost in the upheaval that followed the death of the mystic in 1984.
      Diamond Star Research feels this account is credible and ties in with other contacts of this type, especially those of the Vatican. Other information gained by a variety of researchers such as Bruce Alan Walton, Project Right to Know and several others definitely ties in with this account detailed above. More and more is being revealed concerning life on other planets. The evidence for such life and in particular, the angelic Nordic race, is mounting. The shadow government does not want you to know about them and their worlds, and certainly does not want you to know of their message to mankind on this Earth.