To help those people seeking the truth about these confusing End Times, we have gleaned through a significant number of internet videos on various apocalyptic topics.  While we don't necessarily agree on every point made
in these videos or sometimes how they are presented, we feel these presentations overall are the best of what is out on the internet today.  They present information either not properly treated by the mainstream media or sometimes not at all.
  Use these videos to educate and prepare yourself and your family for what is on the immediate horizon of our apocalyptic future.

PROPHECY.  Prophecy of the End Times is vitally important to understanding our future on this Earth.  Historical facts, scientific evidence and religious truth come together to support End Times prophecy.  The videos presented here are mostly from a Catholic perspective.

Prophecy Videos -(last updated October 18, 2019)

A Sign of the Apocalypse:  Bleeding Trees

Native American Hopi Indians Signs Of The End Times - Blue Star Prophecy Is Now Fact
The Tribulation Has Begun

Best of Compilation Video -
Waters, River, Lakes - Turn Blood Red
Signs in the Heavens Prophetic Events
February 2013

Prophetic signs of the end of the world: January 2013

The Death of the Roman Catholic Church
Prophecy Has Now Begun 2011
Prophecy of the Last Pope is upon us
Our Lady of Akita; A Terrible Warning
The Third Secret of Fatima According to Fr. Malachi Martin
The Garabandal Warning