We are living in a time when as Scripture says: "But them, Daniel, shut up the , words, and seal the hook, even to the time of the end; many shall ran to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." (Daniel 12:4). This prophecy is being ful­filled. We are seeing a proliferation of information in all types of subjects in today's world. The "electronic super highway" of information is reaching around the world permeating all society. For the most part this information is controlled and used by "the powers that be" to subjugate the populace in a "politically correct" and "multiculturally correct" society. The mainstream ma­nipulated media has so brain washed most people that when they are confronted by the REAL TRUTH on a variety of subjects - they think it strange or "far-out" often going into a state of denial. Furthermore, much information, much truth has been distorted, censored, or blacked out completely.

All the above is coupled with the fact that strange phenomena are increasingly unfolding upon our world. Some of these things when they are reported are often taken out of context or given a certain "spin" to further confuse the public. All this can be overwhelming and confusing to the average person. Our purpose, then, is to help pierce the fog of confusion by investigating such things and presenting it in a down-to-earth common sense manner in our DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS. We also scan the market for the best and most credible sources for videos and books which will aid the truth seeker in assembling the true picture of what is going on in our apocalyptic world. By presenting and publishing valid and truthful documented information, we feel the truth seeker will be armed with important facts to help him make his own decisions and to decide his own destiny.


This five volume work began as a single three-part volume that quickly morphed into a four volume work that covered four major aspects of the Apocalypse.  Apocalyptic events have been unfolding so fast that it was necessary to update the original four volumes with a fifth volume. 

Essentially, this five volume apocalyptic End Times work is an in-depth research study the various manifestations of the ancient ongoing ultimate cosmic conflict of the ages between Good and Evil.  This underlying theme found throughout THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS series is seen in the various conflicts and events that are continually unfolding down through the corridors of time.  These conflicts and events making up THE Cosmic Conflict of the Ages, are now coming to a climax in our apocalyptic End Times. 

There are four major aspects of the Apocalypse:  1. The Apocalypse that has permeated the Catholic Church (and all other religions as well); 2. the apocalyptic events that are engulfing our country and the world; 3. the deeper, occulted apocalypse manifest in paranormal events and related mysteries; and 4. the Apocalypse as manifest in biblical revelation and prophecy.  To accommodate these four aspects of apocalyptic study, this work was separated into four volumes:  1. THE CHURCH IN APOCALYPTIC DARKNESS; 2. APOCALYPSE ACROSS AMERICA; 3. APOCALYPTIC TWILIGHT ZONE; 4. THE APOCALYPSE IN PERSPECTIVE.  A fifth volume, APOCALYPTIC CLIMAX, was added to supplement the four original volumes with the latest research findings.  This fifth volume indicates how close the impending climax of the Apocalypse really is. 

     This five volume set goes much more in-depth and has a wider scope than most other works on the subject of the Apocalypse.   It gives a thorough treatment of Saint John’s Book of the Apocalypse and relates these biblical revelations as well as the prophecies of the Mother of God to what is now unfolding in our time.  This documented work concerns both little known shadowy forces that orchestrate hidden agendas as well as Godly forces working to save a remnant of Christian civilization.  All that is contained within these five volumes is part and parcel of the Battle Between Good and Evil as manifest IN and on this Earth.  Most people do not realize that the traditionally understood concept of the Battle between Good and Evil as taught through academia (schools and universities, both religious and secular), and the controlled media, is conveyed to us by means of symbolism and “sanitized facts.”  THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS series goes beyond this façade of “truth” and presents the deeper-seated reality. 

     This work is a very balanced, comprehensive and exhaustive study of our true apocalyptic reality using Scriptural revelation, Marian prophecy, scientific data, historical evidence, paranormal phenomena and current events to document research findings.  All that is contained within this study, this five volume work, documents the manifestations of the ongoing, cosmic Battle between Good and Evil that has come down to our End of days reality. 

     For further explanation, see descriptions of each individual volume below


The Apocalypse Unfolds, Volume 1 of 4THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS, Volume 1, The Church in Apocalyptic Darkness.  What is the state of the Church today?  This volume exposes like no other the deep-seated plan to set up a one world religion by infiltrating the Roman Catholic Church from within transforming it into an Antichrist world church.  Marian revelation has warned that the Masons have full control of the Catholic Church today, having almost completely transformed it as per the Alta Vendita plan where the Antichrist will be seated upon the Chair of Peter through the person of the Black Pope.  Research has revealed that four Masonic lodges are embedded within the Vatican's interior and have a firm grip on Church functions.
This volume is not an attack on the Catholic religion but an expose' of the diabolical forces that have worked for centuries to destroy the Catholic Faith from within.  The plan is near completion but there is a counter movement against it to preserve the true faith.  Find out how this conspiracy and counter movement fit into the larger picture of the ongoing battle between Good and Evil.  6x9 soft  cover book.  242 pages.  $19.50

The Apocalypse Unfolds, Volume 2 of 4 (Apocalypse Across America)

THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS, Volume2, Apocalypse Across America.  As the Apocalypse sweeps across America, final plans are being completed for the emergence of a One World Government.  Though Americans are awakening to something being wrong, most do not realize to what extent these plans have come and how close enslavement really is.  (The One World Advocates are seeking to have a world police-state dictatorship in place within the next few years).
In the meantime, New World Order plans and programs for "the good of the people" are [progressing rapidly.  Hidden under this veneer of everyday life is a whole labyrinth of interconnected happenings from black helicopters, clandestine construction of concentration camps, underground bases, bunkers and tunnels to the push for a North American Union, a controlled collapse of the economy for the purpose of a new monetary system, the immigration invasion, the false wars on cancer, drugs, and terrorism.  All this is occurring while  Big Brother is feigning protection and security for the American people.
While we are promised this "security"  secret forces are taking away our rights and freedoms.  While Big Brother promises peace and security and the American Dream, more wars are engineered for our sons and daughters to die in for their world utopia.  We are subjected to dumbed-down "education," poisoned through fast-foods, "Frankenstein: foods, pharmaceutical medications, vaccines, chemtrails, and various toxic chemicals in our environment; coerced into a police state via surveillance technologies, tracking and monitoring our every move in every possible way all to turn our reality into the American Nightmare.
The good news is there is a way out of this nightmare.  This volume not only exposes this diabolical scheme but explains ways to "opt our of the system."  It's not all "doom 'n gloom."  There is solutions on how to prepare for and survive this crisis ahead.
This volume is the most complete, in-depth coverage of the take-over of America as it relates to the Apocalypse now unfolding. 
6x9 soft cover book.  287 pages.  $19.50

The Apocalypse Unfolds, Volume 3 of 4 (Apocalyptic Twilight Zone)

THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS, Volume3, Apocalyptic Twilight Zone.
We are now entering the twilight zone of this apocalyptic age where the strange, the unusual, the unexplained and the unaccepted are becoming more prevalent in our world.  These paranormal manifestations include UFO's, crop circles, strange creatures, unexplained disappearances, hidden scientific explorations and discoveries and much more.  Such things are not random and unrelated events but a manifestation of a greater hidden reality emerging from the occulted vaults of transcendent truth.  These hidden secrets of the ages were kept from public scrutiny down through the misty corridors of time.  Such things are becoming more manifest in our time now more than ever before because of the mounting battle between the forces of Good and E vil.
This volume, like no other, explores these strange happenings and paranormal phenomena, examining every facet, taking out the confusion and mystery in the process and revealing the underlying interconnected reality of the composite world.  These secrets and mysteries - the un-explained, can now be, in this Age of the Apocalypse, explained and understood.  Consequently, one may begin to see the hidden connections between these strange manifestations and activities of the New World Order as all being part of the ongoing battle between Good and Evil.  The facts will be borne out in this volume to show the intricate relationship between this apocalyptic twilight zone of existence and the real shadow of power that manipulates and controls this planet's surface world from the hidden subterranean depths.  Once you understand these enigmas and mysteries of our hidden reality you will never view the world in the same way again.  (Note:  contains the Secret of Necedah (never before released) and the secrets of the Vatican.)  6x9 soft cover book.  251 pages. $19.50

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The Apocalypse Unfolds, Volume 4 of 4 (The Apocalypse in Perspective)

THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS, Volume4, The Apocalypse in Perspective.  There is a fair amount of confusion concerning the End Times time-line scenario.  When will all that has been prophesied to happen come to pass?  This volume will attempt to put the End Times scenario into perspective to aid the reader in understanding ongoing  and unfolding events so as to better prepare him for what is to come. 
Many have put figurative and faulty interpretations on the enigmatic, cryptic passages found in St. John's Book of the Apocalypse.  This leads to all kinds of errors and confusion.  This volume will clear up the mystery and penetrate the fog of confusion on this subject.  A thorough in-depth explanation is given of the seven seals, the seven sighs, the seven trumpets and the seven bowls which contain the seven plagues.  We find on examining these passages that these apocalyptic visions and scenes described by St. John are not linear in sequence but are in a cyclic pattern known as "parallelism."
Find our how all the prophecies concerning this End of Age come together; how scientific discoveries in true science from archaeology to astronomy support the religious and scriptural message of the End Times.  Covered in his volume: the time-line scenario for the End of this age, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the three beasts, the Mark of the Beast, signs in the heavens and on Earth, the role of comets and asteroids as "mountains of fire," the passage of  Planet X, the Great Warning, the sealing of true Israel, the identity of God and Magog, the Mark of Heaven, the Great Tribulation, the reign of the Antichrist, the Armageddon, the storm of the Divine Chastisement, the Purification of the Great White Fire, the three days darkness, the new Heavens and new Earth, the Second Pentecost, the canopy restored, Godly Government and a whole lot more.
This is probably the most definitive book on the Apocalypse ever written combining scriptural evidence, scientific evidence and historical evidence with Marian prophecy, paranormal phenomena and current events.  If you are to understand this apocalyptic age in which you now live this is a must have volume.  6x9 soft cover book.  307 pages. $19.50

THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS, Volume 5, Apocalyptic Climax
The unfolding of the Apocalypse is now coming to a climax.  We are now entering a Great Tribulation period leading to a final climax in the Storm of the Divine Chastisement.  We are at the cusp of catastrophe with great forces now converging in this final battle between Good and Evil. 
This final volume updates the original four of the Apocalypse Unfolds series.  It is in four parts and covers these important aspects.  
1. The Emerging One World Religion. A corruption of Church hierarchy and a restructuring of religion is leading to the formation of a World Religion now taking shape within today’s institutional church. The Vatican is fully under the control of Freemasonry. All religions will be united into one with the Bahai Faith being the centerpiece of this new World Religion.
2. World Government now forming. Behind the false pretext of the “war on Terrorism” is the merging of world regions into a world government with a one world economic system. Find out what is behind the fascist “Green” agenda that will lead to the final conflict between America and Amerika. What is the 2012 New World Order agenda?
3. The Apocalyptic Twilight Zone Revisited. Find out the truth behind the controversy and cover-up of one of the most enigmatic and puzzling UFO incidents of all time – the Roswell case. This literally is a deeper truth in the “Hall of Mirrors” of UFOlogy. Well documented astounding facts indicate that planet Earth is now being infiltrated and invaded by Serpent-led forces both planetary and interplanetary. The ultimate goal is the great deception of the End Times.

The “End of Days” climax is now upon us. Earth changes and cosmic signs are everywhere as the approach of Comet Elenin is imminent and the passage of Planet X is due in late 2012. In the meantime, a transgenetic Armageddon is unfolding across the Earth as End Times war plans are put in place. Find out the shocking secret agenda of the Anglo-Saxon Mission of the World Elite as well as the human transgenetic transformative effect of the new Mark of the Beast technology.

Learn about the latest well documented facts relating to our immediate End Times Future.  
6x9 soft cover book.  313 pages. $19.50


ON THE BRINK OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION.  This volume details the latest research on the End Time events now unfolding upon us, giving greater insight into the coming tribulation period which appears to be upon us.  Topics covered:  the great End Times deception; controlled opposition agents in alternative media; Earth changes intensifying; world economic collapse and chaos; the final crisis and trial for the Catholic Church, identifying the Great Harlot and the rise of the false prophet; final warning on the Great Warning; latest Mark of the Beast technology; state surveillance; latest Executive Orders; Planet X and Comet Ison; and impending catastrophes culminating in the final cataclysm at the climax of the Great Tribulation.  This book makes it clear that we as a society, as a church, and as a civilization, are facing the greatest change in time and the greatest chastisement ever seen in Biblical history; and that we face the end of the world as we know it, a transitioning from one age into the next known as the tribulation period.  Well documented.  Approx. 225 pages.  $19.50.

Apolalypse Beacon - The Mainstream Controlled Media Vol 6, No. 16, Spring 2008APOCALYPSE BEACON, Vol. 6, No. 16, Spring, 2008.  The Problem: The Mainstream Controlled Media.  Today's world is a fabricated false reality kept in place by the "Powers-That-Be" who employ their media as WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION via television, radio, the printed word, and the internet.  Our Special Media Expose' Edition of THE APOCALYPSE BEACON shines the Light of Truth on this fabricated false reality.  Find out how the media manipulators distort and cover up the REAL news. 

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Apocalypse Beacon - Vol 5, No 15 - Summer 2004  Todays event of the apocalypseAPOCALYPSE BEACON, Vol. 5, No. 15, Summer, 2004. Contents: Re­search Update: What We Research: Apocalypse Across America and the World: The Apocalypse in Perspective: Armageddon: The Final Battle Between Good     and Evil; The Reality of the Apocalypse; Planet X Update. Very informative, hard-hitting information that puts the events of today in apocalyptic perspective. Full color cover. 16 pages. $5.00.

Beacon of the Apocalypse, Vol. 3, No. 13, Winter 2001BEACON OF THE APOCALYPSE, Vol. 3, No. 13, Winter, 2001. Contents: Millenium Madness and Misinformation (World Stage Set for "Order Out of Chaos" Planned Takeover) - The Warning and Takeover: It's a Matter of Timing; Necedah Revelations Verified by Unfolding Events. 28 pages. $3.00


Shrine Beacon Vol. 5, No. 24  Summer-Fall, 1998SHRINE BEACON, Vol. 5, No. 24. "THE SUPPRESSED BLUE MANTLE EDITION." This was the last SHRINE BEACON ever published. Certain "powers-that-be" sought to have this publication stopped.

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The Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Necedah, WI (USA)THE APPARITIONS OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY AT NECEDAH, WI (U.S.A.)  This attractive booklet contains valuable information concerning the how, when here and why the Blessed Mother's appearances to Mrs. Fred (Mary Ann) Van Hoof and their impact on our nation.  It gives a wide scope of the numerous projects carried on at the Shrine, a list of Anniversary Days when our Holy Mother appeared, a full color cover and six illustrations.  It is a convenient size to carry or drop in the mail to acquaintances.  $1.00

Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Mountain of La Salette - Soft Cover BookletAPPARITIONS OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY ON THE MOUNTAIN OF LA SALETTE  This contains the complete message of La Salette plus other important information about the apparition.  .75 cents



The Truth of RevelationTHE TRUTH OF REVELATION (Triunelight Research Journal). Published in 1982 but still very relevant. Contents: Private Revelation and Common Sense (takes a common sense view of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary plus clarifies the position of  the Catholic Church in regard to apparitions)...

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Marian Apparitions and Apocalyptic ResearchMARIAN APPARITIONS AND APOCALYPTIC RESEARCH. This book contains the most in-depth research ever done on Marian apparitions, apocalyptic phenomena, and End Time events; correlates the Necedah messages with other Marian apparitions, the Apocalypse of St. John and end time events now unfolding. 

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Trial by Decpetion The Truth Denied by Kenneth G. Van HoofTRIAL BY DECEPTION THE TRUTH DENIED by Kenneth G. Van Hoof. This book was written by the mystic's son who personally experienced many of the events described in this book about the Virgin Mary's apparitions to his mother, Mary Ann Van Hoof.
Presents never before released information in the form of original letters, documents, and articles!  The most definitive defense of these apparitions ever presented!

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The Secret Still Hidden - Soft Cover BookTHE SECRET STILL HIDDEN
On June 26, 2000 the Vatican published the enigmatic vision of "the Bishop dressed in white" and claimed it was the entirety of the third Secret of Fatima.  Since then, a growing number of Catholics have become convinced that something is missing.  What is missing are the words of the Virgin Mary which would explain how the Pope in the vision comes to be executed by soldiers outside a ruined city filled with corpses.  In this book, attorney and Catholic commentator Christopher A. Ferrara conducts a meticulous examination of a mass of evidence - including many recent admissions, inadvertent disclosures, inconsistencies and sudden about-faces on the part of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone - to arrive at the inescapable conclusion that a text of the Virgin's words in the Third Secret has yet to be revealed.

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The Story of Joan of Arc by Mark TwainTHE STORY OF JOAN OF ARC by Mark Twain.  Few know of Mark Twain's excellent work on the true story of the church's greatest saints and martyrs; one who was persecuted and put to death by a corrupt faction of her own Church.

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End Times CatalogFREE END TIMES CATALOG. Contains a number of books and videos on end times subjects. Available Research Journals arc also included. Sent upon request or with any order from this publications list.





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