To help those people seeking the truth about these confusing End Times, we have gleaned through a significant number of internet videos on various apocalyptic topics.  While we don't necessarily agree on every point made
in these videos or sometimes how they are presented, we feel these presentations overall are the best of what is out on the internet today.  They present information either not properly treated by the mainstream media or sometimes not at all.
  Use these videos to educate and prepare yourself and your family for what is on the immediate horizon of our apocalyptic future.

UFOS AND THE PLANNED DECEPTION.  UFOs, extraterrestrials and life on other planets has always been controversial but the Catholic Church has always maintained an open mind on these subjects.  These subjects do tie in to the End Times scenario and help round out the total composite picture of reality in our day. 


UFO Videos -(last updated January 15, 2016)

If You Don't Believe Watch This  Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011
2012 Prepare For The Alien Invasion

U.S. Military Has Crafts Which Reach Moon in 90 Min. ans We Went To Mars