To help those people seeking the truth about these confusing End Times, we have gleaned through a significant number of internet videos on various apocalyptic topics.  While we don't necessarily agree on every point made
in these videos or sometimes how they are presented, we feel these presentations overall are the best of what is out on the internet today.  They present information either not properly treated by the mainstream media or sometimes not at all.
  Use these videos to educate and prepare yourself and your family for what is on the immediate horizon of our apocalyptic future.

PLANET X NIBIRU.  Planet X is the most suppressed, distorted and top secret subject in scientific history.  Planet X is real and headed our way.  Actually there are several Planet X type comets involved.  Much has been done by officialdom to spread disinformation and confuse the public about this subject.  Scientists have died for what they knew about this.  Watch the evidence and discern the truth for yourself.

Planet X Videos -(last updated October 18, 2019)


IKTTOTW 28 Whole Planet X Nibiru System Filmed Over Northern Ireland!!

Trajectory of Planet X and Pole Shift a Noah Flood Event

Planet X System Update For Nov 2015 No. 1 - Major Update No. 3
Dead Astronomers & Planet X

Something Is Out There - Real Astonomer Evidence
Nibiru 2014 Hubble Space Telescope Footage
10-12 Pint Earthquakes, Nibiru, Fireballs, Poleshift, Planetary Evacuation or Dig... Prepare!
Planet X Simulation NOT Complete Bunk! Is a Possability

Nibiru, Planet X is in the Bible!  Destruction, Earthquake, Death, Apocalypse, Tribulations, Tsunamis
Nibiru: Pics We Werent' Supposed to See

NIBIRU - Pics we weren't supposed to see
Wormwood Animation

Estimates on its location and arrival
Revelation 2016 - Planet X 7X Crossing Earth Path
Confirmation from Russian Archives! the Endo of 2013
Latest Nibiru Sunrise Pictures

Planet X & The Vatican

Amazing Footage of Deep Underground Bases