To help those people seeking the truth about these confusing End Times, we have gleaned through a significant number of internet videos on various apocalyptic topics.  While we don't necessarily agree on every point made
in these videos or sometimes how they are presented, we feel these presentations overall are the best of what is out on the internet today.  They present information either not properly treated by the mainstream media or sometimes not at all.
  Use these videos to educate and prepare yourself and your family for what is on the immediate horizon of our apocalyptic future.

00 SKYVIEW - There are not many good sources of credible information on Planet X, comets or what is really approaching us from the Kuiper Belt.  Most of the information out there is permeated with disinformation making it difficult to discern the real truth.  The 00 Skyview Research Team, based in Maine, are a group of independent amateur  astronomers and researchers who link and are in contact with other independent scientists around the world.  For more about the 00 Skyview Team see the video made a couple of years ago called  Something is Out There Real Astronomer Evidence.  They have been tracking what they call the Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) for several years now.  We consider them one of the very few reliable and credible sources of information on what is really happening in our solar system relative to Planet X, comets, etc.  We present their latest videos below. 

00 Skyview Videos -(last updated January 18, 2016)

Planet X-Final Puzzle - Part 1
Planet X - Final Puzzle - Part 2
Planet X - Final Puzzle - Part 3
Planet X - Final Puzzle - Part 4

Planet X - Final Puzzle - Part 5

Comet Ison, mistakes are told...  
Time to pay Attention
Something is out there ... Real Astronomer Evidence

00Skyview: Now Seen In The Western Sky






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